Azur Lane Events Guide

Azur Lane Events Guide by hatsunemilku

Since EN just got their first event tease, it’s time to talk about events and the how, when and why happen.

This won’t be an in depth analyzing each event but more of how events work, what can you expect and how can you ease the pain. It contains nearly 5 months of salt, tears, anger, frustration and illness playing this game along with the knowledge of so many players from the unofficial discord server that have my thanks for helping a hopeless case like me in this months, so thank them.

This small guide won’t include essential information found on beginner guides or the wiki and is intended to act as a complement so do your homework properly.

With that said…

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types of events———-[A001]

big events —————[A002]

event guides————-[B001]

event preparation——–[C001]

event day 1 and above–[D001]


Events can be divided in 3 big groups: mini events, events and big events. Most of the time they work on a predefined way but exceptions may happen.

  • Mini events: this are the most common events in the game and as the alias say they are really small. They usually don’t have maps, stores, may involve a single ship and don’t have a limited time building tab. These are used for single ship releases, skin release, furniture release or maybe even a small feature release. You will see from 1 to an unlimited number of this during a month (usually 2-4). The event is mainly done by completing daily quests and reclaiming the prize; usually takes 7 days to complete with a small amount of effort or even less if you started it late.


  • Events: These ones may or may not have maps, stores, a dedicated limited build tab but they will at least have one of the mentioned. They tend to be bigger than mini events but smaller than big events (duh). They are grindier than mini events and may or may not include their exclusive currency to obtain the prizes. They will involve more than 1 ship during its release and at least a couple of ships will be limited time only. These ones will include skin releases and some of them may be live2D. They usually are awful to farm good things so you may safely dump them as soon as you finish the content. They may include a side event with milestones that will give you decent enough prizes for doing them but they are not that hard to do. They will either see a delayed full release but usually they release all in one go. They may last from 7 to 14ish days but you can finish them in 6-9 without much issue, even less if you go all in.


  • [A002]Big events:you will live and die by these events. It’s not joke when the “big” term is used and you can say farewell to your personal grind hell (and maybe your social life) since you won’t be seeing it in almost 2 weeks. They include: a store, maps, limited time building tab, new limited skins, less than 10 ships but more than 5 ships and they may or may not affect other things in the game (like feature releases, modifications to chapters including the new ships on the stages as boss trash or stage trash), specific dailies, all the good stuff. Some of them even have furniture sets as a side release.Most of them are a grind hell but the rewards worth’s it most of the time. Usually they are divided in A,B,C,and D (C and D being hard mode) maps, each map having anywhere from 2 to 4 stages and the event maps are released in 2 phases, the first one including A and C stages while the second will include B and D stages from 36 to 48 hours after the release of the event. B-D stages need to be unlocked by finishing (not 3*ing) hardest stage of each map.

    C and D stages have stats and type of ship requirements that you must fulfill to do the stage so have that also in mind.

    One of the main reasons why you live and die by these events is because of the store and the blueprints you may find on the stages. The prizes will include things like limited time furniture, almost decent gear at the worst, oil, gold, blueprints, ships and maybe even skins; in the future they will also include other things like priority research blank blueprints. To clear the store you will need from 36k to 42k tokens (depending on dailies and other stuff) and you can get up to 180-210 tokens per boss killed the harder the stage you do. A and B stages have a 1 time x3 tokens on each stage per day so you may want to use them if you can’t farm hard mode stages

    The gear blueprints may or may not be trash depending on the stage you do but it can be safely assumed that you will find a piece of gear you need in those stages. A-B stages will have blue and purple gear blueprints but C and D stages will have purple and gold blueprints.

    You think that was all? No, the other main reason is that they will include a limited time SR (SSR in JP) as a drop or at least something so good you will be forced to farm a single stage for days because you want it.

    Want another reason to end up burned out? These events usually include a milestone side event with the prizes getting better the more tokens you get; going from skill books, retrofit blueprints, plates for gear, ships, gold and delicious tier 5 boxes. The important milestones are at around 10k to 15k tokens for one of the event specific rare (SR in JP) ships, 60k for the 4th copy of that ship and 100k to clear the side event. It’s no joke to say that even the 60k milestone requires a lot of grinding and oil; so the easier content you do, the more oil you may end up paying in the long run for a milestone.

