CS:GO CT/T Buying Guide For First 3 Rounds

CS:GO CT/T Buying Guide For First 3 Rounds by iNSANEwOW

Guide to first 3 rounds! This is very situation, maps, and team dependent. This is a guide, not hard rules. It serves to help us all understand the first rounds of a match better.


1st round

  1. USP + Kevlar
  2. USP + Nades (Smoke, Flash, HE) //Need atleast one of those of you cover a spot that gets rushed often to instantly smoke it off and/or nade it
  3. USP + Smoke/HE (or P250) + Defuse Kit //Usually x1

2nd Round (@1st Round Win)

  1. MP7 + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Possible to play more up close
  2. Famas + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Stay further back and play defensive NEVER push with it
  3. Scout + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //only if you REALLY are a good AWPer (max x1)
  4. 5/7 + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash //Saving for AWP obviously (max x1)

2nd Round (@1st Round Loss)

  1. USP
  2. P250 + optional Smoke or Flash //Not a huge investment but some possibilities to get a kill
  3. 5/7 + Kevlar/Helmet + Flash/Smoke //You pretty much need to make a play with this either stack a spot or push somewhere to try and get a gun

3rd Round (@1st and/or 2nd round loss)

  • Depending on your money situation either same as “2nd Round (@1st Round Loss)” or all upgrade to M4 //In 99% of cases you will have to save unless you saved an AK or sth 2nd round

3rd Round (@1st and 2nd round win without bombplant)

  • Players that survived round 2 with their SMG/Famas drop their guns to the ones who died and upgrade to M4

3rd Round (@1st and 2nd round win with bombplant)

  • All upgrade to M4


  • If they plant 1st round and fullsave 2nd they will surely go for AK 3rd. If they plant 1st, forcebuy 2nd (tec9 + armor or sth) then you can still stick with your SMG/Famas for 3rd and do the same as suggested in “3rd Round (@1st and 2nd round win without bombplant)”.


1st Round

  1. Glock + Kevlar //first guys to enter a site aggressive players
  2. Glock + Smoke/Flash/HE //supporter
  3. Tec9 + Smoke/Flash //only x1 maybe x2 can drop Tec9 to Kevlar guy, gives a bit better dmg output against kevlar also a lot of bullets and is good to finish off people without having to reload generally good to have one on your team especially if you are rushing a site

2nd round (@1st round win)

  1. Galil + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Better for slow and long range pick&play style rounds
  2. MP7/UMP + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Better if you want to rush a site
  3. Tec9 + Kevlar/Helmet + Smoke/Flash/HE //Saving for AWP max x1
  • If you want to play it slow it still makes sense to get a SMG or two and let the SMG/Tec9 players hold spots where you expect close range combat (House on Inferno, Action Mirage covering for a CT push)

2nd Round (1st round loss with bombplant)

  • Fullsave for AK next round

2nd Round (1st round loss without bombplant)

  1. Tec9/Deagle + Kevlar/Helmet + Flash/Smoke //would only recommend Deagle if you don’t have a scout in your team and if you are good with it longrange
  2. Scout + Kevlar/Helmet + Flash/Smoke //Again only if you REALLY are good with AWP
  3. Glock/P250/Deagle/Tec9 + Flash or Smoke //If you got 1 kill first round P250 + Flash or Smoke is fine, at 2 or more kills you can get Tec9 + Flash or Smoke or get a Deagle without anything

3rd round (@1st round win or bombplant)

  • You should be able to get an AK

3rd round (if you don’t have the money for an AK + Kevlar/Helmet)

  • Glock/P250/Deagle/Tec9 + Flash or Smoke //If you bought second round or otherwise can’t afford AK. Same as Setup 3 “2nd Round (1st round loss without bombplant)” depending on your money situation, you need to make sure you are able to get AK next round even if you can’t get a kill. Basically you can buy pretty much anything (Pistols, Scout) just be sure that you can buy AK next round (with nades) and you are fine.

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  1. aress says:

    In 2nd round (1st round loss with bombplant)
    Ive seen many pro teams a buy where. 2 people drop also to their teammates, the rest buy low cost pistols. This leaves 2 players with ak+Kevlar+ full utility, 2 players without Kevlar with a p250, and finally a player with a beagle+ full utility or SMG+ some utility. This buy is very effective nowadays as for example in mirage you can use the aks to get mid control, or you can overwhelm the other team rushing a site with better weapons as they don’t expect it.
    Anyways I found your guide very useful, just trying to make it better with this reply

  2. Anonymous says:


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