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MapleStory Demon Slayer Guide by maple love

Demon Slayer is a new job under Resistance Class. They are warrior with STR (Strength) as their primary attribute and uses One-Handed-Blunt Weapon that includes Scepters and Maces, while wielding a force shield that boost force capacity, defense and stats. Demon Slayer skills does not use MP (Magic Points) like most MapleStory jobs do but uses Force. The only way you replenish your Force Points (FP) is through defeating enemies. A new twist for Demon Slayers!

Demon Slayer Storyline
Demon Slayer starts at Temple of Time 100 years ago. He has served the Black Magician for many years. However, he suddenly notices that the Black Mage is an absolute ruler and he can no longer serve him. He sees Masetuma, who is also a henchman of the Black Mage. He tells her about what happened that made him think that way (which we learn about later) and goes to face Akylum, one of the Black Mage’s generals.

Just a few days ago, he met with the other generals of the Black Mage: Orca, Von Leon and Akylum. They were planning to burn his town… He storms out of there and returns to his house after hearing what they were planning to do, and guess what? It’s in flames. He quickly spots the pendant that his wife wore. His family all died. His sister, his mom, all got burned by the Black Mage.

Demon Slayer returns to Temple of Time (going back to the beginning). There, he attacks Akylum but achieves nothing. Akylum summons a couple of monsters on him but Demon Slayers kill them quickly.

Demon Slayer underestimates Akylum. Akylum created an energy ‘egg’ and locked Demon Slayer and Masetuma inside. After hundreds of years, he wakes up and easily cracks the egg. He finds himself in a lab in Edelstein surrounded by two guards, the same rabbits from the Mercedes storyline. He gets so mad at them that he kills them. J is there as well, hiding. J takes him and makes him join the Resistance.

From then on, the quests are for Demon Slayer to seek revenge. He tracks down the Black Mage for the rest of his life to avenge his family’s death. That’s why there are also quests that involve the puppeteer, Orca, and even Von Leon. All of those who betrayed him…

Common Misconceptions and FAQ
Q: Demon Slayer uses potions to recover Force?
Demon Slayer uses a new system called Force. It is somewhat similar to Aran Combo system and Crusader’s Combo Attack Skill. All of their skills consumes only HP (Health) and DF (Force), no MP. So don’t stock up on Mana Potions in your Demon Slayer’s inventory! Since Health Potion is much cheaper than Mana Potion, Demon Slayer saves a lot from spending too much meso on repotting mana potion.

Q: Do Demon Slayer uses a new weapon called Scythe?

Scepters are the new weapon used by Demon Slayer, not Scythe although most Demon Slayer Skill animation displays Scythe. They also use Force Shields that acts as their Force Reservoir and Stats Boost. You can see this job as an unholy Paladin

Q: Are Demon Slayer Magician Class?

Although their weapons and shield looks alike to magician, Demon Slayers are Warrior Sub Class under Resistance Class. So they possess most of Warrior traits such as high health, strength as their primary attribute but with more mobility.

Demon Slayer Stats
Since Demon Slayer are Warriors, their primary attribute is STR (Strength). Spend AP (Ability Points) into STR to boost your minimum and maximum damage as well as enabling you to equip higher level Warrior equipments. To increase amount of Max Force (DF) there are 2 ways: advancing jobs and equipping shields.

Job Advancement
At level 10 – Posses 30 DF.
At level 30 – Posses 60 DF.
At level 70 – Posses 90 DF.
At level 120 – Posses 120 DF.

Demon Slayer Equipments
Demon Slayer uses Scepters/Maces along with Shield that boost your stats and MaxDF. MaxDF refers to Force Capacity that Demon Slayer posses similarly to MP (Magic Points). The more MaxDF you have, you can spam more Force Skill. You get both Scepter and Force Shield when you get to the specific level required.

