Rainbow Six Siege New Player’s Guide

Rainbow Six Siege New Player’s Guide by LordKeren


Hello new players and prospective buyers and welcome! This post will help guide you in the right direction during the start of your Siege experience by providing you with useful information, answering common questions, and directing you to other helpful resources. The post is broken into two sections: “New Players’ Guide” and “Buyers’ Guide”. If you have any questions at all be sure to ask in the comments below as others likely have the same questions, thanks!

New Player’s Guide

• Getting Started

Access the various parts of the menu by clicking “play” or the arrow on the main menu

  1. Watch all three tutorials.

    These tutorials will provide a quick overview of the important details of the game and reward you with 200 renown (the currency that you will need to unlock things in the game). They are short, well made, and explain the basics of the gameplay.

  2. Play through the first 5 or so situations.

    Focus on learning the controls and paying attention to the map layouts as these are the same maps as multiplayer. Do not worry if you cannot complete all three stars on each situation the first time through, you can always come back to them. The difficulty for these situations also does not matter, but normal is suggested so you can get use to the controls.

  3. Buy your first operator.

    Pick which operator you want to buy first. Consider buying both an attacker and a defender so you have at least one option on each side. See section below if you’re unsure which operators to pick first

  4. Accept weekly challenges

    These are found by first clicking the daily challenges tab then clicking “more challenges” under the daily challenge pop up. Focus on weekly challenges that involve basic actions that you can passively complete and don’t require specific operators. After you complete the challenge open the challenge window back up and click “complete”. You must do this to receive credit.

  5. Go to terrorist hunt and try out your operators

    Most of the terrorist hunts modes use only an attacker. You can change your terrorist hunt settings by going to Settings> Matching making preferences> Turn off whatever modes you don’t want under terrorist hunt

  6. Buy attachments for your operators

    Depending on how much renown you have, but a sight (Holographic or ACOG), a grip (vertical grip), and a barrel attachment (Flash hider for tap firing, Compensator for full auto fire, Muzzle brake for semi-automatic guns). Do not buy the laser attachment yet, and do not buy skins or other cosmetics. You also most likely will not need to buy anything for your pistol (unless you’re already swimming in renown). If you’re an attacker, avoid shotguns and LMGs they are less flexible than the assault rifles. If you’re a defender, consider your SMG option first, but use a shotgun if you really like the play style.

  7. Go into casual

    You’re likely going to not do too well – and completely that’s okay. During your first matches focus on learning maps and getting use to your guns (recoil patterns, ammo counts, general handling) . Use your drones often, don’t forget defender cameras, communicate well, watch your killcams, learn from your mistakes.

• Operators Great for New Players

Play through some situations first as they are easy ways to gain renown try out operators’ abilities. For new players, set-and-forget abilities or abilities that are less complicated are usually better, as well as guns with lower recoil.


  • Sledge
    • What makes him good: His sledge hammer ability is probably the easiest to use among the attackers, he has average damage guns with low recoil, and he has frags. Sledge has long been a top pick for new players with good reason, he is perfect for less experienced players.
    • Loadout: L85A2 Assault Rifle: Scope of preference, Vertical Grip, Flash Hider or Compensator (depending on if you burst fire or not). SMG-11 Sidearm, Fragmentation grenades
    • Quick Tips: His ability makes a distinct sound so be wary of defenders being alerted to your point of entrance. it is usually best to take time to drone out a room before sledging into it. A lot of new players over use his ability which makes him an easier target to flankers
  • Thatcher
    • What makes him good: His ability is hard to mess up and very easy to understand while also nearly always being needed. Using it against reinforced walls that Bandit has electrified or Mute has jammed is pretty much all you need to do. Both his assault rifles are good.
    • Loadout: L85A2 Assault Rifle: Scope of preference, Vertical Grip, Flash Hider or Compensator (depending on if you burst fire or not). Breaching charges are more useful for newer players than his claymores, as claymores take more map knowledge to use effectively
    • Quick Tips: Be very careful to not die before using the emp grenades to destroy Mute’s Jammers/ Bandit’s batteries. Learning the trajectory of the EMP, its range (area of effect), and when it is safe to throw are the keys to mastering Thatcher. How to emp the outside walls of Favelas
  • Ash
    • What makes her good: Her ability is very easy to use (just aim it at a destructible surface) and both her guns are strong as well as being a max speed operator making her well rounded and good for new players
    • Loadout: G36C Assault rifle- it’s lower recoil is easier to manage for newer players, Compensator or flash hider, vertical grip, scope of preference. Flashbang or breaching charges is a situational pick, but flashbangs are generally more useful due to her already having breaching capabilities.
    • Quick Tips: Do not use her ability on outside facing barricades, as just shooting the barricades with her assault rifle will destroy them and preserve her ability. Ash does not have a noob-tube (a grenade launcher which excels at killing people). While her ability does some damage to operators, it is not anywhere close to an AOE instant death machine that are in other shooters. Avoid trying to kill operators with it outside of very unique circumstances.
  • New players should avoid attackers such as Blitz, Montagne, and Thermite due to the relatively low strength OR high difficulty in use.


