Dota 2 Auto Chess Advanced Tips and Tricks

by mattjestic_gaming

Today we have some fun and interesting tips on Auto Chess

  1. A Double Edge Sword! – Enchantress Gold Hack
    1. Most of us know we can sell a 2 ★ Enchantress for 1 gold of profit! ( 2 One ★ Enchantress + any other Druid, cost 2 gold and sells for 3 gold!)
    2. **But did you guys know that Previously each time this was done (A recent patch has removed the enchantress fun >,<), it will permanently increase the enchantress unit pool by 1 additional enchant? (The game sees any 2 ★ sold as 3 units returned to the pool, by selling any 2 ★ druids this would increase the total count of druids if it was fused with 2 instead of 3 druids) If every player does the Enchant trick for gold 5-6 times, this would generate additional 40-48 enchantress, which interns increase enchant rate as an 1 Cost unit! So maybe that is why it is so hard to find our 1 cost units in the mid to late games.
  2. A Real Time Action Game! – Use of Blink Dagger
    1. We can put blink dagger on our Tide, Distrupor, 3★ Axe, Techies, you name it, the options are limitless!
    2. But have you guys tried to put blink dagger onto a unit once the round started? This would enable the unit to blink forward at your choosing moment, not right at the start of the battle!
    3. How would this help us? lets say at 5% hp (Each round could be my last!), I have a 2★ Dk and Kunkka on the board, I want my Kunkka to human silence the enemy disruptor before blinking this round! That was how I won the last round. But I also know that the enemy disruptor is faster on cast and could catch my Kunkka! that is how I lost my hp to 5%! So What I do is I park my courier with blink dagger next to my kunkka, if he is caught in the silence storm I would pass the blink dagger (which he would blink forward right away! out of the storm and able to cast again!) But if I landed the silence I don’t have to pass the dagger as I want him to keep silencing and tanking for us in the front-line!
    4. If our 2★ is distracted by enemy assassins and not splashing the front line, we can do the same for our dk! But careful! this is an irreversible process and could leave us worst off in the future rounds (having dk blinking into enemy back line could be genus or silly)
    5. This works for a lot of other units too, the choices are limitless, so please let me know your clutch saves
  3. Queen’s Secret to Godly RNG – Rolling + Rolling once 3 ★
    1. The best rolls for 1 cost units are as low courier level as possible!, for 4 and 5 cost it is as high courier level as possible!
      1. But For 2 cost it is at level 4-5 Courier level So if we had pairs of Bm, Jugg, Timber or Qop, leveling up to 6 is not good for our rates!
      2. 3 Cost it is at Level 6-8! If we are looking to complete our 2/3★ TB, Razor or SF, stay on courier level 8 is better for the rates! (Of cause there are multiple other factors like hp, rounds and build in conditions to consider as well)
    2. We can increase our chance of finding the units we want by first purchasing other units at the same cost! E.g. If I wanted a techies, tide or enigma, which is half of the 5 cost units, by purchasing (and sell after rolling) lich/Dp/gyro would increase my chance of finding techies by around 2.7% (10/60 vs 10/59!) or the chance of find techies, tide, enigma by 8.47%! This works for lower rarity units but the rate increase are not as massive!, but sometimes anything helping when rolling for that Dk, Troll or LD! (note that I tend to do this while rolling wtih 10-20+ gold and sell those units after so no one else benefits from better rates, on reverse if some one wanted a lich/gyro to 2s I will keep them to deny)
    3. We will not find unit after having a 3★ of this unit on the chess board! (which can be very beneficial as it takes out that unit from the pool of rolls! E.g. having 3★ Tinker increase our rates for completing 3★ BH or CW!)
      1. But we can send this 3★ unit back to the storage section and this will allow us to roll our additional LD having another 2/3★ could be meme worthy!
  4. Game wining items! – Item fusing and Uses
    1. We tend to find our selves with a Game Chancing Piece of an item like Refresher or Assault Cuirass But We have to wait for the next term for it to be Combined! Often I also find my self dying on that round just before when the pieces are found but not combined!
      1. Desperate time calls for desperate measures! (hp <10%) We could sell the unit holding the other pieces of the item and have the item combined right here, one round earlier! (when courier picks up the item it will combine when you pick up all pieces!) Yes this means we might loss a good 2★ Star unit, but sometimes it is the completed items we needed right this round that differentiates ourselves from 5th to 3rd position!
      2. An Aura item like Assault Cuirass provide Aoe buffs to the ally and debuffs to the enemy!, but sometimes the unit holding it might not be in the idea position! If given the chance, we have hold it on our courier and move around to areas of the battle filed that we would like to buff/debuff units! This can also be the game changer, as Couriers do not die and we can continue move to the next surviving units to apply this buff!
      3. If your final piece of a recipe drops before the last enemy dies, you can finish the item for the next round if you’re quick about it. (that means pass the item before the last monster dies) This would allow the item to combine at the start of the next round!
  5. Queen Item and Mana Guide
    1. To best use our items, we need to know how mana works with each attack
    2. DAC Mana gain (from attacking) works like this, Without Mana gain items, max Mana gain for each auto attack is 10 for normal units and 20 for Shamans, Mages and Warlocks! (Demons can double dip) Hence SF gain mana so fast with Demon and Warlock traits! Here is the wiki for more information
      1. Note for the 50 damage dealt, this is after armor deduction! so if a unit hits for 60 and enemy has 30% physical defense, we would only deal 42 damage
    3. This is why trolls are so good, if all units attack faster, they gain Mana faster, and having shamans and warlocks means this is also amplified (that is why the troll lineup usually get their casts off first)
    4. So Item allocation should be in this Priority:
      1. Attack items to 1★ units that wants cast fast, to deal 50 damage for max mana gain per hit
      2. 2★ Units like Medusa would be capped at 10 mana already, hence attack speed and mana multiple items works well here (hyperstone/void stone e.g.)
    5. A FEW Items DO NOT STACK with it self!, Those are: Blight Stone, Magi Robe, Wizard Staff, Crown, Void stone, Stout Shield. Additionally:
      1. Stout shield and vanguard don’t stack each other, vanguard overrides stout.
      2. Crown and dagon is calculated only once (don’t stack)
      3. Since Battlefury was added, Perseverance does not stack with that. All mana items don’t stack with themselves, so on top of Crown and Void Stone which are there, Scythe/Mystic Staff/Refresher/Perseverance/Battlefury don’t stack with themselves.
      4. Void Stone, while it stacks with Perseverance, does not stack with Mystic Staff nor Scythe. Kaya/Deso/Dagon also do not stack with themselves.

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