FIFA Mobile Basic VSA Guide

by Firmino

Hello everyone,

 Two years later, and another simple gameplay guide for vsa (and lvl) :letsago:

One of the most common questions asked is, “what is a good score in vsa vs _ ovr?” While this varies from skill level to skill level, personally I think the average player should be scoring (atleast):

6+ vs +4/+5

7+ vs +2/+3

8+ vs same ovr (between +1 and -1)

9+ vs -2/-3

10+ vs -3 or lower

As you improve, you can definitely score a lot better than this, but this should be your aim at first.

Now, before I dive into the main core of this game, I’d like to first divide it up into various parts, making it a bit easier to explain. While this post is targeted mainly for new players who recently started, I hope it can help everyone in some way.

I’d like to divide gameplay into a few parts:

1) Dribbling

Dribbling 1v1 vs defenders always works the same way, whether you use skill moves or you don’t. The main concept is to make the defender commit to one side, as you go the other. Many people simply do this by turning, but since I’ve always been a man of culture I find roulettes the easiest way to beat a man. The way I do it is I when I get close to the defender, I move toward him and roulette the away almost immediately. If timed to perfection, it always works. If you need to you can see how I do this in the video(s) attached.

2) Shooting

Shooting mechanics are , well, unique to say the least. The META this year in vsa is to finesse from far, or power shot from close. Now you have a choice whether to shoot using buttons or using gestures (swipe). Most people use a mix, using certain aspects of both that they find comfortable. The various ways of shooting are:

Finesse: Swipe in a curve OR hold and pull the shoot button down

From chances that start on the wing, I suggest you run towards the goal and keep an eye on the keeper. As soon as he takes even a step toward you to reposition himself, take a finesse shot with around 90% power and it will certainly go in. Stats like finishing and curve are very important.

Chip shot: Tap on goal OR hold and pull the shoot button up

Pretty useless in my opinion. On the rare occasion that it is needed if keeper is off the line, I suggest using a full power finesse shot instead. There is no need to use this at any point of time.

Power shot: Swipe in a straight line adjacent to goal OR hold shoot button

This is very useful when you’re inside the box in front of the keeper. Just be careful not to shoot at the side the keeper is leaning towards (looking at you Star Pass Courtois). Finishing and shot power stats are very important here.

Fake shot: hold and pull the shoot button left, although I never really use this.

Some tips:

·         Shooting involves angles, try different shooting angles (where youre facing when shooting, what position youre in, etc)

·         Shoot using buttons, but use swipes when needed to finesse or shoot really quickly, since button has a bit delay due to filling up power.

·         Clear every basic chance unless you’re confident you’ll score it

·         DO NOT PANIC OR GIVE UP, you’ve never lost a game till it’s over so keep trying and play your normal game no matter what.

3) Set pieces


Probably the easiest to learn since there’s not much to learn. Tap where you want to cross, and swipe or hold shoot button to score a header. Get taller CBs with good heading stats to improve your corner scoring efficiency.

Free kicks

Very easy to score, you should be scoring every free kick you get in vsa. Swipe up and curve your swipe towards where you want to shoot, doing it faster will give more power and curl.


Lot of people may not know this, but penalties are broken in this game. If you simply drag your finger from the ball to any bottom corner, it will always be a goal and cannot be saved by any GK. This works in campaigns too.  

Some videos: (I’ll add more throughout this week)

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