Clash Royale Terminology and Dictionary

Clash Royale Terminology and Dictionary by Firestar493

A dictionary for terminology or people frequently/semi-frequently used or mentioned in Clash Royale that beginners and newcomers may not be familiar with.

#/#/#/#: syntax for displaying common/rare/epic/legendary levels (e.g. 9/7/4/1 is tournament standard). .5 values can be used to denote that some cards of that rarity are being upgraded to the next level while other cards are still at the previous level (e.g. 8.5 means some of that rarity are level 8, some are level 9).

#-#: in the context of challenges, displays wins to losses, respectively (e.g. 12-2 is winning 12 games and losing 2 games in a given challenge).

#-# plant: in the context of building placement, describes how many tiles away a building is placed from the river and from the tower currently being defended (e.g. 4-2 plant for the left tower is 4 tiles down from the river and 2 tiles to the right of the left tower). Common plants include 4-2 (generic placement), 4-3 (aggros tower-seekers but not other troops), and 4-1 (aggros flying tower-seekers).

-info: a command that calls a bot (elexerbot) created by kittens_from_space. The bot retrieves information of the given card (e.g. posting a comment “-info lavahound” on this subreddit will return information regarding the Lava Hound, including description, cost, and stats at every level). No longer active.

/s: sarcasm tag on Reddit (similar to tags in HTML), included after a post to explicitly denote sarcasm

11th elixir: now patched, referred to the excess elixir known as elixir overcharge that built up after the elixir bar becomes full, allowing players to store up to 0.9 elixir.

12-0: the score of a challenge where someone wins all 12 games without losing once

2.6 Hog: a Hog Rider cycle deck that averages 2.6 elixir, consisting of Hog Rider / Skeletons / Ice Spirit / Ice Golem / Musketeer OR Electro Wizard / Cannon OR Tombstone / Fireball OR Poison / The Log OR Zap

2.9 Miner Poison: a Miner and Poison cyclde deck that averages 2.9 elixir, consisting of Miner / Poison / Skeletons / Ice Spirit / Knight / Inferno Tower / The Log / Electro Wizard OR Musketeer

2v2: Clan Battle

3-leg: triple legendary

3M: Three Musketeers

3 muskets: Three Musketeers

A#: Arena # (e.g. A1 = Arena 1)

aggro: to get a troop or building’s focus as a target. Also used as a noun.

Air-Beatdown: a deck that relies on exploiting anti-air weaknesses in other decks. Includes LavaLoon, among others.

anti-air: a card that can be used to defend from air-based attacks (Balloon, Lava Hound, Minions, etc.). Includes Musketeer, Princess, Spear Goblins, Archers, Minions (including Minion Horde), and Tesla, among others.

anti-meta: a card or deck designed to work to counter what is popular in the metagame. Guards, for instance, started gaining popularity to counter the omnipresent Mini P.E.K.K.A.

AoE: area of effect

area of effect: a type of damage or effect that affects a given area, such as Arrows or Freeze

Ash: a popular Clash Royale and Clash of Clans YouTuber. Not to be confused with Clash with Ash.

Baby D: Baby Dragon

bait deck: a deck that utilizes several troops that are targeted by certain spells in order to overwhelm an opponent with threats that the spell normally counters (e.g. zap-bait decks often include Goblin Barrel, Fire Spirits, Sparky, Inferno Tower, Goblins, Spear Goblins, and/or Skeleton Army)

barb: a Barbarian. plural: barbs.

barrel: Goblin Barrel

BD: Baby Dragon

Beatdown: a deck archetype that focuses on fighting on the enemy side, maximizes troop synergy, adapts to defenses, and uses high damage-to-cost troops. Beatdown decks require specific counters or else the tower will risk falling. Generally includes tanks such as Giant, Golem, or Lava Hound. Beatdown is generally favorable against Siege but is generally unfavorable against Control.

Beatdown-Siege: a deck that is a beatdown deck with a tank and support but exploits siege mechanics by sniping off the tower from afar, making killing the support troops difficult. It also has some burn elements. Includes Royal Giant decks.

best card in the game: the credit card

BH: Barbarian Hut

Blitz-Beatdown: a deck that relies on swift cards to generate immediate threat to the tower using fast, high damage cards. Includes Hog Rider decks, among others.

BM: bad manners or to bad manner. Examples include laughing or saying “Thanks!” at a misplay.

