FIFA Mobile Transfer TXP Through Rare Cards Guide

by White_00

Since I know that many have been looking for more cards and others found them too, here’s the full list of cards that can transfer TXP between different positions:

Defense -> MidfieldMidfield -> DefenseMidfield -> AttackAttack -> Midfield
George Boyd (67 RM)Steven De Petter (68 CB)Ola Toivonen (73 ST)Michail Antonio (74 RM)
Stéphane M’Bia (75 CB)Idir Ouali (67 LW)Jordan Botaka (66 RM)
Panajotis Dimitriadis (62 CB)Teddy Chevalier (71 RW)Yoann Arquin (60 RM)
Mitch Hancox (61 LWB)Alan Judge (65 LW)Karim Ziani (66 RM)
Jamie Murphy (70 LW)Lasse Kryger (58 RM)
Daniel Candeias (71 RW)Lior Refaelov (71 CAM)
David Blacha (64 CAM)
Jóan Edmundsson (62 RM)
Veron Berisha (65 LM)
Bernard Mensah (57 RM)
Pascal Breier(62 RM)

As you can see, the players written in italic are newer additions.


How does this work?

I’ll give you an example:

If I were to move my 90 RW Chiesa into 80 CAM Dybala, I’d by one card in the Attack->Midfield column, then I’d melt Chiesa into him. Finally, I’d melt that card into my 80 CAM Dybala

Can I use their special cards version too?

No, only their base card can transfer TXP. The other versions of those players WON’T.

Can I change a card’s position using these cards?

No, these cards only let you transfer TXP, they don’t help you changing their positions (e.g. Dybala CAM->RM can’t happen) as the game currently doesn’t allow that.

Eventually program players will be available so long term investing isn’t really the look here.

Program players currently don’t allow to move txp.

I still dont get what is so special about those particular cards, why i cant use 1 rating higher or lower card?

Only these cards can move txp from an area (e.g. Attack) to another (e.g. Midfield). You can try other cards but they likely won’t do that,resulting just in a waste of coins.

How do I transfer from Attack to Defense and vice versa?

Currently you need to move through Midfield transfer players, for example:

To move my 90 RW Chiesa into my 80 RB Cancelo I’d by one card in the Attack->Midfield column, then I’d melt Chiesa into him. Next step is to buy a card in the Midfield->Defense column and melt the previously obtained card into the latter one. Finally I’d melt the remaining card into my 80 RB Cancelo.

I’d like to thank every person that helped me make this list. Thanks for all your efforts!

We highly doubt there are more base cards that can do the same so you can finally rest :P

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