Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks

Monster Hunter World Tips and Tricks by Trooper_Sicks

This has become a random assortment of tips that I’m going to attempt to wrestle into some sort of organised list, feel free to share more tips, I’m just adding to it as I go, if there are repeats or tips that are incorrect please let me know so I can fix it.

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General (RT01)

Enemies and combat (RT02)

Weapons (RT03)

Healing (RT04)

General (RT01)

  • Mantles do not deteriorate when your weapon is sheathed and you are not moving.
  • Radial Menus are saved per item loadout. Item position on the item bar is also saved to item loadout
  • You can roll into a downhill slide instead of waiting for your character to “slip” into the slide
  • You can modify your radial menu to include “Signal”, which calls your palico to you and catches the attention of other players when doing multiplayer
  • You can customize your item bar by pressing triangle when viewing your pouch.
  • You can press circle to skip 1 dialog loop when talking to NPCs, some NPCs have 1 loop or 2 loops of dialog which can be skipped this way, instead of spamming X
  • Press Start to stop the kill cam zoomout
  • Holding R1 speeds up the opening book animation when picking out a quest
  • Poogie can dig up outfits in certain locations of Astera.
  • You can skip the canteen and forge’s cutscenes by pressing Option.
  • Leveling up a monster’s research level at the ecologist center will give your scout flies a boost that will let you track that monster faster.
  • It take exactly 3 minutes once zoned into an expedition, and probably quests also, for it to register as a cycle for your harvest and tailraiders (not poogie though). Meaning you can jump back and forth between Astera and an expedition every 3 min and cultivate very quickly.
  • You can use the slinger in midair, especially useful for chain hooking wedge beetles. Always useful when fighting Legiana and jumping down to the middle zone to chase her. You’ll notice more niche uses as you use it more often.
  • In quite a few places where there’s a climb up large cliffs there will be a wedge beetle too (for example on the way up to legiana nest and kushala nest) these are quicker and don’t use stamina (compared to sprint/jump climbing) you can also use them to come down which isn’t much faster but you can get greater distance and sometime go for a mount (e.g. in coral Highlands near North camp there’s an area with some gajalaka, this is usually the first area youll fight legiana or Kirin, after that they run and jump down to a bigger area, there’s a wedge beetle on that drop a little lower than the ledge you’re stood on which you can sometimes use to get enough distance for a big jump attack)
  • You can set your crafting commands in the radial menu. For easy crafting while in combat.
  • Be sure to purchase the Armor charm and Power charm from the provisions seller in Astera when they become available. Later in the game you can combine tthem with talons from bazel guese for stronger versions and re-buy the charms which stack with the talons
  • Use the melder for any consumable you have hard time farming. Such as dung pods or screamer pods
  • If you fertilize your crops once, and then again after 1 quest it will turn into a higher quality fertilizer that rewards like 3x the materials, ontop of that each time you do this you also gain +3 days of fertilized time. The higher quality fertilizer will never change until time runs out (i use this to get 8 items with each harvest).
  • you could latch onto barnos in ancient Forrest if you hit it with slinger ammo first
  • multiple people can eat a wiggly lichi if they grab it at the same time
  • Poogie can dig up meal vouchers when placed near the handler. Just don’t get too close to the oven or Poogie will run off. The voucher isn’t always there, but it’s fairly common.
  • Health Boost stack with other HP increasing consumable and kitchen food for maximum of 200 HP.
  • crafting from your item box is MUCH easier, along with restocking your inventory by pressing Y/triangle
  • active mantles block effluvial chip damage,
  • you could run up jagged mushroom walls,
  • you could destroy environmental hazards like waterfall dam and vine trees with bombs, Along with using bombs, wyvernfire also destroys the dam in the Ancient Forest
  • You could aim cannons by pushing O/B against it from the side
  • You can teleport from within astera to the gathering hub and training room using the maps fast travel
  • By finishing an arena (the gathering halls one) You can obtain life powder as a reward, Which make it easier to obtain them instead of just crafting them
  • By finishing an arena (the gathering halls one) You can obtain life powder as a reward, Which make it easier to obtain them instead of just crafting them
  • If you use your whet stone from radial menu you don’t have to sheathe your weapon
  • You can knock scatternuts down with your capture net if you don’t have any other ammo available.
  • Item loadouts can be saved and equipped when at the item box, just press start/option. It’s a handy way to reset inventory after every mission or have a set with traps and tranqs for capture missions
  • hold down the touch pad on ps4 (select on Xbox? Need confirmation) on Astera to see all notification like the research center and stuff, useful if you missed them
  • At Item Bar customization menu, press R1 to customize your ammo/coatings too.
  • Ancient Potion maximize your Health and Stamina but require Kelbi Horn. Easy way to farm Kelbi Horn is hitting its head with slinger ammo or capture net. I find adult-looking Kelbi to have higher chance of Kelbi Horn. You can also get them from tailrider safari if you pick an area with kelbi battles

Enemies/Combat (RT02)

