Rainbow Six Siege Mute Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Mute Guide by OneShotSammyV2

So I’ve made a mute guide since I didn’t see one here and since he is one of my most played operators I figured why not, just bear in mind some of this is just my opinion but he was the first operator I got and is among my top 3 most played operators.


He has a fairly simple set of weapons, not the best guns, but by no means the worst.

  • The MP5K is my recommended choice, it has a high rate of fire at 800 rpm but its damage is not great. I find its best used with a compensator and your preference of sight, this setup makes it have almost no horizontal recoil which makes predicting were your shots go very easy. One down side it has is that there is no ACOG which is one of the best things for range, without it you’re limited on how easy it is to hit ranged targets. Overall this is a great gun for CQC, but its low damage and no ACOG make it not as good for distance fights.
  • The M590A1 Shotgun is a pump action, like most shotguns it’s good for CQC but not great for range. The main problem with this shotgun and most pump shotguns is, they’re not consistent on their one shot kill range. This is mainly due to the randomized pattern of the pellets, over all the MP5K is the more reliable choice. However, the Shotgun is better if you are looking to make kill holes to shoot at people, but it limits you to just your pistol for range.
  • The P226 Mk 25 is your only choice for secondary, it’s a good all-around pistol, in most gun fights it will get the job done. I would recommend putting a muzzle break on to reduce the recoil, and making it that much easier to use.
  • Nitro Cell is the go to equipment for mute most of the time, it’s more powerful than grenades but can only be thrown short distances. You can use it to kill shield operators, open flank routes and throw out windows and around corners to kill enemy’s. you can’t go wrong with this.
  • Deployable Shield is good in concept but most of the time doesn’t work so well. Most of the time nitro cell is far more useful, but there are a few times it can help with mute. There are some cases when you may want to put a mute jammer in a hallway or larger doorway but the space is to large, putting it behind a deployable shield allows you to stop drones that would otherwise get around it. Now this is limited use but I felt it was best you be aware before you wrote this item of completely.


The jammers are a fairly simple item, they stop any electronic item the enemy uses from working within its. Specifically, they stop drones, breaching charges, Thermite charges, Hibana charges, Fuzes device, Jackals visor, and so on (I probably forgot something but whatever). Primarily your goal is to stop Thermite and Hibana charges, while to a lesser degree stop drones. It has a glowing ring while being deployed showing the area it will jam, it is big enough to cover 1.5 to 3 reinforced walls depending on their size.

Mute vs Bandit

It’s important to know when to pick mute or bandit, they do very similar things but there are a few main differences. First off, bandit can destroy thermite/Hibana breaching stuff on reinforced walls, this and the bandit trick make him a very good pick, on top of that he has 3 barbed wire, mute doesn’t get any barbed wire. But he can only cover 1 reinforced wall per battery, so if you have a larger area to cover he can be more limited. Whereas mute can cover a larger area and can stop a bigger variety of gadgets. So it all depends on what you want, if there’s only 1 long wall or 2 short walls you are really worried about bandit is probably a better choice, but if you have a larger area or have fuse or twitch constantly being a problem on the enemy team, then pick mute.

Prep Phase

So let’s talk about what you should do as mute, in the prep phase mute is a busy guy, the following is my step by step of what I do in the prep phase and the first 15 second of the round, after that I’ll explain why I did what I did.

1. Round starts: first thing I do is put 2 mute jammers it the most likely places drones will come in, top of stairs, doorways, places like that, if it’s a door put it next to the door and don’t put it openly in the hallway to make it harder for twitch drones to shoot. You’re trying to stop drones, but you can only place 2 because you just won’t have time to do the rest of the stuff if you place more.

2. Next I will put my reinforcements up, followed by picking up rook armor if available.

3. Now I will place my other jammers either on reinforced walls were I think thermite or Hibana may breach, or near castle barricades/Mira windows if needed. Try to put them on reinforced walls that will stop thermite/Hibana from being used and waiting until now will give bandit time to place his stuff first, I always give bandit first pick since his batteries can destroy thermite’s/Hibana’s stuff. As far as castle or Mira, placing a jammer under Mira windows will help to keep the enemy from destroying it as easy. As for castle, putting jammers by windowed castle barricades helps with keeping breaching charges, ash rounds and fuse from doing their thing on the windows, doors are less helpful since most of the time the enemy can get at an angle where they can shoot the jammer but it can still slow the enemy down.

4. At this point the round started or is about to start so go pick up the jammers you first placed making sure to shoot any drones they stopped and put them in places like in 3. the reason I pick them up is because by jamming their drones they sort of know where you are now, stopping the drones is more to stop them from getting more information, but at the start of the round they’re no longer really useful for that so using it for something else is the smartest move.

Start of round

What you do at this point depends on how many players stay on objective and how many leave. I will either roam near the objective, like 1 or 2 rooms away at most if there are plenty on obj, or I’ll stay on obj if there’s only 1 other person on obj. I don’t roam far from the obj, there are other operators that are more fit for that, and by the time you set up everything else the attacking team is more than likely already in the building, so running around at this point is risky (Most of this depends on where you are defending, there are some places like kid’s bedroom on house where even one on obj is risky so play it by ear).


The main thing to remember is, mute is not an aggressive operator, you may be able to do a good flank from time to time, but he’s primarily there to hinder the enemy by restricting were they can and can’t use their equipment. Stopping thermite and Hibana from breaching, stopping drones from gathering information and just being a nuisance to the enemy team is his main purpose.

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