BR: Battle Ram

BRam: Battle Ram

Bren Chong: a multimillionaire who Clash With Ash always gives shoutouts to for whatever reason sponsors many tournaments and eSports teams in the game

bridge: the narrow strips of land connecting the friendly and enemy sides of the arena

bridge spam: a strategy that triggers CMcHugh includes several cards meant to be placed at the bridge to immediately pressure a lane, such as Bandit and Battle Ram

BT: Bomb Tower

buff: an update to make something stronger or the act of making something stronger

burn card: a card meant to chip away HP from an enemy crown tower that cannot be intercepted, same as direct damage

CAN 50+ ROCKETS BREAK THE BRIDGE IN CLASH ROYALE?: the title of an infamous clickbait video by Mastersaint, usually referenced to allude to ridiculous clickbait

CB: Clan Battle

CC: Classic Challenge or Clan Chest (not to be confused with Clan Castle from Clash of Clans)

CCGS: same as Crown Championship Global Series

chain pull: using multiple cards to pull an attacking troop farther from its destination

chest cycle: the order in which chests are dropped from winning games on the ladder.

Chief Pat: a popular Clash Royale and Clash of Clans YouTuber and Twitch streamer, formerly known as PlayClashOfClans.

Clash with Ash: a popular Clash Royale and Clash of Clans YouTuber, also known as Ashlain. Not to be confused with the other Ash.

Clash with Cam: a popular Clash Royale and Clash of Clans YouTuber.

clickbait: flashy titles and thumbnails that are generally considered irrelevant to the video, usually used in the context of YouTube

clone skip: a mechanic of the Clone Spell in which the normal troops are pushed left, the cloned troops are pushed right, and both “skip” for a short time. This can lead to various techniques, such as bypassing buildings, split pushing, or overriding deploy time.

Clyde’s Tier List: a now discontinued series in which ClydeCR would rank all of the cards in the game with their viability in the current tournament meta. Now continued by KairosTime Gaming.

CoC: Clash of Clans, another popular Supercell game.

Control: a deck archetype that focuses on making positive elixir trades through defense on the user’s side of the arena and uses specific cards to damage a tower with the excess elixir. Control deck users succeed by being mindful of the enemy’s elixir count. Control is generally favorable against Beatdown but is generally unfavorable against Siege.

collector: Elixir Collector

counter: a card, deck, or strategy that is designed to work well against an opposing card, deck, or strategy

counter push: troops that survive on defense that now apply offensive pressure to the enemy

CR: Clash Royale

Crown Championship Global Series: a multiphase tournament officially hosted by Supercell in mid-2017.

CWA: same as Clash With Ash

cycle: the order in which a player’s cards will appear. Can also refer to a player’s trying to get a specific card previously deployed by deploying other cards (e.g. placing Skeletons to cycle for a Hog Rider).

cycle deck: a control deck that depends on cheap cards to continuously pressure the opponent and chip away at their tower through the use of cycling to quickly redeploy a specific card. Common cycle decks feature Miner, Hog Rider, and/or Mini P.E.K.K.A.

Daily Card Discussion: a daily ClashRoyale thread in which a new card is featured every day for people to discuss uses for the card, counters to the card, and how it performs in the meta. Recently has also included discussion for specific strategies, card synergies, and deck archetypes.

Dank Prince: Dark Prince

DC: disconnect

death nova: in context of the Ice Golem, the death effect consisting of damage and slowdown in an explosive range

DG: Dart Goblin

doot: an onomatopoeia associated with Skeletons or skeleton-based troops.

double spirit: a deck that uses the Ice Spirit and Fire Spirits

DP: Dark Prince

DPS: damage per second

direct damage: a spell that can be cast anywhere on the map to directly damage a troop or building; the damage cannot be interrupted or prevented. Includes Arrows, Fireball, Lightning, Rocket, Zap, Poison, and (generally) the Log.

double prince: a deck that uses the Prince and the Dark Prince, where the Dark Prince complements the Prince’s strong single-target damage with his splash damage

Draft Challenge: a game mode in which four pairs of cards are presented to you, and you choose one card from each pair while giving the other card to your opponent.