  • You can obtain Gems and rare carve materials from capturing a monster, you don’t HAVE to slay it.
  • You can stagger diablos out of his/her dig attack by hitting them with slinger ammo at the very end of their dig animation. You can get screamer pods easily from the captain and selecting consumables. You can also farm them from Noios that fly above the Diablos sand pit. An easy way to farm them is to use flash pods to knock down the flock or using a ranged weapon like bow or bowguns
  • Hitting dead corpses can fill up weapon gauges
  • Slinger Torch can “melt” parts of the lavasioth; making it easier to hit.
  • Pitfall trap traps the monster for longer but takes longer to set up; monsters can gain more resistance to shock traps and pitfall traps, but the resistance is separate for both types of traps.
  • You do not have to brace when mounting a monster, by watching the animation you can simply move away and move back to your desired spot after the monsters attack is done; similarly, attacking the body area allows you to swing faster, potentially downing the monster faster at the risk of not doing your mounting finisher. Note, it seems certain enemies might still be able to shake you off, it’s been reported anjanath can still shake you off with his leap, needs more testing as this seems to be the only exception I’ve heard of so far
  • When the Uragan or the Baan, (the 2 rolling guys) fall on their sides you can mine off their backs by putting away your weapon and mining normally, you should see the weapon put away prompt also. You can mine from their feet/legs too.
  • Play Possum gesture lowers your hitbox, but gives no invencibility frames whatsoever.
  • Palicos can get attacked inside the camp tents.
  • You can actually throw tranq bombs without waking the monster and then put down a shock trap (or tell your palico to put theirs down if you’re using the trap gadget). The monster will be captured immediately when the trap goes off, regardless of built up tolerance from earlier traps.
  • You can pick up slinger ammo while mounting. See a hanging scatternut? Press circle when the monster walks near it. Then you can fire it point blank at the face.
  • You can destroy body part of dead monster with the dragonator
  • You can craft while being pushed back by the monster instead of just waiting to get back on all 2. (refilling your flash bang for example)
  • Gajalaka Shelling doesn’t seem to interrupt mounts. [Video (has endgame content).]
  • if you fire bright moss at a Shamos’ face the Shamos and its pack will run away. This works in combat too.
  • You can block or party/counter through Tziki-yakus flash attack if you have a weapon with those abilities, if you don’t have one of those you can roll just behind its ears so the flash is facing away from you to avoid it
  • The signs a monster is ready to be caught is that they start dropping red slinger ammo, they have a skull icon when not enraged (only if you’ve picked up enough tracks to max scoutflies), they limp when not enraged, and their pulse under the monster icon is nearly flatlining, which can be glimpsed when the monster is enraged, making it the most reliable sign.
  • Have problem with Kirin? Try to hit his head as much as possible to deal KO damage with weapon and slinger ammo like stone and redpit.
  • Out of flashpod? You can shot Brightmoss at flying monster head to stagger them mid-air, and with enough hit will knock them down.

Weapons (RT03)

  • Giving your palico a paralyze weapon can be super useful for free hits on monsters. With a monster broth, a great hornfly, and an omniplega sack you can make the weapon from the Ladybug set.
  • Similar to above, the Urdobaan Palico weapon has sleep damage and can be incredibly useful for solo or two person hunts.
  • You could climb walls with an insect glaive
  • Hitting R2 while you’re CB is sheathed gives a .5 sec where you can actually guard point. Useful when your drinking pots and rolling away isnt an option. (Do note that the timing is really small)
  • Thorn ammo for the slinger does KO damage. When you have some, mount the monster and move to its head. Fire the thorns in and then when you do the knife stabs it’ll generally do enough to proc a stun. Makes your first mount pretty fast, and it feels badass.
  • You can use your slinger while pinned down by a monster.
  • you can use your slinger while mounting a monster.
  • As a CB user, you can charge your sword if your shield is charged. Hold triangle when charging phials (R2+O).
  • If you’re an IG user your kinsect is totally immune to Kushala’s tornado, regardless of tornado level, you can use the L1+Triangle move to get some damage. Do enough and he’ll fall down (not ideal inside the tornado), this also works really well on the final story boss.
  • press triangle during long sword helmsplitter move and you’ll do the final aerial slash way faster than normal. You can also change its direction with the left stick before hitting triangle
  • You can charge the bow before using dragon piercer. It makes a difference.
  • SnS’s back hop has invincibility frames.
  • Gunlances can fire their wyvernstake straight up by shelling upwards three times.
  • You can also aim wyvern’s fire by holding L2, even up or down.
  • You can redirect the thrust right after your power guard as a lance.
  • You can do two notes out of a single forward circle using hunting horn.
  • Here’s a tip for all you HBG gunslingers out there. Ammo is loaded individually. This means if your going for a status effect instead of reloading just quickly swap to the next level of the same ammo.
  • You can use puddlepods on the mud on Jyuratodus and barroth in order to break it off much faster.
  • You can also use torch pods on the ground near many small monsters to make them ignore you or to gather hornetaurs/vespoids for easier killing.
  • Torchpods clear out a small area of the effluvia in rotten vale around where you shoot it
  • You can use the plunderblade on a dead monster and on a captured monster.

Healing (RT04)

  • If you crouch for 5 sec when you are bleeding (odogaron malus) you will lose the bleeding status and save an astera jerky
  • You can remove fire blight and blast buildup off yourself by rolling multiple times (3 for fire, more for blast)
  • You can shave a second or two off potion animation while running by rolling when the health has gone up as much as it’s going to, puts you moving at full speed a little faster
  • astera jerky restores the red portion of lost health, useful on things like Vaal after clearing his effluvia blight if you didn’t bring effluvia resistance
  • Cold Drinks or Heat Guard negate the effects of High Temperature environments, but Teostra’s Aura still burns you. If you use both Heat Guard and a Cold Drink, you will not take any damage from Teostra’s Flame Aura even if inside an area with High Temperature. Likewise, Cold Drinks negate Teostra’s Flame Aura when in a non High Temperature environment.

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