Rainbow Six Siege Frost Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Frost Guide by Tragicalknave

okay, so i am a player that mains as Echo and Frost, so i will be giving a insight into my opinion of both

first thing to note is Frost’s ability; Welcome Mat

the Welcome Mat is a pun for a start; it is roughly the same size as an actual welcome mat only visitors stepping onto this mat ain’t going to be feeling all warm and cosy afterwards, this is a modified bear trap that will down any attacker that steps foot onto it automatically, no matter how much health they had prior to standing on it but more on that in a minute


  • when combined with Caveira this can make for a instant interrogation combo
  • frost is given a special feed message that tells her that a opponent has stepped on 1 of her welcoming mats
    • this is useful for killing multiple enemy operators at once by using the original as bait
  • can make extraction of hostage impossible
    • this is done by completely surrounding the hostage with frost traps making the extraction harder


  • Just like if Caveira is spotted in setup, if frost is spotted this can make the effectiveness of frost worse as frost works best on unsuspecting targets
  • The welcome mats stand out really well against most surfaces
  • the welcome mat does not kill meaning that if no one on your side can get to the person then the mat can be rendered useless by the friendlies of said person

Primary Weapons

Frost has two primaries;

  • Super 90; this devastating Shotgun packs one hell of a punch, easily killing people who do not have full health in one shot, as with (at least that i know of) it cannot have a grip but can have a charm, a laser sight and a regular sight equipped to it, sights wise it has the following;
    • Red dot Sight
    • Reflex Sight
    • Holographic Sight
  • 9mm C1; this a fully automatic sub-machine gun that packs a punch with a damage of 42 stock, it has a clip size of 34 with a additional 1 already loaded in the barrel, this gun can have a charm, a barrel alteration, a laser sight, a grip and also a sight, all of its attachments are the following;
    • Red dot Sight
    • Reflex Sight
    • Suppressor
    • Extended Barrel
    • Angled Grip

Secondary Weapon

Frost only has 1 secondary weapon, the MK1 9mm, which can have a muzzle break, a suppressor and a laser sight


Frost can have 1 of 2 different tactical gear equipped; 2x Barbed wire, which can be used to hide Frost’s welcome mats or a Deployable Shield

Personal Loadout

personally i prefer to use the Super 90 with a red dot sight equipped, however whenever i do use the 9mm C1 i load it out with a Red dot Sight, the angled grip, and a suppressor, i also run a muzzle break on the MK1 9mm, for gear i run barbed wire as it is much more beneficial that just a deployable shield alone


  • the Welcome Mat is best placed under windows where the attacker can not see them; this is due to directly under the window being not visible from the attackers angle
  • work together with other operators; placing welcoming mats near where Caveira plans to cover could be very helpful for a early on interrogation
  • any Barbed Wire that is electrified cannot have the welcome mat in it; this also works the other way around
  • Deployable shields in doorways can be turned into traps that down enemies upon entering a room; this is really good for room denial
  • Frost is an all-rounder character of two defense and two speed, this means she cannot simply run away or be a bullet sponge

Hopefully this is helpful to you all and you all can expect a few more of these sometime in the future

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