Force Shields
The Shield Stats below are all unlevelled stats. If you level them, they increase only the stats that they already have (ie. the first two shields will never get STR or DEX) and the maxDF does not increase upon level up. The max level is 4 for the first three and 9 for the last one. They are all untradeable and cannot be scrolled or potentialed.
Force Shield of Patience (level 10):MaxDF +20, WDEF +10, MDEF +5
Force Shield of Will (level 30):MaxDF +50, WDEF +30, MDEF +15, MaxHP +150
Force Shield of Power (level 70)MaxDF +80, WDEF +60, MDEF +30, MaxHP +350, STR +7, DEX +7
Ultimate Force Shield (level 120):MaxDF +110, WDEF +85, MDEF +45, MaxHP +600, STR +12, DEX +12

Scepters are untradeable, fast (5), requires no DEX, and have 7 slots.
Doomed Scepter : +29 attack (level 10)
Dignity Scepter : +49 attack (level 30)
Assurity Scepter : +69 attack (level 50)
Demon Bane : +83 attack (level 70)
Evil Bane : +108 attack (level 120)

Demon Slayer Beginner Job

Demon Jump:
Use your Asmodian wings to perform various jumping skills.
MAX LEVEL 1: High Jump: Jump + ↑↑
Double Jump: Jump + →→ or ←←
Glide: Double Jump (press twice)

Death Curse:
A chance to instantly kill an enemy you attack, and if the effect is triggered you will restore HP. In addition, when an enemy dies, you may absorb a certain amount of Force.
MAX LEVEL 1: 5% chance to instantly kill your enemy, When instant death is activated 5% HP will be restored, Force will be absorbed when the victim dies.

Demon Fury:
Description: When fightning bosses, your inner potential will lead to anger and cause you to become more powerful and absorb more Force.
MAX LEVEL 1: +10% damage against bosses, +5 Force absorbed.

Devil Wings:
Use your Asmodian wings to move quickly.
MAX LEVEL 1: Speed: 150, Jump: 120 (Obtain at level 30)
MAX LEVEL 1: Speed: 190, Jump: 120 (Obtain at level 70)
Although Demon Fury looks like a skill, its actually a mount obtain at level 70. The one you get at 30 is 150% speed.

Demonic Blood:
Asmodians are born with a strong Will and overwhelming Charisma.
MAX LEVEL 1: +20 Will, +20 Charisma, 100% Chance to not get knocked-back.
Wow, 4th Job Power Stance from Adventurer Warrior available instantly for Demon Slayer Beginner? That makes most Warriors feels under stance.

Demon Slayer 1st Job

SkillsDemon Slash:
Makes your normal attacks able to attack enemies in front of you. You may press your attack key multiple times to do four attacks on your enemy. Attacks can absorb a certain amount of Force from the enemy.
MAX LEVEL 10: 1st, 2nd attacks: Attacks up to 6 enemies, Damage: 100%.
3rd attack: Attacks up to 6 enemies, Damage: 90%, Number of attacks: 2.
4th attack: Attacks up to 6 enemies, Damage: 90%, Number of attacks: 3.
Demon Slash is Demon Slayer primary attacking skill for all job Advancement because it is used to gain Force to activate other Demon Slayer’s Skills. It’s better than Aran’s Double Swing, just that it gets deadlier when it hits monster more than twice. By the 4th hit, it out-damages most Demon Slayer skill that requires Force. Best part of all, Demon Slash is upgraded automatically upon advancing 2nd and 3rd Job!

Devil Scythe (Required Skill: Demon Slash lv. 1):
Summon the demon’s sickle to attack a number of enemies at the same time.
MAX LEVEL 15: HP Cost: 15, Force Cost: 3, Hold skill’s key and attack up to 8 monsters and deal 85% damage 3 times.
When you hold-down any skill button that consumes Force Points, it keeps draining your Force points till it reaches zero or until it couldn’t pay up. Basically creates a twirling scepter in front of you and if monsters are within that area, they get slash 3 times. I guess this is the time when you can rest your fingers for few seconds after rapid clicking on normal attack button.

