CS:GO Getting Out of ELO Hell Guide

by CyngusEx

So you’ve been grinding and you can’t get out of a rank. You think you’re stuck there because other players are “awful” and because you’re top fragging every game, you know you’re better then all of them right?? Well no, not at all, this is highly unlikely.

We all have games where people throw or you get a truly useless player on our team. It happens, I get it, but if every single game feels like this to you, then it’s likely you’re wrong and you just need more consistent practice and a better mindset about the players around you.

So here are my steps to climbing the Ladder

  1. Get rid of the “ELO Hell” mindset all together: Don’t blame the result of losing/being stuck on the ladder on your teammates. The sooner you take accountability, the sooner you can start improving at the game. If you blame yourself even when the loss is not your fault you have grounds to improve on and motivation to start practicing harder at the game.
  2. Play as consistently as possible: Notice as I say as consistently as possible and not as long as possible. When you’re at higher levels you will obviously need to put more time into the game but I understand we don’t all have time for it. Even if you have only 15 minutes of free time on a day it’s important to hit an aim trainer and a DM everyday. When you take breaks you lose ability to aim and that’s the last thing you want.
  3. Watch demos (your own, pro, friends, etc.): Watching demos is what will make your game sense sky rocket. While I recommend watching your own demos to point out what you did wrong yourself, watching pros and high level demos are always beneficial. After all, you’ll never get better if you’re unaware of the mistakes you’re making.
  4. It’s better to be a Team Player then to be a Top Fragger: A common misconception in the community is that all you need to do to climb the ladder is to have good aim and game sense. This is not true as CS:GO is truly a team game at its core. While it’s certainly possible to climb up the ranks if you’re that much better mechanically then everyone at your level, I can guarantee you’ll plateau far below your true potential if you refuse to be a team player. Make callouts obvious, follow the strat with your team, throw smokes if they ask you to, etc. Don’t just do your own thing and ignore your team. Work for your team, NOT for yourself.
  5. Learn to accept Losses: Losing while climbing a ladder is literally a mechanic. You’re never gonna win every game. Some of those losses are going to be bullsh*t. However, it’s important you move on and accept your loss. The more you linger on losses, the more likely it is you’ll get triggered and lose more and more games
  6. Don’t be toxic, instead encourage positivity and try to diffuse team arguments: Calling people bad, useless, and getting angry at them in general is nonconstructive and only hurts yourself and your chances of winning. The player you’re calling out most likely knows what they did wrong and are already pissed about it. It’s really simple, DON’T DO IT. Instead of saying “Oh, how did you f\** that up?!”, say *”Nice try man!” or “It’s all good”. (I’ve been doing this a ton recently and it really helps make everyone’s experience better).
  7. Mute and Forget: Players are gonna piss you off sometimes by doing everything above I just told you not to do. It happens to everyone. Don’t fight with them, don’t argue with them, don’t tk them, etc. Simply mute and forget. Trying to fight a toxic player is like fighting a battle where both sides lose. You’ll get triggered by their toxicity and you both will end up losing cause of it. Remember just mute and forget.

I’d love to hear all of your feedback on this and what the community thinks. I’d be glad to make edits to this post if a majority of you disagree with something.

This is really all I have on my mind about this right now. Feel free to mention some other ideas in the comments and I’d be glad to add it to the list.

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  1. Real elo hell soul says:

    What a victim blaming article. I was MGE at my top. I entered elo hell because I threw my way to silver. Now every match is with thrower mates, but even when I do outperform the rank by a long shot consistently, I barely gain any elo because the alg thinks I reached silver in a deserved way and now it pits me against all the people who also reached silver on purpose, there is no doubt I am surrounded in Nova+ players in silver2. This article doesn’t help one bit I already do all this.

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