  • Rook
    • What makes him good: His ability is the easiest to use among the defenders as well as almost always being useful. His MP5 is low recoil and easy to use and he has max armor. Long considered the best defender for new players
    • Loadout: MP5 submachine gun, vertical grip, flash hider, scope of preference. Deployable shield vs impact grenade is largely based on your team’s composition. Pick the one the team lacks
    • Quick Tips: Start every round by placing the armor immediately, preferably not next to a wall or object. Take a step back after placing his armor before putting it on, as it allows more defenders to access it at once
  • Mute
    • What makes him good: His ability takes a little more finesse that other top picks for new players but overall he still is very easy to use while being a key defender. His SMG has low recoil and is easy to manage for newer players
    • Loadout: MP5K submachine gun. Scope of choice with flash hider or compensator. Nitro cell for equipment
    • Quick Tips: Learn which walls must be reinforced for the objective. Walls close to the objective and walls which face the outside of the building near the objective are usually the most important to jam. Jamming walls should take priority over stopping drones.
  • Doc
    • What makes him good: Similar to Rook, but his ability is often a little less useful. He features a play style similar to Rook with similar guns.
    • Loadout: MP5 submachine gun, vertical grip, flash hider, scope of preference. Deployable shield vs barbed wire is largely based on your team’s composition. Pick the one the team lacks.
    • Quick Tips: Keep an eye on friendlies health at all times, and heal friendlies which are knocked down and revived. Keep in mind that his ability can be self applied when he is downed by pressing the gadget button.
  • New players should avoid defenders such as Tachanka, Pulse and Castle, as their abilities require outstanding map knowledge to use effectively.

• Quick Tips

  • Try not to get too frustrated or angry when playing the game. Going on tilt makes you even easier to pick off when you start making bad plays
  • Stick with your team – don’t wander off too far when you’re unfamiliar with map and objective layouts
  • Use your mic to communicate things- be sure to use directions and locations (compass is at the bottom)
  • Learn all the operators names and abilities. Learn who has nitro cells and frag grenades. Here is a list of all the operators, their abilities, and important notes about them
  • Always use a headset/headphones- Operators are loud and easy to hear even from multiple rooms away
  • The hostage is not invulnerable- the hostage will die if shot too many times or if explosives go off too close to (Be very careful with Fuze, grenades, nitros)
  • Do not reinforce between the two bombs on defense on the Bomb game mode- it actually makes it easier for attackers to take one of the rooms and prevent the defenders from being able to get them out
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people questions if you’re confused. Casual is there to learn the game and most people will help.
  • Play with friends or a play group whenever possible. It helps with the frustration of dying and learning the game more quickly

Buyer’s Guide

• Buyer’s FAQ

How do seasons/operations work?

Siege introduces a new operation every few months (4 throughout 2017). Due to a recent announcement (Operation Health), the second season that was slated for 2017 has been retooled, Click Here to read more about Operation Health. Operation health will not introduce new maps/operators, it is designed to address issues with bugs and server stability. Three new operators and new map will be coming out both in August and November. See the full Year 2 roadmap here

What is included in the Year two Pass?

