Dota 2 Auto Chess Knights Guide

by mattjestic_gaming

Knights (2/4/6)


1 Cost: Bat Rider
2 Cost: Chaos Knight, Luna
3 Cost: Abaddon, Omi Knight
4 Cost: Dragon Knight

Class Synergy: Shield/Super Armor Every 3 seconds at 30% chance, This can trigger and stack multiple instances

  • Shield gives 75% magic resistance and 30 armor for 3 seconds

2 Knights: All Knights (each separately) Triggers the shield at 30% chance

4 Knights: All Knights (each separately) Triggers the shield at 30% chance, and additional 30% chance

  1. Each knight bonus tier is a trigger instance that works independently from each other. This can stack.

6 Knights: All Knights (each separately) Triggers the shield at 30%, 30% 30% Chance. works independently from each other. All 3 Shield can stack.

**Note that this shield is what makes 4+ knights almost unavailable to both spells and physical damage, but pure damage from demons and enigma ignores all defense!

**This is why knights are like RNG Tanks! (once there was an omi knight 2★, and I had 6 units on board, 30 sec later there is still omi 2s with his friend and my units have left me)

Below is a Table From cromulent_weasel , Thank you so much for this more visualized summary! I will try to add more tables and graphs in the future! Again thank you guys for all the additional suggestions and tips!

Key here is to see 1- probability 0 shield, which gives us the chance of shield procing at least once!

Class & Stages:

Early Game: Weak/Strong Depends number of knights used, 2/4/6 and number of 2★knights on the team. Also back-line damage dealer can be critical (e.g 2s SF)

Strong in mid game: Strength comes in having 4+ knights and most are 2★, having a solid branch/combo back line to deal damage

Late Game: Stays relevant with 3★ knights or other units comps, even at 2★ can be top 4 with great counters and late game units like nerco, dusa, tide, enigma, lich +


Can be Weak Against Elves, Warriors, and Goblins (6), Most knights are melee and heavy physical damage dealers. Hard countered by Enigma

Can be Countered: Mages (3+) with disables/elementals, Elves (6), Warriors (6), Goblins (6), Other Knights (4+) but with better branched comps, Key is position, back line choices and items.

Possible Transition:

Knights (2/4/6), Warlocks (3), Undead (2), Mages (3), Trolls (2/4), Hunter (3) (Dusa, Tide), Dragons (3), Humans (4), Demons

Since most knights are melee, would be better if damage dealers are not also melee

Key Transition units:

Drow, Am, Witch doctor + bat, Luna, Ck, SF, Dk + dragons, Ld, Nerco, Enigma

Item Priority Suggestions:

Defensive Items to Front Line: Abba, Omi, Ck, Dk, Key is positioning + planing for 3★ unit, (Focus on units that would be 3★)

Attack/Mana Items

Early game: Drow, Witch doctor, Bat rider, Luna, Ck, Nerco

Late Game: Troll 2 ★ , Disruptor, Dusa, Tide, Luna 3 ★ Lich/Dp 2★ etc


Early Game – Defensive/Side (Knight shield would not trigger in the first second of the round, so might want some delay before fighting, but this could change ideal tanking formation (Luna jumps to the front etc)

Mid Game – Side/Defensive, Depending on number of 2★ knights and other back line units

Late Game  Spread, with initiator front line, try to use human silence, omi and DK when ever possible!

Class Specific Tips

  1. Re-Rolling is okay at level 6/7+, Since our key unit are Abbadon, Omi after finding the Ck and Luna, We really want to level up fast and re roll after reaching at least level 6! (level 6-8 for the highest 3 cost unit rate)
  2. Plan for Trolls, Dragons, or 6 knights early, be flexible (note trolls are usually the strongest in the mid game)
  3. Flexible! If we can’t Troll Warlord or Dk, Plan for other transitions, into 3 warlocks, undead, don’t put all eggs in one basket! Consider Mages, Undead, hunters as alternatives
  4. Health is a Resource! Here in the Early-Mid game, we can accept some losses as knight have a solid comeback potential
    1. Key Hp indicators (note indicators are for hp just equal or slightly above the threshold!) For Early-MiD Game consideration!
      1. Hp > 80% Probably better keep losing streak
      2. Hp > 60% Have transition plans ready (if key unit like Troll, DK, Nerco don’t come)
      3. hp > 45% Probably should start spending now, Level/Re roll for trolls or other pairs/key transitional units!
      4. Hp > 25% Its time to go all in, Knights tend to overwhelm or be overwhelmed, can be punished by bad shield RNG vs Mages or other lineups, so ideally we want some good hp buffer

Some additional Tips from Darkdragoon! Thank you (I have added notes in brackets)

  1. If you are going 6 knight early consider to put extra gold to get luna or CK to level 3 cause they are your main damage at this time. (usually I roll them at level 7/8, when I am over 50 gold, using interest and gold from each round, I would stop rolling once hp falls below 40%, or I have found at least 2 of the 3 units I wanted for 3 star)
  2. You do not need to get troll warrior to high level cause sometimes he is just there for the troll synergy. (2 star is great but yes, most of my Troll warlords are 1 star at round 30+)
  3. Make sure you win every PvE round to get all items you can get. (reverse positioning for wolf is key, 5 wolfs means items!)
  4. Late game if you are lucky, throw in 2 naga just to survive early burst from mage line up and you shield should be proc now already.
  5. Really try hard to go full Eco due to knights is expensive. (try to save up unless there are like 4+ pairs or hp losses are break thresholds!)

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