Draft Royale: a custom tournament held by the Rum Ham in which players take turns choosing one card from all of the available cards in the game, and no player can choose (draft) a card that any other player has chosen (drafted).

drag: Dragon, as in Baby Dragon (Baby Drag) or Inferno Dragon (Inferno Drag)

EB: Elite Barbarians

E-barbs: Elite Barbarians

EC: Elixir Collector

Elite Barbs: Elite Barbarians

elixir-negative: same as negative elixir trade

elixir overcharge: now patched, referred to the fluidity of elixir (not being integer values) that built up after 10 elixir was stockpiled, allowing players to have up to 0.9 extra elixir.

elixir-positive: same as positive elixir trade

elixir pump: same as Elixir Collector

emote: a predetermined message that can be sent to another player in-battle

even elixir trade: an interaction of cards where one player’s card(s) nullifies another’s for the same amount of elixir

E-wiz: Electro Wizard

EW: Electro Wizard

ExeNado: Exectuioner and Tornado, generally used in the same deck as the two cards have good synergy

f2p: free-to-play, a player that does not and has not spent money on the game

Fair Play: an announcement by Supercell that it seeks to uphold principles of fair play and safe play and discourages bullying.

FB: Fireball

feeder: in the context of clans, a clan that is associated with another clan whose existence is generally due to limitations in clan membership

Galadon: a popular Clash Royale and Clash of Clans YouTuber.

GB: Goblin Barrel

GC: Grand Challenge

gemmer: a player that buys gems, a pay-to-play

gg: good game

GG: Goblin Gang

GiLoon: a beatdown deck that uses Giant and Balloon to quickly take down towers. Generally includes arrows for Minions.

git gud: get good

gl: good luck

glass cannon: a high-damage troop with relatively low health. Includes Musketeer, Wizard, Princess, and Mini P.E.K.K.A (disputed), among others.

gob: short for Goblin

Goison: a beatdown deck that uses Giant and Poison to build elixir advantages, overwhelm the opponent, and kill counterpushes. Almost always uses Elixir Collector and Zap. This deck has largely evolved over time. The original is the Shanghai deck (see below). Lumberjack had some (limited) experimentation over Mini PEKKA. Ice Spirit would end up taking the preferred spot over the Princess. For a while, Bowler would fill a role over either Ice Spirit, Mini PEKKA, or Musketeer, and Prince would gain momentum in Mini PEKKA’s spot to use against Bowler. When the Mega Minion was released, a standard Goison deck emerges: Giant / Poison / Mega Minion / Elixir Collector / Zap / Prince / Ice Spirit / Guards (or sometimes Musketeer). The Mega Minion is often played behind the Giant while the Giant crosses the bridge. This deck, however, sees very little play now because of the October Poison nerf and Elixir Collector rework.

Gravy Bowl: A deck that utilizes Graveyard and Bowler, where the Bowler defends, counterpushes, and tanks for the Graveyard’s Skeletons.

GS: Giant Skeleton

GY: Graveyard

hf: have fun

Hog: Hog Rider

horde: Minion Horde

Hound: Lava Hound

Hog: Hog Rider

Hog trifecta: a deck that uses Valkyrie, Musketeer, and Hog Rider. The most standard hog trifecta deck is Valkyrie, Musketeer, Hog Rider, Zap, Poison, Elixir Collector, Cannon, and Skeletons.

HP: hit points

hut: a Goblin Hut or Barbarian Hut. Players that use decks with both are sometimes referred to as hut spammers.

ice wiz: Ice Wizard

ID: Inferno Dragon

IG: Ice Golem

IT: Inferno Tower

IW: Ice Wizard

Jason deck: a deck used by tournament-winning Jason in the Helsinki tournament. Consists of Giant / Hog Rider / Archers / Spear Goblins / Barbarians / Minion Horde / Arrows / Elixir Collector.

kiting: diverting an attacking troop to the opposite lane by dropping distraction troops that it follows

lane: one of the two halfs of the arena leading to one of the crown towers

LavaLoon: a beatdown deck that uses Lava Hound and Balloon to take advantage of an opponent’s weak anti-air cards. The Lava Hound distracts while the Balloon does a lot of damage, and the Balloon can tank for the Lava Pups when the Lava Hound dies.

league: a 300-trophy division from 4000 trophies and higher

leg: legendary

leggie: legendary

level wall: a theoretical point where one cannot continue to gain trophies given the player’s card and crown tower levels

LH: Lava Hound

LJ: Lumberjack

log: The Log

loon: Balloon

lvl 8 a8 f2p: level 8 arena 8 free-to-play, a term, often used ironically, to describe players who boast about their skill as a free-to-play. Somewhat outdated term with Legendary Arena now being Arena 9 11.