Demon Booster (Required Skill: Demon Slash lv. 5):
MAX LEVEL 20: HP Cost: 80, Duration: 180 seconds.
Boost your attack speed greatly by +2. Channel some SP (Skill Points) into this skill after Demon Slash if you plan to train on monsters that requires more than 2 hits to defeat.

Dark Agility (Required Skill: Demon Slash lv. 1)
Permanently increase your accuracy, speed, and jump.
MAX LEVEL 10: Accuracy +200, Speed +25, Jump +20.
Speed is the essence of getting around quickly within training spots and cities, especially large ones that does not have hidden teleportation portals. Since it increases jump height, this aids hovering in air longer after a high jump by activating Devil Wings.

HP Increase:
Increases your maximum HP permanently.
MAX LEVEL 10: MaxHP +20%.
Even though this skill does not look useful in early levels of Demon Slayer, it plays a vital role in later levels where Demon Slayer absorbs boss attacks during boss raid. More health means less risk of dieing within 1-2 hits from boss.

Skill Build
+1 Demon Slash
+1 Devil Scythe
MAX Demon Slash
+6 Demon Booster
MAX Dark Agility
MAX Devil Scythe
+9 Demon Booster
MAX HP Increase

Add 1 SP (Skill Point) into Demon Slash to unlock Devil Scythe. Devil Scythe will be your 1st skill to utilize your Force Points. Max Demon Slash to gain more benefits out from it, where hitting 4 times deals the most damage. Add 6 SP into Demon Booster to speed up your weapon speed for 1 minute (60 seconds). Max Dark Agility to get around maps quickly especially walking quickly towards enemy location. Max Devil Scythe for more damage output, followed by adding an additional 9 SP into Demon Booster, so it will be less hassle to recast it often. HP Increase is max last since it does not play much role in training in earlier levels of Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer 2nd Job
Demon Slash First Reinforcement:
Permanently increases Demon Slash’s damage.
MAX LEVEL 1: Demon Slash’s Damage +40%.
This skill is added automatically upon advancing Demon Slayer 2nd Job. No SP required. So make sure you max Demon Slash Skill which is found in Demon Slayer 1st Job Skill Table, else you will be losing lots of damage output.

Weapon Mastery:
Increases your Mastery and Accuracy when equipping a one-handed Blunt Weapon or one-handed Axe.
MAX LEVEL 20: When a one-handed Blunt Weapon or one-handed Axe is equipped, +50 Mastery and +120 Accuracy.
This skill decreases the damage gap between your minimum and maximum damage. As a result, you will deal stable constantly and it greatly assist you in determining number of hits to kill an enemy efficiently. The initial minimum damage is 10% and maxing this skill brings your minimum damage to 50%. So if your max damage output is 180, your minimum damage is 90 (50% x 180 = 90) assuming you have a blunt weapon equipped and weapon mastery maxed!

Permanently increases your damage and critical rate.
MAX LEVEL 20: ATT +25, Critical Rate +20%.
This skill boost your damage output tremendously since it pumps up your base damage and increases the probability rate of critical occurring per hit. More damage means faster kill, and faster kill means super-fast leveling!

Soul Eater:
Drag a large number of enemies in front of you forward and attack them.
MAX LEVEL 20: HP Cost: 45, Force Cost: 6, Hold the skill’s key and drag up to 8 enemies, Damage: 150%, Number of attacks: 4.
A magnetic black hole? How awesome that can be? It’s an overpowered version of Warrior’s 4th Job Monster Magnet Skill that vacuums enemies in front of you and hits it 4 times! That is a whopping 600% damage at max level per second.