Here’s an image of what you will get in the Year 2 Pass

  • All 8 Year 2 Operators at no additional as they are launched (Mira and Jackal are the first set of Year 2 operators; as they have already been released they will be available immediately upon buying the Year 2 Pass)
  • One week access to the new operators as they are launched (Non-pass holders will half to wait 1 week from the start of a new season before they have to option to buy the Operators for 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 credits)
  • 600 R6 Credits
  • Carbon R6 Charm
  • 8 new headgears (as they are added)
  • 5% renown gain bonus (expires Feb. 2018)
  • 10% Store discount (expires Feb. 2018)
  • 2 extra slots to hold daily missions (expires Feb. 2018)

Here’s the year two roadmap

Is the Year 2 Pass mandatory for a full Siege experience?

No, you can go without the Year 2 Pass and the game will still be wholly playable. The Pass allows owners to obtain new operators without needing to spend renown (the currency awarded for completing actions in the game, mainly finishing matches). Non-pass-holders will be able to use renown to unlock these operators.

How do i buy the maps/do maps come in the Year 2 pass

Maps are completely free to owners of every edition of Siege at the same time. You do not need to pay money for any maps.

Does the Year 2 Pass include Year 1 operators? (the 8 that came out in 2016 )


How can i get all the operators from the Year One Pass now that it is not widely available?

The year one operators are now all bundled in the in-game store in the “Y1 – 8 operator bundle” (also known as the legacy ops bundle) for 2400 R6 credits. Alternatively, you can purchase each non-base operator individually for 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits

Can i play with my friends if they have the Year 2 pass and I do not?

Yes, the Year 2 Pass does not affect matchmaking or grouping in any way.

Does it matter where i buy the game from(Steam, uplay)? (PC)

No. Each platform will only play against their own platform. For PC, all purchasers through Steam/Uplay will still all play against each other on the same servers. You must install and run Uplay no matter where you buy the game from on PC.

Can i buy the Year 2 pass (or other DLC) from Steam if i own the game through UPlay? (PC)

No. If you own the game through Uplay, you cannot buy any DLC from Steam. Steam will not provide you with a key for the DLC.

Does the Year 2 pass transfer with my Uplay account if i change from [platform] to [Another platform]

No. No purchases, unlocks, cosmetics, experience, clearance level, or rank will transfer. You will start from a clean slate.

How is Siege’s Playerbase/ Is it dying?

Nope. Siege’s playerbase has drastically grown since its December 2015 launch, with record numbers playing during the Velvet Shell season. Ubisoft has repeatedly shown that they are committed to the long term growth and health of Siege (especially with the Operation Health announcement)

• Information about the Game Editions

Starter edition

  • A cheaper version of Siege aimed at people shorter on cash than time
  • FAQ specifically for the starter edition
  • Only Available on PC
  • Considering the base game (standard edition) is on sale for few dollars more, always consider buying the standard over the starter (the grind in the starter edition is seriously no joke)
  • Buying the starter edition will remove your progress on operator unlocks from any free weekend as the free weekend uses the standard edition

Standard Edition

  • The normal base game. Probably the best option for most people

Gold Edition (Year Two)

  • Product Description Image
  • Includes the standard edition + the Year 2 Pass.
    • The base game + the first 2 operators from 2017, plus the next 6 at no additional cost

Complete Edition

  • Product description image
  • Includes the Standard Edition + the Year 2 Pass. + All 8 of the Year One operators (Buck, Frost, Valkyrie, Blackbeard, Caveira, Capitao, Hibana and Echo)

Which Edition to buy?

If you’re unsure about liking Siege go with the Standard edition. If it’s been a game you’ve been waiting to go on sale, consider taking advantage of the Gold or Complete editions (be sure you understand what you’re buying by picking these editions)

Do any of the editions come with all the base operators (the operators that launched with the game)?

No, no edition of the game comes with the base operators already unlocked

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