MOLT: a popular Clash Royale and Clash of Clans YouTuber.

mana: an incorrect term for elixir, often used in RPGs

melee goblins: the goblin unit (or the 2-elixir Goblins card) that has melee range

meta: Most Effective Tactic Available (same as metagame in this usage)

metagame: decks, cards, and strategies that are popular in the game at the moment, gameplay and strategy beyond the surface level of the game

Meta Minion: Mega Minion, with implications of the card being extremely common in the meta, namely during the Goison era

MH: Minion Horde

mini-tank: a troop that has a solid amount of health used for distraction but does not have extremely high HP as a tank would. Includes Valkyrie, Knight, Sparky, and Bowler, among others.

missed rocket: a joke alluding to when Chief Pat famously missed a Rocket while targeting a Balloon.

MM: Mega Minion

multi-drop: a technique where two or more cards are dragged and dropped simultaneously, allowed by Clash Royale’s multitouch capability. Quick drop is generally preferred, however.

musk: Musketeer

nado: Tornado

naked: describes a card that is used without other supporting cards (e.g. a naked Hog Rider is a Hog Rider deployed without support cards)

negative elixir trade: an interaction of cards where one player must expend more elixir to nullify another’s cards than the opponent spent for the cards

nerf: an update to make something weaker or the act of making something weaker

Nick: same as nickatnyte

nickatnyte: a popular Clash Royale and Clash of Clans YouTuber.

Nova eSports: a clan family consisting of players sponsored by Nova eSports

NW: Night Witch

Oh Long Johnson: aside from being a cat meme, a popular YouTube channel for Clash Royale, known for editing and compiling submitted clips of the game to make them humorous.

OJ: same as Orange Juice Gaming

OLJ: same as Oh Long Johnson

OP: overpowered. May also refer to original poster or original post online.

Orange Juice Gaming: a popular YouTube channel for Clash Royale, known for its informative guides and strategy videos.

overleveled: a player or the cards used by the player on ladder that are above-average level for the player’s experience level or trophy range. This is generally considered low skill and unfair, especially when common cards such as Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians are overleveled.

quick drop: a technique where two cards are dropped, rather than dragged, at nearly the same time. Practical instances include using Fire Spirits with Zap to defend from Three Musketeers, performing a pig push, or using tank-and-spank.

p2p: pay-to-play, a player that has spent money on the game

p2w: pay-to-win, a generally derogatory term referring to a person who has spent money on the game to win games, implying their success is not skill-based. Also used to describe a game where people who pay have a much greater advantage over those who don’t.

Pat: same as Chief Pat

payfecta: a portmanteau of “pay” and “trifecta”, a deck that uses Princess, Ice Wizard, and Miner. Same as triple legendary, but can be used as a term to imply the deck is unfairly p2w.

paywall: a theoretical wall where free-to-play players will not be able to gain trophies or progress in the game due to the heavily skewed advantages for pay-to-win players

pcats: phonecatss

PEKKA double prince: a beatdown deck that uses the P.E.K.K.A., Prince, and Dark Prince with synergy. The P.E.K.K.A. acts as a tank, the Prince is a secondary minitank and damage dealer, and the Dark Prince does splash damage.

pencil: same as Battle Ram (name popularized by Phonecats)

phonecatss: a popular Clash Royale Twitch streamer and YouTuber.

pig push: a technique where the Hog Rider is placed at the leftmost or rightmost tile before the river, causing it to “jump” and bypass many buildings. (Old Definition: a technique where the Hog Rider is put at the edge of the arena with another troop adjacent to push the Hog from traveling to defenses that are too far away. A newer version of the pig push can also be achieved by quick-dropping the pushing troop followed by the Hog on the edge tile of the arena (this method works best for single-unit troops e.g. Ice Spirit). Most commonly done with Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit, or Goblins, but can also be done with Spear Goblins, Skeletons, and others.)

positive elixir trade: an interaction of cards where one player’s card(s) nullifies another’s with less elixir.

power creep: when the standard for something balanced (namely cards) increases to the point where previously balanced cards become underpowered or overshadowed. Namely occurs when more content is released.

power deck: same as PPP

PPP: P.E.K.K.A./Prince/Dark Prince, an old beatdown deck that uses the P.E.K.K.A., Prince, and Dark Prince with synergy. The P.E.K.K.A. acts as a tank, the Prince is a secondary minitank and damage dealer, and the Dark Prince does splash damage. The old standard deck was P.E.K.K.A., Prince, Dark Prince, Princess, Minion Horde, Freeze, Elixir Collector, and Arrows.

