Monster Hunter World Pendants Guide

by Gustav_EK

In this post I will attempt to list every known pendant and how to obtain them. Since there doesn’t seem to be any comprehensive guides out there, I thought I’d give it a go. I probably wont be updating this post when Jeff comes out so there’s that.

If I made a mistake or missed any, be sure to let me know.

There’s quite a lot so I’ll be lumping some of them together.

Bronze Scarf (all colors)

Defeat Shara Ishvalda. Can be crafted at the smithy.

Silver Scarf (all colors)

Defeat Ruiner Nergigante. Can be crafted at the smithy.

Gold Scarf (all colors)

Seems to be available at the smithy after completing all MR optionals including the MR200 quest, needs confirmation

Guild Pendants

Help 10, 30 and 60 low rank players respectively via SOS

Bronze, Silver and Gold Hunter Symbols

Defeat a Tier 1, 2 and 3 tempered monster respectively.

Diamond Hunter Symbol

Complete the MR200 quest. Color variations can be crafted at the smithy.

Guiding Crystals

Crafted at the smithy with guiding lands materials from giant bone/ore deposits.

Guiding Stars

Reach region lvl 7 in each respective region.

Rajang Claws

Complete the Rajang special assignment.

Stygian Zinogre Claws

Complete the Stygian Zinogre special assignment.

Goldian and Silverlos Claws

Defeat a tempered Gold Rathalos and Silver Rathalos respectively.


Complete the event quest “Into the Frozen Wilds” and craft at the smithy.

Tofu Survivor, RPD and Umbrella badges

Complete the event quest “RE: Return of the Bioweapon”. Can be crafted at the smithy.

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