Dark Thrust:
Rush a large number of enemies forward. Attacks up to 8 enemies 3 times while rushing.
MAX LEVEL 20: Force Cost: 10, Damage: 105%.
A rush skill that allows you to herd up to 8 enemies while dashing forward across the map. This allows you to travel less and kill more monsters! This skill was highlight of Adventurer/Explorer 4th Job Warrior, but now Nexon seems to make most newer jobs posses this skill. At level 1, Dark Thrust gives you the mobility to cycle through the map quickly, especially large maps with wide platform.

Demon Trace:
Trace the enemy around you to attack. There’s a chance to stun the enemy and also, when the arrow keys are used to point out where you want to move, you will move in that direction.
MAX LEVEL 15: Force Cost: 18, After moving you can attack up to 6 enemies and deal 305% damage, 90% chance to stun for 3 seconds.
Instant teleportation to a nearby monster within your map. It is similar to Magician teleport, just that it always teleports you to a nearby monster to hit with your scepter/mace. This skill costs a lot of Force though, not great for training purposes. Therefore, it is max last since Dark Thrust does most of the job. Oh yeah, having trouble getting near hackers? Just use this skill to instantly teleport to hacker location where they vac monsters in inaccessible area. Owned!

Dark Revenge:
For a period of time, give damage received back to your enemies and there will be a chance to paralyze the enemy. However, if the enemy’s HP is more than half of its max, you cannot give the enemy the damage back.
MAX LEVEL 20: HP Cost: 150, Duration: 180 seconds, 400% of the damage received will be dealt on the enemy, 90% chance to paralyze the enemy for 5 seconds.
Warrior Power Guard mixed with Paladin Guardian for demon flavor! It reflects damage similar to Fighter/Page Power Guard, and it does 1 extra thing, it also stuns enemies too just like 4th job Paladin skill: Guardian! Nexon its running out of ideas and tries to cramp in 2nd-4th job skills into Demon Slayer.

Physical Training:
Permanently improves strength and dexterity.
MAX LEVEL 10: STR +30, DEX +30.
Nothing fancy here. Boost your stats for better base damage. This can be maxed last if you would like to have all the active skills working at your disposal!

Skill Build
+1 Dark Thrust
MAX Weapon Mastery
MAX Outrage
MAX Soul Eater
MAX Dark Revenge
MAX Dark Thrust
+10 Demon Trace
MAX Physical Training

Add 1 SP into Dark Thrust so you can cycle maps quickly in a circle, a common trick to for fast monster spawning. Next max weapon mastery to deal high stable damage, followed by outrage to boost your damage to a higher level. Max Soul Eater to replace Devil Scythe (1st Job Skill) since it deals more damage per force consumption. After maxing these skills, about this level, you will be training on tougher mobs that deals lots of pain. To cut down health potion consumption, Dark Revenge is maxed. Max Dark Thrust to deal extra damage to mobs that were rushed for your final attack. Max Physical Training for additional STR/DEX and dump remaining SP into Demon Trace.

Demon Slayer 3rd Job

Demon Slash Second Reinforcement:
Enhances Demon Slash damage. (Requires Lv.1 Demon Slash First Reinforcement)
MAX LEVEL 1: Additional 80% damage to Demon Slash. (Final Damage: 120%)
This is your second upgrade for Demon Slash! With First and Second Demon Slash Reinforcement, you get (40% + 80% = 120% damage) Therefore, 120% bonus damage is added to all Demon Slash Attack. Assuming you are hitting monster on your 4th Demon Slash, that slash total damage will be (90% x 3 + 120% x 3 = 630% damage!)

Max Force:
Slash forward and obtain Force and in addition there’s a chance to automatically restore a certain amount of force every 4 seconds.
MAX LEVEL 5: Slash your demon forward and there will be a 75% chance of additionally Force absorption, 10 Force will be recovered every 4 seconds.
This skills helps you to regenerate Force faster while idling or engaging enemies. More force means more often you can use Force Skills!

