Rainbow Six Siege Claymore Tips

Rainbow Six Siege Claymore Tips by after-life

  1. If you place a claymore by a window or door where defenders like to rush out from, defenders will either have to shoot it to get past, or decide not to rush outside. Even if the claymore doesn’t kill them, they will shoot it, alerting you.
  2. Place them on or near the defuser once someone plants it.
  3. House
    a) 2nd floor ledge outside bathroom and construction. Place a claymore at either window so defenders don’t rush outside to shoot while you’re rappelling.b) Outside door near kitchen and stairs. Place a claymore by the door so defenders don’t rush outside while you’re rappelling outside kids.c) Place one at basement stairs, again, so defenders don’t rush.
    d) Outside master bedroom, the ledge. Defenders love to rush out there at times.
  4. If you suspect a defender is hiding in a room, don’t bother rushing in trying to kill them. Place a claymore at the entrance to the room and go about your business. The enemy either has to stay inside, shoot the claymore alerting you, or die.
  5. Strip Club
    a) If defenders are in bedrooms/cash room, place a claymore at the stairs so you don’t get flanked.
    b) Garage -> Place a claymore at the door because that’s the main way defenders have to quickly enter the garage if they were roaming.
  6. Kanal
    a) 3rd floor – Server room, place a claymore at the side windows because defenders love jumping outside. The door next to the walls are good too.
    b) Placing claymores on stairs because a lot of roaming happens in different floors.
  7. Yacht
    a) Yacht has multiple levels with many stairs. Almost every match there will be defenders roaming around in different floors. You can prevent that by placing claymores where you think someone may sneak up from.
    b) Also, windows outside, people love jumping out and sniping with the Mac or even a shotgun. Claymores should stop that.
  8. Hatches – If you are going to break a hatch and go down, maybe place a claymore where you land, incase a defender tries to flank you while using your open hatch.
  9. Combine with smoke grenades/smoke crossbow bolts for some very entertaining kills as the roamers rush into the objective room to stop you.
  10. If you are in vicinity of a camera, please make sure you shoot it before placing any claymores.
  11. If you are a defender and you are down, you can kill attackers with their claymores if you crawl towards it.
  12. Destroy frost traps near shields and replace them with claymores, the defenders will never see it coming. Placing claymores near shields themselves is already a good tactic. [credit / olinselot]
  13. Plane
    a) Plane is a great map for defenders to flank and roam. Since it’s linear theme, watching long hallways makes attackers susceptible to be killed from behind. Always place claymores where you think you may be flanked. Good places are stairs and near hatches.
    b) Defenders LOVE running outside the doors to shoot attackers, they have the height advantage. If you are attacking, place your claymore at the entrance to kill that Bandit that loves to pop outside when time is running low.
  14. Great tip from minipunkcol, the claymore can kill through walls if one of the lasers pass through that wall. This will work if there’s a hole on a wall and the laser goes through. This will really catch enemies off guard.

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