CS:GO Tips and Tricks to Improving

CS:GO Tips and Tricks to Improving by Tricos_lol

1. Introduction

First let me start off by saying that there is no easy fix or guide saying to do this or that, it’s all about mindset and improving! I will try and come across different things both in-game and out-game(is that even a thing?) that can help you improve and get that lovely Perl!

2. Who am I? (Nothing important about improving, just my story – feel free to skip)

My name is Mathias and I go by the in-game name “Tricos”. I have been playing cs casually since I was 10 (I am 21 now). It has mostly been hide and seek, surf, bhop and other fun modes. I played cs 1.6 till I was 16 and I swapped to LoL to play with my friends. After 4 years of League I reached challenger and it got boring so I decided to go back to cs. I then installed cs:go played got my first 10 wins and started in MGE. I played cs:go for some months after I reached LEM and got demoted to LE. I then played league for another half a year and then decided to just play counter-strike. I started again 17th of may 2015 and today the 17th of june I reached Global. proof

3. What did I do?

I asked some friends if they could give me some tips or help me a little, but it was no good and I was basically starting from scratch. I decided to search the internet, I figured I needed to find the right settings to start off with and found what fit me perfect. After I got my config, autoexec, video settings etc. fixed I started playing a lot of comp, faceit and esea. Tbh it went pretty slow at first, I found a team to play with, so I could improve my team play a bit faster. With that team I found out about the workshop, all of the maps helping you to improve your aim. I use 3 maps: aim botz, Recoil Master and Training_aim_csgo2. I play these 3 maps for 5-10 minutes when I start out and when I stop playing and I can feel the difference. And from there it has basically been spamming comps and today I finally hit the big league :)

4. Map settings. I will explain each map what they are good for and which settings you should run.


You use this to practice reaction time and flick shots. Settings I started out hitting 40/100 and I now hit 70/100. Friberg hits 80+/100.

Recoil Master:

You use this map to practice your spray pattern, the ghost cross-hair and slow motion is great! Once you get a feeling of your spray, feel free to remove the ghost cross-hair.Settings

Aim botz:

Use this map to practice tapping. Simply pick up on AK and one-tap the bots, it will help you move your cross-hair on to the head of an enemy you have already spotted – feel free to turn on long range. Settings

5. Pregame mentality/Mindset.

Let me start this off by saying that I have had my fair shares of tilting and negativity, but most of the time I try to be positive, jokingly and tell me team they are awesome no matter what they do. What you need to do before going in to a game is telling yourself to hit the shots, channel your positive energy and be ready to lead your team to victory. Going in to a game with your brain turned off might cause you to get unfocused, miss easy shots, tilt or the worst of all: flame your team for silly mistakes instead of encourage them to perform better. When I have a bad game and tilt I like to take a small break afterwards – don’t do the mistake of just spamming games, you will lose a lot of you are on tilt. My way to get in a better mood is to take some fresh air, stretch and watch some comedy. I like to watch comedy shows such as: How I met your mother, Community, Fresh prince of bell air to get a good laugh or simply watch an on-going cs:go game to get hyped up.

Your mindset in-game should be a happy leader. Try to say things like “Nice entry”, “Good frag mate”, “Nice guys, good job” and so on. Not only are you making your team perform better, but if you have a bad game they won’t tilt and flame you, because you are telling them how good they are doing and they don’t want to disappoint you.

Basically be happy, tell your team they are awesome and if you feel like it, do the calls and lead your team to victory.

6. Tips and tricks.


You might have wondered why my viewmodels look so centered. It helps you spot angles because you won’t have a big fat weapon blocking half your screen. Also it helps me control my spray, because I can see my tracers coming from the middle of me, rather than on the side.


You may not always have the game of your life and sometimes you just don’t hit anything. Do yourself a favor and learn smokes/flashes/molotovs for the maps you are playing. I have used many hours sitting in a private server practicing nades. I know almost all of the nades on inferno, overpass, mirage, cache and dust2. However I really only play inferno and overpass.

Comp. maps:

Find your favorite map(s) and play only that/those map(s). This will help you learn prefire spots, practice your nades, learn how to hold ct side better etc. It will help a lot on grinding the elo ladder.

Hold angles:

Where ever you are holding, try to hold with an angle instead of next to the wall. This will help you spot them before they spot you. (When they push you will see weapon/shadow before they can see you).

Use one-way smokes:

I have used many one-way smokes and they will grant you a kill or two every game. They won’t work more than once, but they will grant you a free round.


If you have an idea that someone is standing at a specific spot, do not be afraid of prefiring. If they are there you get a free kill, if not you wasted 5 bullets and gave little info.

Always push (t side):

Do not waste 1 minute of a round holding a spot waiting for a ct to push. When you get a kill push it up, don’t wait back for the enemy team to rotate. Opening up the map, then waiting 30 sec for the CTs to get in position again, won’t help you a lot.

Buddy system:

First of all, don’t be a pussy – do NOT be the guy who stops on when you get flashed, who is afraid of running through a molotov to kill the awp who just shot. If you are not an entry fragger (Personally I am) then go with your entry fragger and get revenge kills, flash him out, throw smokes/molotovs to help him.

Jumpthrow bind:

Some smokes requires jumping and it is very hard if not impossible to throw a smoke 100/100 while jumping. Therefore you can make yourself a jumpthrow bind, I have researched the internet and it is allowed to use on esl, esea, faceit, competitive etc. There might be some lan parties that won’t allow it, but you can simply remove it again.

Paste this into your autoexec.cfg:


alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack”

alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump”

bind “v” “+jumpthrow”

My settings (Might be nice for new players, I couldn’t find much to help me):


cl_righthand “1”

viewmodel_offset_x “-2”

viewmodel_offset_y “-2”

viewmodel_offset_z “-2”

viewmodel_fov “54”

cl_bob_lower_amt “5”

cl_bobamt_lat “0”

cl_bobamt_vert “0”

cl_bobcycle “0”

cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt “0”

cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt “0”


cl_crosshair_drawoutline “0”

cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio “0.35”

cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod “1”

cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod “0.5”

cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist “7”

cl_crosshair_outlinethickness “1”

cl_crosshairalpha “500”

cl_crosshaircolor “1”

cl_crosshaircolor_b “251”

cl_crosshaircolor_g “208”

cl_crosshaircolor_r “0”

cl_crosshairdot “0”

cl_crosshairgap “-3”

cl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue “0”

cl_crosshairscale “4”

cl_crosshairsize “5”

cl_crosshairstyle “4”

cl_crosshairthickness “0.5”

cl_crosshairusealpha “1”


in-game 1.7

windows 6/11

dpi 400


4:3 1024*768 blackbars (This helps on minimap-awareness but reduces a bit of vision).Settings This will help increase fps.

TL;DR: Be awesome, be happy, lead your team!

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