CS:GO MG Ranks Tips

CS:GO MG Ranks Tips by Theoneandonlybilly

I’m 28 and I’ve been playing CS for a while but was never a really good player (I’m still not and my reaction time has kindda decreased over time). I played a lot of condition zero and jumped directly to csgo. I have to say the competitive aspect of cs is really addictive. Here are a few tips for those like me which aren’t very good but still would like to rank up to the MG ranks (cause well, admit it, ranking up is pretty satisfying ; ) ).

I recently ranked up to MGE, which I though would never be possible, considering I don’t really have the best aim, I don’t know the spray patterns and definitely can’t apply them in game. I don’t know that many smokes and pop flashes either and I’m definitely not very consistent.

A lot of what I’m going to say has already been said by others, but this comes from someone that really isn’t that good. What I can tell you you could do to rank up (and improve by incidentally playing against better players and watching them play) is:

  • Accept the fact that you may not be that guy that can carry a whole team. I’m between MG2 & MGE and almost never carry. If you’re not that guy, maybe solo queuing isn’t the best idea. I personally play support or else but almost never “lead” my team. I’ve accepted that I’m just not good enough for that. I try to be helpful in a different way, by cheering up my teammates (ns, nt and gj are your team’s best friends), being positive, telling them when they’re on fire etc etc. Solo queuing is like gambling, when possible just stick with your friends. You’ll avoid the numerous griefers & toxic players (and there’s a lot of them).
  • If you can’t play well, play smart. No need to rush blindly/challenge an awp/repeek/rush through a smoke. You can just play slowly, take control of the map. When moving to a dangerous position, flash first and then peek. Rely on your team’s calls to know you where the enemies are. Go two at a time and get the trade if your team mate gets killed (I got destroyed yesterday by a team that had awesome cross fires and that would always get the trade when one of them died, they won almost all their eco rounds). A lot of players just want to play solo, it will work sometimes but will lose you a round most of the time.
  • When holding a site as T, do not overpeek! How many rounds are lost because Ts play over aggressively and thus provide the CTs with all the info they needed to retake the site. Just buy time whenever possible (especially if you have low hp), keep your cool and play around a box, with sound. The CTs are in a rush, you’re not.
  • Wherever you go, have a plan, whether it’s a team plan (your default strategy) or a “personnal” one. That personally helps me focus. Just make up your mind about where you want to go, and where the enemy could be. No point in wandering around with your crosshair in the middle of nowhere e.g. you enter A site on Mirage, just aim at the stairs and expect someone to be there. If no one shows, pick the next spot and so on, clear every angle but stick to your plan in any case. That works when entering a site as T or retaking as CT. A lot of lower ranked players just seem to enter site just yoloing it. At some point, that doesn’t work anymore.
  • Learn the basics of economy. Eco rounds: they’re more important than you think. When you have a bad economy, eco (lost) +force buy (lost) = at least one more potentially lost eco. while 2 lost ecos mean a potentially full buy win (that could get you back in the game and give that momentum back). So many players are just scared of ecoing twice and are so confident in their ability to perform well with just a shit gun, armor and no nades. This is ok sometimes but loses you rounds most of the time.
  • Finally, accept the fact that you’ll have “cycles” where you’ll be playing like a god and then like a Silver 1. Take a break, it’s just a game : )

TL;DR: I’m bad but still managed to rank up to MGE. Here’s a few common, ordinary and non exhaustive tips to reach the global elite of novas (aka the MG ranks ; ) ).

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