PPPP: alternative name for PPP that includes Princess in the name

pre-arrows: a high-risk, high-reward move with preemptively sending Arrows to kill what is usually a predicted Minion Horde before the minions do damage

pre-fireball: similar to pre-arrows but even more high-risk, preemptively sending Fireball to kill what is usually predicted Barbarians or Minion Horde

pro player: a Clash Royale player who plays with proficiency in high-skill, competitive game environments and tournaments

pump: Elixir Collector

pumping up: placing an Elixir Collector down

pull: to drag a troop to a desired location with troops or buildings

push: a card or a buildup of cards, usually numerous troops with supporting spells, deployed in an attempt to damage the enemy tower

ram: Battle Ram

rbot: same as RoyaleBot

Reddit Clan System: a series of official ClashRoyale Reddit clans named “Reddit” followed by a word from the NATO phonetic alphabet (e.g. Reddit Alpha)

req: request (for cards)

RG: Royal Giant

rigged matchmaking: a debunked claim that the game intentionally matches players with decks that counter their deck

RNG: random number generator

RNGyard: Graveyard, emphasizing the aspect of the card where the Skeleton locations are randomly generated; generally used with negative connotation

RoyaleBot: a Reddit bot created by iknowyourwoman to display card and tower statistics when call upon. Post rbot! [cardname] or royalebot! [cardname] to retrieve information. No longer active.

Royal GG: Royal Giant, with implications of the card being overpowered

ruthless bone brothers: Guards

salty: upset or angry; noun: salt

SC: Supercell

season: a period of four weeks in which Legendary Arena players with 4000+ trophies attempt to gain as many trophies as possible. Players climb and reach new leagues and receive a Draft Chest at the end of each season, when their trophy counts are reset to differing levels.

Shanghai deck: a common Giant beatdown deck that was used in a series of Supercell-sponsored SHT tournaments in Shanghai, consisting of Giant / Mini PEKKA / Musketeer / Guards / Zap / Poison / Elixir Collector / Princess, although the last card can vary (can be Ice Wizard, Miner, Knight, Prince, Bowler, etc.)

Siege: a deck archetype that focuses on proactively placing buildings, staying on the friendly side while taking the opponent’s tower with chip damage. Siege decks put pressure on the opponent to come to their side or lose a tower. Common win conditions include Rocket, Mortar, X-Bow, and huts. Supercell has made several statements that imply they do not want Siege decks to be dominant in gameplay. Siege is generally favorable against Control but is generally unfavorable against Beatdown.

Siege-Burn: a deck that relies on the constant threat of siege and burn cards to put constant pressure on the opponent and slowly burn down the tower but not necessarily with a consistent or swift pace. Includes Mortar decks, among others.

Sim City deck: same as spawner deck

Skarmy: Skeleton Army

skelly: a Skeleton. plural: skellies.

skill cap: same as skill ceiling

skill ceiling: the amount of potential a skilled player can get out of a card, deck, or strategy

skill floor: the amount of skill needed to play a card, deck, or strategy to justify its use

SMC: Super Magical Chest, a very rare chest that has many cards (including Epics and Rares) and gold and has a high legendary drop chance. Also can be bought in the shop with gems. Also refers to the Reddit Super Magical Cup tournaments formerly hosted by The_RumHam.

Sparknado: a deck consisting of Sparky and Tornado

spawner: a building that spawns units over time; Goblin Hut, Barbarian Hut, Tombstone, or Furnace. Also can refer to a deck that utilizes one or more of these buildings.

spawner deck: a deck that utilizes spawner buildings, notably the Goblin Hut and Barbarian Hut

spell-resistant: a card that can bode or trade rather well against enemy spells. For example, Mega Minion is usually considered spell resistant, as the 3-elixir card can only be killed by the 6-elixir Lightning or Rocket.

spirits: Fire Spirits. Also used for a combination of Fire Spirits and the Ice Spirit.

splank: a portmanteau of splash and tank, a troop that is a mini-tank and can deal splash damage. Includes Valkyrie, Baby Dragon, Dark Prince, Bowler, and Sparky.

splash: a type of damage where damage done to a target will also affect nearby targets

splashnado: a strategy of using Tornado with splash attackers (e.g. Executioner, Baby Dragon, Bowler, etc.)