    And the cherry on top is that these are one of the only places where you will find some of the hardest content (meaning, delicious amounts of experience) up to chapter 9 of the main story and may or may not include a leaderboard of the hardest stage. D stages range from lvl80 nodes all the way to lvl 90’s and they are 5 nodes to boss so you need 6 ammos to clear it without the -50% damage penalty and since they don’t have ammo refill points you will need a really good fleet or 2 decent ones to safely do the hardest hard mode stage.

    This events may also include an EX stage and is the hardest content you will find until chapter 10 of the main story. This one doesn’t cost oil but doesn’t give prizes; the only thing you will get from it is bragging rights and to appear on the leaderboard of the EX stage. The crappier the gear and fewer ships you use, the better your score and a higher place on the leaderboard. You can easily skip it if you want.

    You will only see one of these events in a month and maybe you won’t even see them in a month. They last around 14 days and you may not even be able to reach the 60k milestone (the one you should be aiming). After a big event, we get a downtime of 1 to 3 days in average (but it can be way more) of events with a mini event usually following after that.


[B001] Event guides or “information gets you half of the battle”

Such content require guides to tackle it and this community is kind enough to do them. Usually someone will release an image, a document or something with ship drops and gear blueprints drop so that you can choose the best stage to farm for you. That happens during the first hours or days of the event.

Of course nothing beats reading the beginner guides, tier guides and so on so that you know what to use and when and that’s even more important.

Additionally, the wiki will be updated in real time as soon as information is verified, translated and ready. In the case of EN, the info is already in the wiki and unless something big change you can check it right away. Do note that the information may or not be 100% accurate as event reruns change things; when that happens it will be mentioned or even a totally new “rerun” page be created.

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If you need more specific answers, the official and unofficial discord servers are there for you and you should check them. Since jp never had an official discord server, is hard to know how the official one will handle the information but you will find way more information and help there. Be sure to pay both a visit frequently.

As a bonus, the unofficial discord server may get even more useful information, tips or even guides. One of them being the oil/tokens spreadsheet that I do to help people know how many tokens they need, how much oil they will spend to get them in X stage and how many oil you will burn to clear the store, the 60k and 100k milestone with at least the decent enough stages to farm for blueprints so that you can min-max.

(Shameless promotion end)

[C001] Event preparation or “preparing properly wins you the other half of the battle”

First of all you need oil, a lot of it; so it’s wise to save oil during downtimes, mini events, events and all the oil you think you won’t need to use right away from the mails you get. How much oil you will need depends on your fleet but safely assume you will end up burning anywhere from 40k to more than 100k oil depending on your goals.

As soon as an event is teased you should limit your playing time to the minimum, save oil and most of all, cubes because you will need them. A safe number is 300 cubes (so that you get a good chance to get the shipfu you want) but the more, the better but dont forget to do your dailies.

If you aren’t ready for D stages then you need to rush at least 1 fleet to a level 70-80 fleet on average and a level a 50 to 70 on average fleet or a single level 90 fleet so that you can level while doing stages to the last D stage. Good gear is also important so read a gear guide, know which gear suits best to your ships and try to farm blueprints for them while leveling. That way you will spend less time on A to C stages and maximize your profits.

You are ready for the big event and capped your oil storage? Is a good idea to play less and burn the excess oil on the 800-1200 oil commission, that way you won’t burn out yourself and be fresh for the event. You will need all the gold you can get to mass pull on the limited time build tab and max limit break all your favorite shipfus and maybe end up with more decent leveled ships. Need to do dailies? Use them to prepare a farm fleet you can use to lower your oil costs.

[D001] Event day 1 and the future

  • Before any event there will be server maintenance of around 2 to 4 hours, after that the event start so plan ahead the amount of oil you want in your canteen.
  • It’s a good idea to rush A and C stages during the first day but if you can farm D stages is better if you don’t farm there and continue minimizing your play time unless you are aiming for all the gold gear or shipfu drops you can get from them.
  • If you are aiming to just clear the store and be done, you can safely farm the hardest B stage for the SR (SSR in JP) and be able to clear it on time. The 60k milestone will require you to either farm the last B stage like crazy or farm hard mode (C-D) stages as much as your time allows it.

At the moment that’s all the general info i can remember that a beginner may need for events and if I remember any other relevant info I will update this post, in the meantime, happy waifu hunting.

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