Dark Judgement:
Attacks multiple enemies from both sides and deals fatal damage. Additional Critical Rate will be applied.
MAX LEVEL 20: HP Cost: 300, Force Cost: 40, Attacks up to 10 enemies, Damage: 300%, Number of attacks: 4, Critical Rate +40%.
Dark Judgement is usually cast after Death Draw, because you pull in monsters and spike them with devastating critical damage right? This does instant damage, nothing fancy.

Death Draw:
Drag a majority of the enemies nearby and deal damage. A few of the dragged enemies will be stunned for a certain period of time.
MAX LEVEL 20: Force Cost: 18, Attacks up to 10 enemies, Damage: 190%, Number of attacks: 3, 90% chance to stun the enemy for 5 seconds.
Pulls enemies on your left and right towards you, similarly like Soul Eater but working both ways. It displays a nice skill animation when its activated with monster nearby.

Bloody Raven:
Summons a heard of red ravens to attack a large number of enemies in front of you, then use the damage to heal some of your HP.
MAX LEVEL 20: Force Cost: 25, Attacks up to 8 enemies, Damage: 170%, Number of attacks: 4, Recovers 40% of your MaxHP. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
This is similar to Assassin’s Drain where you use this skill to recover your Health, and at the same time scares enemies for their life. Sounds more like a Death Reaper playing tricks or treat but you get both!

Dark Endurance:
For a period of time, defense, resistance to states, and elemental resistance will dramatically increase
MAX LEVEL 20: HP Cost: 200, Duration: 180 seconds, DEF +100%, Resistance to states +80%, Elemental Resistance +80%.
More defense means more savings on your health plans! You will take less damage, hence less health potions consumed. Simple isn’t it?

Demonic Breath:
Use the demon’s poison to attack a large number of enemies at the same time. Continuous damage will be dealt on the enemies.
MAX LEVEL 20: HP Cost: 80, Force Cost: 12, Hold the skill’s key and attack up to 10 enemies, Damage: 169%, Number of attacks: 4, Enemies will be poisoned for 8 seconds and receive 135% damage per second.
This skill is the ultimate poison skill, the delay of this skill is undeniably super fast like Bowmaster’s Hurricane/Storm of Arrow, just that you need to do it in close range. Best used with Death Draw, you pull in enemies and you poison monsters to death!

Evil Touch:
Increases damage and critical hit rate when attacking a monster that has a status effect active.
MAX LEVEL 15: When attacking enemies with a status effect, Damage: +15%, Critical Hit Rate: +15%
Having an evil touch to poisoned enemies speeds up the process of sending them back to hell. Demonic Breath places poison buff on enemy, and with Evil Touch, it deals much more damage.

Through mental concentration, attack speed will be improved by 1 and damage will be improved permanently.
MAX LEVEL 20: Damage +25%, Attack Speed increased.
More weapon booster, yipee! Slash like a machine gun, sort of.

Force Guard:
A chance to attack the enemy with a shield to guard. If guarding is successful, Force and HP will slightly recover.
MAX LEVEL 15: 30% chance to guard when hit, if successful 3% of your MaxHP and 5 Force will be recovered.
You might start happily idling in maps where monsters like Snails deals 1 damage to recover free health. This recovers health much faster than any chair you sat on.

Skill Build
+1 Death Draw
MAX Max Force
MAX Concentration
MAX Demonic Breath
MAX Evil Touch
MAX Force Guard
MAX Bloody Raven
MAX Dark Endurance
+4 Dark Judgement
Add 1 SP (Skill Point) into Death Draw just for its ability to pull far enemies near to you, so you could either Slash/Poison/Spike them. Max Force is upgraded for more Force recovery. Max Concentration to boost all skills damage and improve attacking speed. This is followed by your Demonic Breath as your primary force attacking skill in 3rd job. Max Evil Touch to further enhance Demonic Breath. Max Force Guard to avoid taking more damage. Max Bloody Raven to recovery health instead of using health potions in exchange of Force. Max Dark Endurance for better survivability and dump rest of skill points into Dark Judgement.