Splashyard: a splashnado deck that uses Graveyard with splash attackers (e.g. Executioner, Baby Dragon, Bowler, etc.) and Tornado

split defense: a technique that utilizes timing to split troops, particularly ranged troops, in order to better defend against splash.

split push: a strategy of applying offensive pressure and damage to both lanes

stab goblins: same as melee goblins

stabs: in the context of Goblins, a Goblin hit

strong emotions: an ironic term developed from Supercell’s response to whether there should be an emote mute feature or not, often used to describe certain emotion-evoking cards, such as the Royal Giant.

Suarez: a Spanish pro player, most famous for a moment in the Crown Championship Global Series tournament when he was losing and his opponent, Royal, was BMing him, causing him to flip off the camera.

Supercell: a Finnish mobile game company that created Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and Clash Royale. Also known as supreme overlord.

$U?€R¢€££: among other variations, used to portray Supercell as greedy and developing the game for the sole purpose of revenue.

SUP ERC ELL: how the game company Supercell’s loading screen makes its name appear.

synergyif you’re looking up this definition you’re probably not in business when several cards or effects, used together, have an effect greater than the sum of their effects used individually

tank: a troop that is used for the primary purpose of distraction and generally has very high HP. Includes Giant, P.E.K.K.A., Lava Hound, Golem, and Royal Giant.

tank-and-spank: a technique where a high-HP unit is dropped before a frailer unit in order to distract and take out an opposing splash unit.

Tank-Beatdown: a deck that relies on a huge tank with support to take down the tower with one to three pushes. Includes Giant and Witch decks, among others.

tech: technique

techie: technical or requiring technique

Tempo-Burn: a deck that relies on fast-paced tempo and constantly grinds down the tower with burn cards with a steady but swift pace. Includes Miner and Furnace decks, among others.

The Rum Ham: a Clash Royale Twitch streamer and YouTuber, as well as an announcer in many official Supercell events. Hosts Draft Royale tournaments.

Threat-Beatdown: a deck that relies on a completely non-ignorable threat that will take down the tower within seconds if countered badly. Includes GiLoon and PEKKA with Three Musketeers, among others.

tilt: a state of mind where a player continuously loses. Can be prevented through going on breaks and/or trying new decks.

tour: tournament

tourney: tournament

toxic: used to describe players or a community that are not friendly or welcoming, oftentimes openly hostile or overly passive aggressive, especially towards inexperienced or unskilled players and different ideas. Being toxic negatively affects others and their experience.

trash can on wheels: Sparky, in reference to its lack of viability

trifecta: same as Hog trifecta

triple legendary: a deck that uses Princess, Ice Wizard, and Miner.

trophy reset: when trophies above 4000 trophies are reset after every season based on the league players ended up in [Old definition: the end of a season and the beginning of another when all excess trophies above 3000 4000 are converted into Legend Trophies permanently displayed on players’ profiles, and the players have their trophy counts reset to 3000 4000]

valk: Valkyrie

value pack: a special in-game offer that gives very high value for the amount of real money spent

Vietnam deck: can refer to one of two decks used by Vietnamese players in CCGS, both being bridge spam. Both decks have Battle Ram / Bandit / Night Witch / Ice Golem / Zap; Deck 1 has Three Musketeers / Ice Spirit / Elixir Collector while Deck 2 has Inferno Dragon / Minion Horde OR Ice Spirit / Poison.

Wi-Fi monster: the symbol that appears when a player has bad connectivity and is generally considered unlucky

win condition: a card, card combination, or general strategy that a deck is meant to use in order to win games

win trading: a malicious tactic generally used by high-ranking players to arrange game matchup outcomes in order to bolster a player’s rank. Often characterized by certain players without clans matching up with players they are normally in the same clan.

wiz: Wizard

Woody the Mortar Mauler: wWoody123, a player most famous for being adept with siege decks, co-founding the Reddit Clan System, being the leader of Reddit Alpha, creating his Card Popularity Snapshot after every season (which analyzes trends in card usage in the top 200 decks of the ladder), and being a beer connosseiur because we all know you’re constantly drunk, Woody.

wp: well played

yarn: yyarn, the main creator and narrator of Orange Juice Gaming videos, loves positive elixir trades

Z-axis: the height dimension, namely in the context of air troops and Hog Rider mid-jump, that affects certain distance and range calculations

If I made any errors or forgot to include anything, feel free to let me know.

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