Rainbow Six Siege Learning All Maps Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Learning All Maps Guide by Octopusapult

I posted a personal method I use to learn new maps when they’re released a while ago as a comment to one of the many “How do I learn maps?” posts, and ever since people have been kind enough to share it whenever the topic comes up. I figured it’s probably time to just make it it’s own post so more people can see it, and if people want to share it they can just link here now instead of to a several months old comment.

So, to all new players, or people looking to quickly learn new maps once they’re released or reworked. All you’re going to need is whatever you normally use to play Siege and a second monitor or laptop or phone or something nearby that can access random.org/lists

1: Go alone to a custom game of whatever map with the longest possible timer you can set.

2: Pull up random.org/lists on a second monitor or nearby laptop or whatever it is you’re using.

3: Walk through every room and type the name of the room which appears next to your compass, into the list generator. Include staircases as they’re extremely important for navigation, and the names of the attacker spawns. You’ll want to know where the spawns are if a teammate calls them out.

4: Kill yourself to reset the timer, then randomize the list. All the rooms you entered will now be in a totally random order. Now go to every room, in order, from top to bottom. Once you’ve finished that list, re-randomize it and do it again. Keep doing this until you do not get lost and can B-Line between areas with ease. Then start looking for how to get there even faster such as via dropping floor hatches, jumping outside and then back in a certain window / door or so on. (When an attacker spawn comes up, just run to where you would try to spawn peek it or see it or something. It’s just so you know what your team is talking about if it comes up in comms.)

5: Once you’re feeling comfortable, keep doing the same thing, but in terrorist hunt. (Play Extract Hostage or Disarm Bomb or something so the terrorists don’t stop spawning.) With the minor variables T-Hunt gives you like the C4 Hallways and Reinforced walls you’ll learn to make certain adjustments to your routes.

That’s about it. Try and stay attentive and focused when you’re doing this, looking for floor hatches and stuff. Using this method on Theme Park helped me win Haunted Dining a lot because I knew about the floor hatch in Train Room which drops right into Execution Room right next to Haunted Dining. Nobody really ever reinforces it, and attackers largely seem to ignore it as well, but it puts attack in a very useful position for hitting that objective so I always felt like I had the advantage in the early days of Blood Orchid. (These days it’s usually covered by a roamer in Bunks or Day Care or something.)

That’s basically it. I first started doing this with Favelas during Skull Rain. Ever since, it’s been the easiest way I’ve found to learn maps. It has definitely helped as I’ve gotten used to saying “I like the new map” and getting downvoted for it or made fun of by my siege friends because they’d rather say it’s garbage than bother to learn it. But like I said with Theme Park, it really has been helpful. I hope you’ll find it useful too. I’ll try to edit this later or tomorrow with an example of a finished random.org list for Tower or something just to provide an example.

The link to the list of maps: https://pastebin.com/np5MHyQm

How to use:

  1. Choose a map that you want to work on in custom games/terrorist hunt.
  2. Copy all the names of the rooms under that map and paste into random.org/lists on a secondary computer or the steam web browser (shift+tab)
  3. Randomize, then go from room to room based on the randomized list.
  4. Be sure to look out for cameras (labeled in parenthesis).
  5. Shoot through the floors in the rooms labeled (LOS) to find out what’s below you. (shotguns recommended)


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