MapleStory V Matrix Optimization Guide for All Classes

MapleStory V Matrix Optimization Guide for All Classes by maplefinale


With the development of 5th job, the V Matrix was introduced. In addition to new V skill nodes and special skill nodes, all classes are now able to acquire enhancement nodes that boosts the damage on existing skills from 1st to 4th job.

Having an ideal V Matrix setup is significant in that the total number of node slots are limited for each character. There will be new V skills released in the future that are essential, therefore the available number of slots for enhancement nodes will decrease.

Possessing perfect trio nodes will allow you to maintain enhancements for your most important skills while removing other enhancement nodes, optimizing your damage output.

Every perfect trio requires two level 25 nodes or three level 16/17 nodes to get to the max level of 50.

Assuming 3 essential skills labeled A/B/C, you would need two or three nodes, one from each category, in the following perfect configurations to max those three skills:

  1. A/B/C or A/C/B
  2. B/A/C or B/C/A
  3. C/A/B or C/B/A

Important Notes

The trios in this guide are sorted according to absolute ideal conditions such that if a character were to only have space for one set of trios, the three most essential skills to its class are contained within that trio.

In reality, perfect trio nodes are extremely rare and having any 3 bolded or recommended skills on the same node is sufficiently optimized.

Assuming a total of 6 skills to enhance, it is also possible to use 4 node slots to fully max the 6 skills by having each skill appear twice total on those 4 nodes.

There is no difference between this and having repeating perfect trios in the short term, but in the long term, if you were forced to remove a node, you would risk removing some of your most important skills.

If you have just reached 5th job and have a limited number of node slots, aim to upgrade any of the essential skills for your class without worrying about perfect trios. The skills in Trio #1 are most important. Look out for perfect trios as you collect nodes and start upgrading those if you find them.

The following list is organized alphabetically without sorting between class types.

Bolded skills reference skills that are essential for the class to enhance.

Non-bolded skills are recommended but optional skills that can be changed based on your preference.

Many classes will only require one set of perfect trio skills, the rest of the node slots can be filled based on personal preference.

*** For almost all classes, the primary justification for the skills placed under Trio #1 is that those are the essential skills that are most utilized in bossing and/or training.

[Angelic Buster]

Main V Skill: Energy Burst

Trio #1: Soul Seeker/Trinity/Supernova

Trio #2: Celestial Roar/Resonance/Finale

credits to dateu & Stupid_Otaku


Main V Skill: Maha’s Fury

Trio #1: Beyond Blade/Final Blow/Final Attack

Trio #2: Smash Swing/Hunter’s Prey/Maha’s Domain

credits to srirachastephen

[Archmage Fire/Poison]

Main V Skill: DoT Punisher

Trio #1: Paralyze/Flame Haze/Mist Eruption

Trio #2: Inferno Aura/Megiddo Flame/Meteor Shower

[Archmage Ice/Lightning]

Main V Skill: Ice Age

Trio #1: Chain Lightning/Frozen Orb/Lightning Orb

Trio #2: Blizzard/Elquines/Thunderstorm

[Battle Mage]

Main V Skill: Union Aura

Trio #1: Finishing Blow/Dark Shock/Condemnation

Trio #2: Dark Genesis/Sweeping Staff/Battle Burst

credits to wyvernouss

[Beast Tamer]

Main V Skill: Champ Charge

Trio #1 (Bear Mode): Paw Swipe/Lil’ Fort/Fishy Slap

Trio #2 (Leopard Mode): Three-Point Pounce/Thunder Dash/Macho Dance

credits to SoarWish


Main V Skill: Benediction

Trio #1: Angel Ray/Big Bang/Bahamut

Trio #2: Genesis/Heaven’s Door


Main V Skill: Rocket Punch

Trio #1: Magnum Punch/Double Blast/Revolving Cannon

Trio #2: Shotgun Punch/Bunker Blaster Explosion/Hammer Smash

credits to SirJando

[Blaze Wizard]

Main V Skill: Orbital Inferno

Trio #1: Orbital Flame/Blazing Extinction/Ignition

Trio #2: Towering Inferno/Cataclysm/Cinder Maelstrom

credits to iamfull


Main V Skill: Storm of Arrows

Trio #1: Hurricane/Final Attack/Quiver Cartridge

Trio #2: Arrow Platter/Arrow Stream/Phoenix

credits to RitoTerrBear


Main V Skill: Transform

Trio #1: Octopunch/Buccaneer Blast/Dragon Strike

Trio #2: Power Unity/Nautilus Strike/Spiral Assault

credits to GAMBITS


Main V Skill: Gigantic Cannonball

Trio #1: Cannon Barrage/Cannon Bazooka/Rolling Rainbow

credits to joshato


Main V Skill: Bullet Barrage

Trio #1: Rapid Fire/Broadside/Majestic Presence

Trio #2: Eight-Leg Easton/Ugly Bomb/Nautilus Strike

credits to WarmCha

[Dark Knight]

Main V Skill: Spear of Darkness

Trio #1: Dark Impale/Gungnir’s Descent/Nightshade Explosion

Trio #2: Evil Eye/Final Attack

credits to rongz93

[Dawn Warrior]

Main V Skill: Celestial Dance

Trio #1: Moon Dancer and Speeding Sunset/Crescent Divide and Solar Piece/Styx Crossing

Trio #2: Flicker and Bluster/Moon Cross and Sun Cross/Impaling Rays

credits to moosical

[Demon Avenger]

Main V Skill: Demon Frenzy

Trio #1: Execution/Nether Shield/Infernal Exceed

Trio #2: Lunar Slash/Thousand Swords/Armor Break

credits to lazyguy40

[Demon Slayer]

