MapleStory Potential Guide

MapleStory Potential Guide by MapleReglub

Hello everyone,

Reglub here. This is my first guide. The reason I made it is that I spent a lot of nx curbing and I made a few mistakes that cost me a lot of cubes. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as me so here you go.

1) what should I cube first?

the top 3 items you want to cube is your primary weapon, secondary weapon and emblem (in that order). Primary weapon potentials do not give defensive stats. Meaning you won’t get %w.def or avoidability like you will with a secondary weapon or emblem. For that reason you want to cube your primary weapon first.

After those 3 you want to cube all your other gear for %stat. I recommend that you cube tradable items that are usable by all classes. So instead of getting an empress shoulder, get a meister one. I just cubed for 21% dex on my meister shoulder (I’m a thief) and I’m glad I can resell it instead of cubing over such a beautiful stat.

2) which potentials are best.

Ideally you want a balance of everything to deal the most dps possible. For example, %boss seems amazing but eventually you will get deminishing returns.

The general damage formula is as follows

Wep atk modifier x (4 x primary stat + secondary stat(s)) x atk/100 x (1+%atk) x (1 + %total damage + %boss) x (crit rate x (1+avg crit damage)) x elemental resistance rate x (pd rate x your pdr) atk speed

Don’t want to do any calculations? No need to worry, I’ve done it all for you… you want to aim for about 60% atk using your primary and secondary bonus potentials and your emblem. 90 pdr and 250% boss (in stat window) with your main potentials on your primary, secondary and emblem (emblems can’t get boss%). And as much %stat as you can get on all your other equips.

How did I come up with these numbers? When it comes to %atk and %boss, it can get really confusing. I follow this formula

%atk = (100 + %total damage + %boss) / (100 + %atk) %boss

Since %boss can range from 30-40% on your legendary gear, and %atk can get up to 12, you want to maintain a rough 3:1 ratio. You might be wondering: 250 boss and 60 attack don’t make a 3:1 ratio. But… Don’t forget about noblesse skills, hyper passives, %total damage, potions and any other buffs. If your attack % modifier is %160, you want you total damage/boss modifier to be %480.

To play around with this ratio, you can add/subtract 10% from the atk modifier for every 30% you add/subtract from the damage/boss modifier. For example 1.6 x 4.8 is greater than 1.5 x 5.1 or 1.7 x 4.5.

A big pointer is to remember that +range can trick you. Just because a weapon gives you 200k more range, doesn’t mean you will hit harder on magnus or gollux. For example, %total damage adds a lot to your visual range, but it doesn’t multiply with %boss, it adds to it. Making it quite sucky compared to 40% boss or 12% atk.

“Is pdr really worth it?” Pdr is mainly for chaos vellum, who has 300 pdr rate. Meaning 5% more pdr translates to 15% defense ignore. On almost any other boss, more %atk or %boss will be better. However, I personally prefer to cube for the future. Harder and harder bosses will come out, making pdr more and more useful.

After you get this ratio down, it’s all about stacking as much %stat you can. And remember that %9 all stat is better than %9 primary stat, especially for thieves because they get dex and str as secondary stats.

3) red vs black

To be honest I have hardly used black cubes. But I think that red cubes are better at unique or legendary. Reason being, you can still get amazing stats at unique, and red cubes cost half the price meaning double the unveils.

4) bonus vs regular

Bonus costs a lot more than regluar cubes. For that reason, regluar cube first till you get 12%+ stat on each item, then bonus cube and aim for 1 good line like 4% stat or +10 atk.

Please feel free to share your knowledge if cubing so I can improve this guide. Thank you.

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