Demon Slayer 4th Job

Demon Explosion:
Float in the air in all directions and deal fatal damage on a large number of enemies. Damage after the explosion while floating will be 100% critical.
MAX LEVEL 30: HP Cost: 600, Force Cost: 80, Attacks up to 10 enemies, 400% damage before floating, 335% damage 4 times all critical attacks while floating.
The explosion covers up to two-third of the map, similarly to Magician’s Genesis but instead of hitting maximum of 15 enemies, it hits 10. But it hits monsters real hard with critical damage!

Demon Impact:
Instantly use your potential power to push a large number of enemies forward and deal lethal damage. Demon Impact may add additional critical rate and ignore monster’s DEF if the enemy is a boss who was amplified by the final damage.
MAX LEVEL 30: Force Cost: 30, Attacks up to 3 enemies, Damage: 400%, Number of attacks: 5, If the enemy is a boss +100% critical rate, ignores 50% of its DEF, final damage increased by 30%.

Vampiric Touch:
For a period of time, some of the damage inflicted on party members will be healed as HP. However, cannot recover more than 3% of the person’s MaxHP per hit.
MAX LEVEL 10: Force Cost: 50, Duration: 180, 3% of the damage will be recovered as HP

Devil Cry:
Instantly releases your potential power and threatens everything everywhere, deals a strong damage to the majority of the enemies. The enemy’s defense, attack power, and accuracy will decrease and the EXP and drop probability will increase.
MAX LEVEL 20: HP Cost: 500, Force Cost: 60, Attacks up to 15 enemies, Damage: 210%, Number of Attacks: 5. For 15 seconds, Defense will decrease by 15%, Accuracy will decrease by 20%, EXP increases, +20% chance of item drop.

Maple Warrior:
For a period of time, all the stats of your party members will rise by a certain percentage.
MAX LEVEL 30: HP Cost: 500, Duration: 900 seconds, All stats +15%.

For a period of time, enable your potential and increase your damage and MaxHP. Additionally, Metamorphosis will summon two dark specs that will rapidly rotate arount the caster and automatically attack multiple enemies.
MAX LEVEL 30: HP Cost: 300, Force Cost: 75, Duration: 180 seconds, Damage +35%, MaxHP +20%, Damage dealt on surrounding enemies automatically: 150%.

Dark Bind:
Has a chance to conduct surrounding enemies and continuously deal damage. In addition, the enemy’s DEF may be ignored to a certain level, and Dark Bind’s passive effects can be applied to bosses as well.
MAX LEVEL 20: Active Effects: Force Cost: 80, Attacks up to 15 enemies, Damage: 900%, Duration: 20 seconds, 100% chance to deal continuous 200% damage every 200Interval seconds. Cooldown : 120 seconds. Passive Effects: Permanently ignores 30% of the enemy’s DEF.

Infinity Force:
Instead of spending all your force, for a period of time you can use your skills without the need of force. However, the skill has a cooldown.
MAX LEVEL 15: Force Cost: 120, Duration: 30 seconds. Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Advanced Weapon Mastery:
Improves the mastery, minimum critical damage, and physical damage when equipping a one-handed mace or one-handed axe. Required Skill: Weapon Mastery lv. 20
MAX LEVEL 30: When a one-handed mace or a one-handed axe is used, Mastery +70%, Physical Damage +30, Minimum Critical Damage +15%.

Hard Skin:
Permanently strengthens your body and reduces the enemy’s damage.
MAX LEVEL 30: Permanently reduces the damage by 20%.

Skill Build
MAX Weapon Mastery
MAX Dark Bind
MAX Demon Explosion
MAX Devil Cry
MAX Maple Warrior
MAX Metamorphosis
MAX Demon Impact
MAX Vampiric Touch
MAX Hard Skin
MAX Infinity Force

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