Azur Lane Commander Leveling Guide

Azur Lane Commander Leveling Guide by gumifu

Disclaimer: The main topic of this guide isn’t about leveling up your waifu ships. It’s more tailored for those who wish to speed up their Commander leveling process and quickly unlock all the amenities in the game.

Ever feel like your Commander is leveling way slower than it should? Well, check the number of ships in your fleet and count. 2? 3? If yes, then you have found the problem – the lack of ships in your fleet. Using two ships as the BASE value (2 is the bare minimum to deploy a fleet), here’s a chart of how much experience your Commander (player account) would get with additional ships in the fleet:
Commander XP Chart

Number of Ships in Fleet+XP% Gain from Ship AdditionTotal XP Gain
2BASE Value0%
  • The 4th Ship gives 42% instead of the usual 33%. If you can’t run a full 6-ship fleet for reasons beyond your control, then a 4-ship fleet should suffice due to the bonus XP gain from adding a fourth ship to your fleet.

As you can see on the chart, having more ships in your fleet after each fight dramatically increases the amount of XP your Commander will receive after each engagement. For example, a player with a farm fleet of 5-ships will receive 2x more Commander XP than a player farming the same content with only 2 ships. While a limit broken SSR Main Fleet ship and a high evasion Vanguard ship could farm low-level content just fine by themselves, it’s not recommended to do so due to the XP loss of not having more ships in the fleet.
Use A Low Oil Set-up while Farming for Commander XP

Low oil consumption equals more runs in the long-run. More runs equal more XP.

Only for players who have plenty of time on their hand to play the game every single day. At the moment, Fletcher fleets use the least oil:

  • Fletcher vanguard fleet will only cost 4-9 oil (depending on ship level), and they usually have Unicorn/Shouhou, and two other ships in the main fleet. A fair warning, however. Due to the Lvl. 70 cap for non-limit break ships, the Lvl. 70 Fletcher vanguard fleet would have a hard time farming Map 7 and up. If you want to future-proof your vanguard, use other farming ships that you’re comfortable with instead.

Amenities Chart (based on the Commander’s Level)

Lvl. RequirementNameTypeDescription
15Regular Resource Extraction III-IVCommisionsBetter resource output than I-II.
15Tactical ClassroomBuildingA facility to upgrade your ships’ skill level.
25Intermediate CommissionsCommissions9-hour Commisions with better rewards than the previous 8-hour Beginner Commisions (eg. blue plates).
40Regular Resource Extraction V-VICommisionsBetter resource output than III-IV.
50AuditoriumBuilding10~20% of the experience gained by max-level ships (currently at 100) will be sent to this building. Up to 5 ships can be sent to the Auditorium to study and draw from the stored experience.
50Awakening Verification Research I-IICommisionsRewards Mental Units which can be used to increase a ship’s Level Cap beyond 100 (100 -> 120). Other rewards include Wisdom Cube, retrofit blueprint, skill book, and Tier-3 box.
50Advanced CommisionsCommisions10-hour Commisions with better rewards than Intermediate Commissions (eg. purple plates).
60Tactical ResearchDaily RaidA daily raid that rewards Mental Chips to limit break your ships past Lvl. 100.

TL;DR – Level up faster by using 4-6 ships in your farming fleets.

  • Unlock your amenities faster and reap the rewards.
  • Produce more Oil and Gold.
  • Better equipments from Commisions.
  • Quickly increases your ship’s Lvl. 100 cap.
  • Experience gained beyond Level 100 will not be wasted.

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