FIFA Mobile TOTY 2018 Guide

FIFA Mobile Team Of The Year 2018 Guide by MrKotia

What can I get from TOTY this year?

Coins, Skill Boosts, TXP and of course a ton of players!

First off, is this event F2P/P2W focused?

As a F2P you can achieve a lot from this event, including atleast one TOTY if you plan it right, but that solely depends on how smartly you plan the event for yourself. As a P2W you can expect to get a lot more rewards by spending small amounts and multiple TOTYs if you spend a lot. All in all the event is well balanced and there is something for everyone!

Some Basic Information :

  • The event lasts 14 days (in game from 15th to 29th)
  • The live event refreshes every 4 hours and is repeatable.
  • The nominee players are tradable. Starters will be tradable after the event ends.
  • Attackers Chapter unlocks on Monday, Midfielders on Tuesday and Defenders on Wednesday.

Chapters for TOTY :

  • Main Live Events Chapter
  • Attackers Chapter (gives Skill Boosts)
  • Midfielders Chapter (gives TXP)
  • Defenders Chapter (gives Coins)
  • Rewards Chapter

So where do I start?

Check out the ATT/MID/DEF Chapters, there you can use your points to redeem SB/TXP/Coins and progress towards TOTY Starter Players. Once you have made up your mind, start grinding live events of the points you’ll require. The live events are repeatable, thus grinding them may prove to be really beneficial. This event is a lot like Freeze, so a particular chapter will be focused towards more SBs, Coins or TXP. Choose what you require, and work towards it.

TOTY Players :

  • There are 44 players, ranging from 82-90 OVR, that were nominated for TOTY but didn’t make it. These are available from packs only.
  • TOTY Starter Players rated 90-92. You can get Starter players by completing the chapter nodes. You will need a certain number of TOTY players in your team to meet requirements for claiming a player.
  • 2 97 & 98 rated Prime Icons. These are the highest rated players. They can be redeemed in the Rewards Chapter.

Rewards Chapter

You get Bonus points from completing Starter Players and nodes (achievements) in the ATT/MID/DEF Chapters. You redeem bonus points for additional rewards in the store. More nodes in the bonus chapter unlock as you progress in the ATT/MID/DEF Chapters. There will be 4 offers rotated daily (3 on first two days) in the store. You will need a certain number of TOTY players in your team to meet requirements in the various nodes of the Rewards Chapter.


84 guaranteed (14 days, 6 times a day). In addition, you will get points from grinding the live event & packs. The drop rates for TOTY live events seem pretty low as of now. Also points for Midfielders and Defenders are gonna be maximum 78 and 72 guaranteed as they release later. But their base requirements are much lower than Attackers (check the table).

Coin Packs

There are 3 coins packs available in the store: Attackers, Midfielders and Defenders Pack. Each costs 500k. You can buy a maximum of 2 of any pack. Hence maximum 6 packs amounting to 3mil coins can be purchased for the entire event (not daily). Also, there might be more generic coin packs released later during the duration of the event.

Player Points Requirement Table by Amt

FAQs :

TOTY Player Requirements (How a F2P can get a guaranteed TOTY and more)

You need 78 Points to get the lowest rated TOTY Attacker + 50 Points to get an additional 2.5k SBs. Similarly lowest TOTY Defender costs 50 Points and TOTY Midfielder 56 Points. So a F2P without any grind can guarantee himself a TOTY as you get 84 Points guaranteed. If you grind the Live Events and if the rates are good, you can definitely get 1 TOTY + 2.5k SBs (or more Coins/TXP in case of Def/Mid Chapters). If you want a higher rated TOTY, you can get that as well if you dedicate all your points towards the path for that one player and grind the Live Event for it, with all your available stamina.

How to get TOTY players for Starter player requirements?

TOTY nominees (the 82-90 rated players) are auctionable and available in packs. You also get them from completing nodes in the Position Chapters. I expect them to come around in Bonus offers and the Weekend Tournament as well.

I’ll continue updating this guide through the course of the event.

Good Luck!

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