Dota 2 Auto Chess Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid

by mattjestic_gaming

The Top 5 Mistakes are:

1. Not Saving

The best amount to save in Auto Chess is 50 gold, since the highest interested paid is 5 gold after each round ends, A player that doesn’t saves vs a player that save is massively disadvantage because 2 reasons: One: double earn per round, Two: ability to dig into savings of 50 gold to level up or re-roll for key units! Most of us see the 5 gold per turn but having 50 gold ready to be used is really important too!

2. Not Leveling at Mid Game

Rounds like 17, 21, 26, 31, 36 tend to be the power round for most players, they do this subconsciously, but if we can do this pro actively we take the lead!, reduce loss and protect hp while punishing those that doesn’t follow this unspoken rule!

3. Not Flexible or Follow strict rules

If we just follow rules, we tend to level up with out thinking, saving to 50 gold with out thinking and most games are lost this way! I tend to favor: Potential for 2 ★ units > economy/saving > rates of units at each courier level > hp in the early game!

4. Not Staying on Correct Courier Level For key units!

If we try to lvl up to 5 when we get 5 gold we are actually missing out on a lot of good 1 cost units rates, similarly leveling to lv 6 means we forgo 5% of the 2 cost unit rates, it drops from 35% to 30%! as for 3 cost the best level for it is lvl 6-8 and if we lvl courier to lvl 9 this is actually a mistake!

5. Not Adjusting to Current Build/Class/Race

If we are playing goblins we want to get to lvl 8 asap for techies, unless its the gambling test of cause! but what about mages, elves, hunters or trolls? There are builds that relay heavily on key combos like 4 knights or 6 elves, so much that if we delayed finding them would delay our power spike timing and loss us the early and mid game, which is the timing for certain builds to spike up!

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