Main V Skill: Demon Awakening

Trio #1: Demon Impact/Demon Lash/Cerberus Chomp

Trio #2: Infernal Concussion/Demon Cry

[Dual Blade]

Main V Skill: Blade Tempest

Trio #1: Phantom Blow/Blade Fury/Asura’s Anger

Trio #2: Sudden Raid/Final Cut/Blade Clone


Main V Skill: Elemental Blast

Trio #1: Mana Burst/Earth Circle/Wind Circle

Trio #2: Dragon Breath/Dragon Master/Dragon Spark

credits to paradoxcarry & AleShion


Main V Skill: Battoujutsu Zankou

Trio #1: Rai Blade Flash/Shinsoku/Rai Sanrenzen

Trio #2: Hitokiri Strike/Summer Rain/Tornado Blade


Main V Skill: Burning Soul Blade

Trio #1: Raging Blow/Rising Rage/Final Attack

Trio #2: Combo Fury/Rush/Shout

credits to AsianRookie, cattharis, PokemaniacGRAZED


Main V Skill: Gravity Crush

Trio #1: Starline One/Starforce Salvo/Singularity Shock

credits to Cytholoblep


Main V Skill: Nova Guardian

Trio #1: Gigas Wave/Wingbeat/Tempest Blades

Trio #2: Infernal Breath/Stone Burst/Blade Burst

credits to MaddixMochi


Main V Skill: Yuki-musume Shoukan

Trio #1: Vanquisher’s Charm/Orochi/Tengu Strike

Trio #2: Nimbus Curse/Demon’s Fury/Shinigami’s Haunting


Main V Skill: Psychic Tornado

Trio #1: Psychic Grab/B.P.M./Metal Press

Trio #2: Trainwreck/Kinetic Combo/Mental Break


Main V Skill: Door of Truth

Trio #1: Reflection/Apocalyse/Ender

Trio #2: Spectral Light/Morning Star/Death Scythe


Main V Skill: True Sniping

Trio #1: Snipe/Piercing Arrow/High Speed Shot

Trio #2: Final Attack/Freezer

credits to Ekanselttar


Main V Skill: Doomsday Device

Trio #1: Homing Missile/Massive Fire: SPLASH-F/IRON-B/Distortion Bomb

Trio #2: Support Waver H-EX/Magnetic Field/Robo Factory: RM1

credits to pladz & pegeroextreme


Main V Skill: Spirits of Elluel

Trio #1: Ishtar’s Ring/Final Attack/Elemental Knight

Trio #2: Spikes Royale/Wrath of Enlil/Unicorn Spikes

credits to Sillyx91


Main V Skill: Shield of Light

Trio #1: Radiant Cross/Four-Point Assault/Royal Guard

[Night Lord]

Main V Skill: Spread Throw

Trio #1: Quad Throw/Assassin’s Mark/Showdown

Trio #2: Dark Flare/Death Star/Sudden Raid

credits to ballistictiger

[Night Walker]

Main V Skill: Shadow Star

Trio #1: Quintuple Star/Shadow Spark/Shadow Bat

Trio #2: Dark Omen/Shadow Stitch/Dominion

credits to Knofbath


Main V Skill: Divine Echo

Trio #1: Blast/Divine Charge/Lightning Charge

credits to slowmotion


Main V Skill: Luck of the Draw

Trio #1: Mille Aguilles/Tempest/Carte Noir

Trio #2: Carte Finale/Impeccable IV/Penombre

credits to Masterobert & GreatThiefPhantom


Main V Skill: Spirit Flow

Trio #1: Spirit Claw/Bomb Punch/Fox Spirits

Trio #2: Soul Spirit/Spirit Trap/Soul Incarnation

credits to payandwin, ddares, MakingMarios


Main V Skill: Shadow Assault

Trio #1: Assassinate/Shadow Veil/Sudden Raid

Trio #2: Boomerang Stab/Dark Flare/Meso Explosion

Trio #3: Savage Blow/Midnight Carnival/Phase Dash

credits to imdubsly

[Thunder Breaker]

Main V Skill: Lightning Cascade

Trio #1: Shark Wave OR Lightning Punch/Annihilate/Gale + Typhoon

Trio #2: Ascension/Thunder/Thunderbolt OR Deep Rising

[Wild Hunter]

Main V Skill: Jaguar Storm

Trio #1: Wild Arrow Blast/Final Attack/Another Bite

Trio #2: Exploding Arrows(Jaguar Rampage)/Hunting Assistant Unit/Sonic Roar

Trio #3: Paw Swipe/Drill Salvo/Jaguar Soul

[Wind Archer]

Main V Skill: Howling Gale

Trio #1: Song of Heaven/Trifling Wind/Storm Bringer

credits to Sillyx91


Main V Skill: Mega Blaster

Trio #1: Mecha Purge/Beam Dance/Hypogram

Trio #2: Triangulation/Pinpoint/Aegis System

Trio #3: Quicksilver/Diagonal Chase/Combat Switch

credits to Silverdreamwatching


Main V Skill: Chrono Break

Trio Skills: Pierce Thrust/Spin Cutter/Rolling Cross/Rolling Assault/Wind Cutter/Wind Strike/Storm Break


  1. Choose 1 combo skill you do not utilize and enhance the other 6 skills into 2 sets of perfect trios
  2. Utilize 5 nodes (total of 15 skills) to encompass all 7 skills twice (total of 14 skills)

Thanks to everyone who contributed toward this guide.

Feel free to offer any opinions on the essential skills for each class and let me know if there are any mistakes in the guide.

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