Dota 2 Auto Chess Attack Speed Build Guide

by H3AllTheWay

This build is currently my favorite, the reason being it is all low costs and you don’t need to be high level at later stages of the game you can still be lvl 6-7 and win someone who is lvl 8-9 even 10 sometimes, the reason being the high DPS due to the attack speed.

Main Chess Pieces:

  1. Axe (TANK) | place front
  2. Juggernaut (DMG) | place front/middle
  3. Batrider (DMG/SLOW) | place middle
  4. Shadow Shaman (DISABLE) | place back
  5. Witch Doctor (DISABLE) | place back
  6. Troll Warlord (DMG) | place middle/ if there are assassins place back

These are your main chess pieces you want to level up as quickly as possible.

Once you end up at lvl 6 you should have at least one of each of those on the board.

Once you reach lvl 7 take a look around to see what other people are building so you can focus on getting some proper 4-gold pieces on the board but keep in mind you do have a lot of attack speed which means your mana will regen faster for all ally pieces.

I normally go for medusa/disruptor (disruptor is awesome against mage builds because of the silence and the combo with shadow shaman that hex’s an enemy piece at the beginning) and kunkka at lvl 7 and 8 but it is all up to you, scout around and see what you can possibly build to counter some builds your opponents are building.

If you do end up reaching lvl 9 and 10 you want to consider getting some 5-gold pieces it really is all up to you but most of the times you won’t reach that far you would have won already!


I’m not saying this build will win you 100% of your games sometimes luck is not in your favor and don’t try and force this build early game, if you see that you have a better chance with other builds rather take that build from the beginning.

Some people might have better versions of this build and if u do please post it, a lot can still be explored.

Hope this helps a bit and remember have fun !

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