Clash Royale Bomber Guide

Clash Royale Bomber Guide by ZathusTheMageV

Many overlook this card. And many have wanted to see a guide on him. So… I will be the hero to these people. The Bomber is one of the four cards yet to have a guide dedicated to them, now three, with the creation of this one (that leaves Barbarian Hut, Goblins, and Poison guideless).

The Bomber is a 3 Elixir common card unlocked in Training Camp. You have this little skeleton from the very moment you start the game. He is fragile, but packs a huge punch, and his area damage is always a lot larger than you think it is. A powerful clearer of the way for Killer Tanks like PEKKA,but he can’t hit air units, so be wary.

The case of the Bomber is an odd one. Wizard is not a popular card. He is a 5 Elixir Rare that can do what the Bomber does, but hits the air as well. His area splash size is a bit smaller though. But that begs the question… if people don’t bother with Wizard, why touch the Bomber? Its all about cost.

Positive Elixir Trades are made WAY too big a deal now-a-days, but this little guy is absolutely full of them. With the tower’s help, he can take down Barbarians without a scratch. And he’ll be hell for the Goblin Gang, a very valuable card worthy of a guide down the line in its own right. Since the Goblin Gang has such high VALUE for 3 Elixir, even if the Bomber dies for an equal Elixir Trade, he’ll take down a much more VALUABLE card.

Anyway lets get into stats, which, as usual, are at Tournament Standards.

*Health: 311

*Area Damage: 271

*Hit Speed: 1.9 seconds

*DPS: 142

*Range: 4.5

*Targets: Ground

*Deploy Time: 1 second

*Speed: Medium.

Bomber is a cheap splash card. That is the role he serves. What he loses in lack of air targeting, he makes up in sheer ground battle control. Bomber is a scary card, I will not lie. Your cheap little Goblins or whatever are dead, no questions asked. That is, unless this little pest is already locked elsewhere, like the tower, which in most cases you don’t want to happen either, because every two seconds your tower loses a 12th of its health. A protected Bomber is a nightmare with no air units to take him out. If your placement is just BARELY off, he’ll be bumped, re-target, and BAM! your Bomber-killers are dead (unless they have more than 271 HP, in which case, thumbs up).

As you can tell, the healthiest way to kill a Bomber is to place things on it that it can’t kill. But placement helps too. With the correct placement, Skeletons will poke at him and he won’t re-target onto them. One thing to note is just how big the Bomber’s AoE area is. I couldn’t find exact details (trust me… I looked), but I’m surprised he isn’t used more in this meta just by the size of his blast. I’ll explain more in the next section.

The Bomber versus Meta Cards:

-Skeleton Army: This is the big one. Skeleton Army has gained HUGE popularity after its most recent change. What does Bomber have to say about it? Two bombs. Whole thing wiped out. Even one bomb and the Skeleton Army is rendered pretty much useless. Countered for an equal trade, and the Bomber can go on to cause more havoc if a mini-tank is placed in front of him for a counterpush.

-Elite Barbarians: For two less cost than the Wizard, Bomber can splash both Elite Barbarians for pretty much the same DPS. He can take a hit from one of them too, and with a distraction card like Ice Golem, they’ve been countered for a positive elixir trade.

-Archers: Maybe not as popular now as they were a few weeks ago, Archers still remain prominent. An equal level Bomber can one-shot Archers and live to tell the tale, if even barely. And with his massive area attack, if those Archers are placed badly, he can hit them while targeting the tower too. May Bomber and Graveyard have a secret combination. With the help of Bowler maybe.

-Ice Golem: Able to 4-shot an Ice Golem, he can shut it, and whatever is hiding behind it, down easy. Ice Golem + Ebarbs will fall victim to a Bomber + Tombstone combo. And since Bomber is Zap and Log proof, well… yeah.

The Bomber is very good at defense too, as most cheap spells can’t kill him, save for Fireball and Poison, but even those are four cost and not preferable in basic pushes, and you’re probably safe from Poison due to its fallen popularity.

Arrows, The Log, and Zap can’t kill this little skeleton!

But note, against a player who your Bomber counters well, don’t keep putting him in the same spot. They may wise up and cast a prediction Fireball, hitting the tower, killing the Bomber, and if he is placed toward the center, possibly even a building! This gives his rushy troops much more value!

Bomber Rules:

-Rule Number 1: Defend Cards He’s Strong Against. Bomber is not a tank killer. And he can’t go toe-to-toe with a Wizard or Musketeer either. He’ll hurt them once, for a huge chunk of damage, but in the end its a waste. Save him for taking down the Skarmy, Barbs, or other groups.

-Rule Number 2: Bomber Shines In All Pushes. Never be afraid to make use of a Bomber after his defensive duties are done. Bomber is a ranged glass cannon, with area denial too! He will MESS UP your tower if left alone with anything tanking for him. Even a single Ice Spirit in the lead can help get him in two more shots. That’s 542 damage, about 1/5th of an Arena Tower’s health. Of course, he has a huge role in beatdown pushes too. He’ll blow away cheap defensive cards like Goblins and Guards.

-Rule Number 3: Fear The Skies. Bomber doesn’t target air. Your mini-Bomber pushes may end in failure if a Mega Minion begins scouring the skies. This isn’t as scary in a massive Beatdown push, where you should have an anti-air unit like Musketeer or Archers anyway. Always be ready for a Minion Horde counter though!

-Rule Number 4: Change It Up. This goes for every troop killed by Fireball. As stated earlier, you NEVER put your units in the same place, or risk getting prediction-Fireball’d. Opponents can wise up, for the same reasons its good to switch up Miner placement.


So, in conclusion, the Bomber is a squishy but powerful and annoying skeleton who has so much more potential in this meta than anyone is willing to mess with. I would definitely suggest giving the little guy a try! With his usefulness against the many groups of units this meta is made up of, and his countering of many ‘Zap Bait’ cards, he might even be… I don’t want to say ‘essential’, but a very good choice in an anti-Meta deck.

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