Dota 2 Auto Chess Beginner’s Guide

by sfoster83


Q – After you buy a piece you have use this button to move your chess into the match

W – Quickly Remove piece from active board

E – Sell a piece and get X gold for an X level piece. level 3 piece is worth 3 gold.

D – This is like throwing away all your letters in scrabble… it’s not something you want to be doing much before level 6. Only out of real necessity or near the end of the game

F – *IMPORTANT* Use 5 gold to get experience and have more chess pieces on the board.

Sometimes I have to right click and move the donkey before he responds to my keyboard.


If you’re playing against a noob that doesn’t know about the F button you can be doing a 5v4 against him in round 5 and a 6v4 against him in round 7. So ez. Or you can save up $.

With wise money management and use of the F button you can have 10 chess pieces on the board and dominate the late game!!


You get 10% interest from saved money up to max 5 bonus gold per round.If you’re at 50 gold saved you can press that F button for free every round.

You get money for going on a winning streak or a losing streak and 1 gold for winning.


Get 3 identical heroes on the active playing board and they’ll merge and level up.

*Druid class* 3rd hero doesn’t need to be identical and the first two will still combine.

Chess pieces are limited. If you’re trying to buy mages but 5 other people are all going mage then you’re going to have a bad time and never get the pieces you’re hoping for.


Mouse over the ELF Icon on your antimage and you will see the following information.

Two elves have 20% evasion.Four elves have 20% evasion.Six elves have 20% evasion.

If you have two antimage elves you have ZERO EVASION! they have to be different.

If you have an antimage and a phantom assassin both have 20% evasion.If you have AM, PA, Luna, Puck all four have 20% evasion and 20% evasion, stacking to 40%


Items are uncommon and only come from creeps on round 1, 2, 3, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc…

Right click on an item to see what it can combine into… but its lucky to get upgraded items.

If you give an item to a hero you cannot remove it without selling the hero.


Space Bar will open and close your hero purchasing menu.The available hero choices are refreshed every round but the menu has a lock/unlock button if you see a great hero and need to wait until you can afford to purchase it.

Starting at level 6 you get an increased chance to receive the strongest heroes in the game.

You need to stay in the game until you’re eliminated if you want to increase your ranking.


Now that you know the rules go out there and discover the meta!!

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