Clash Royale Mega Minion Guide

Clash Royale Mega Minion Guide by ZathusTheMageV

So… I’m no expert at writing these strategy guides, but I’ve felt like I’ve done enough ‘extensive’ research into this new card to come to some strategical conclusions. I will be listing various card interactions and other uses for the Mega Minion, based on Tournament Standard. The Mega Minion is a powerful card when used correctly, and a waste of Elixir when used wrong. Huge thanks to the Clash Royale Wikia for help with stats. :D

At Level 7, the Mega Minion’s stats are:

*695 HP

*285 DPH

*219 DPS

*1.3 Attack Speed

*Medium Movement Speed

*1 second deploy time.

The Mega Minion is a cheap, glass cannon, defense card that costs 3 Elixir to deploy. It is a Rare card, and upgrades to a max of Level 7 at Tournament Standard. It is comparable to both the Musketeer and Mini PEKKA, and acts as a cheaper mix of both that can’t do either job as well as the original. What I mean is, it can take both jobs, but it will never be JUST a Musketeer and/or Mini PEKKA, but it can fill both roles, just not as successfully.

The Mega Minion is much tankier than a Minions card, which costs the same, but are a lot squishier, but all together, the three Minions have AROUND the same relative DPS as a Mega Minion. The downside being, the Mega Minion is rarer to collect. This does not matter at tournament standard.

Being tankier allows it being able to survive spells dropped by the opponent that normal Minions would not survive, such as Arrows. This allows the Mega Minion to finish off the push, with help from the Arena Tower.

The Mega Minion is best used on defense, or lone one-troop pushes at the bridge. When playing the Mega Minion to stop a tank-support push, never drop it alone and expect results. It has less health and damage than a Mini PEKKA, but can attack from above. If a lone Musketeer is the only support, distract the tank with a defense, and the Mega Minion can kill the Musket before moving on to the tank.

Note that, if used offensively, if the Mega Minion gets pulled, distracted, or damaged AT ALL, it will not reach the tower. Only use on defense turned into a counterpush.

Here are all card interactions if they are sent in alone. We’ll start with ground and building targetters first and move to air interactions later. All info is based on Tournament Standard. This also takes into the account the Arena Tower:

-Can kill a Knight with no damage to the tower.

-Can kill a Giant in 12 hits. This will result in damage to the tower. Make sure to use a defense or other troops. Tanks with support behind them will be covered later.

-Can of course, kill a Bomber with no damage done to the tower. This will only take him one hit to kill, so no hassle.

-A Mini P.E.K.K.A would reach a tower, if not for the Arena Tower. It takes the Mega Minion four hits to kill a Mini P.E.K.K.A, and that’s enough time for a Fast troop to reach a tower, but no… the Arena Tower helps in killing it first.

-A Prince will take 6 hits to kill, and deal massive damage to the tower before death. It is recommended to not use the Mega Minion alone to stop him.

-Horrible against Skeleton Army. Just take my word and don’t use this card to stop them.

-Goblins are eliminated before reaching the tower. The Mega Minion one shots them, and the Arena Tower as support disallows them any strikes.

-A Valkyrie takes 6 strikes to kill, and will not the hit the tower with the Arena Tower’s support.

-Mega Minion, of course, owns Skeletons. As well as Balloons. Balloons stand no chance, unless the Mega Minion is placed wrong. If the Mega Minion is forced to chase the Balloon to the tower, it will not be able to hit it until it’s already gotten a shot. OJ’s video explains this more.

-It takes a Mega Minion three hits to kill one Barbarian, but two is enough to cripple it, so that the Arena Tower can pick them off. They shouldn’t land a hit on the tower unsupported.

-Five hits to kill a Hog Rider. It will not land a hit.

-Thirteen smacks to bring down a P.E.K.K.A. She will certainly smash your tower many times, as the Mega Minion takes 1.3 seconds to hit. Definitely use more than just the Mega Minion to stop her.

-Mega Minion will survive blasts from all three Fire Spirits at Tournament Standard with 118 health remaining. That’s why it’s so much better than regular Minions, who would die to them easily.

-The Mega Minion requires 15 hits to crush a Golem, which is about 20 seconds. And the Golemites take four each. All in all, just a Mega Minion is a bad idea. A defense and other high DPS troops, like Mini PEKKA will be required for no tower damage. Inferno will always stand as its best counter, however.

-Sparky takes 5 hits to dismantle, but with the Arena Tower’s help, it will not get one of its devastating shots on the tower.

-Due to the Miner’s mechanics and attack speed, if placed on the tower, using a Mega Minion alone, he will get at least two hits on the tower. Use ground troops instead if available, to distract him.

-Royal Giant takes 9 hits to kill, and will definitely get hits on the tower if this is all you’re using.

-Mega Minion will always kill an equal level Mega Minion and survive, if fought on your side, and vice versa for the opponent’s side. If the battle happens on the bridge, they kill each other, and cancel.

-With the help of the Arena Tower, the Dark Prince will die before striking the tower.

-The Lumberjack will die before reaching the tower.

-Takes 6 hits to kill all three Guards. They shouldn’t land a strike on the tower.

-The Bowler takes 6 hits to kill, and due to his range, will hit the tower 1-3 times before dying. Bowler is one of the few untested examples, and as such, his number of hits before death is uncertain to me.

-Will of course, survive an Ice Spirit burst, and have 589 health left.

-In a battle with a Baby Dragon, will come out on top with a bit less than half health.

-If not placed properly for a Witch, it will get distracted by the skeletons and take more damage than necessary, but it should win with more than enough health.

-Against Musketeers, Princesses, Archers, and Spear Goblins, it will have more than enough health to be used strongly to counterpush. Against, Minions it will suffer major damage, it will die to Minion Hordes, and Three Muskets will annihilate the poor thing.

BTW, Mega Minion can wreck a Lava Hound beyond comprehension. If you pressure their other side and the enemy can’t support their LH and it goes in alone… I’d almost call MM a hard counter (other than Inferno of course)!

Against defenses, it all depends on placement. As long as it’s at LEAST a 3×2 plant, for a 3×3 defense, the Mega Minion will get a swing or two on it. It will not destroy a Bomb Tower before it dies, but the Mega Minion can pretty much kill a Cannon (and Mortar and X-Bow indefinitely due to their positioning and his range).

If there are no Arena Towers, the Mega Minion WOULD survive two waves of Furnace Fire Spirits, but after that it’s at such critical health that the Mega Minion would be one shot by the enemy tower. Spear Goblins from the Hut + Arena Tower can kill a Mega Minion before it gets more than one hit off, but again, it’s all about placement of the building.

Against Tombstones and Barbarian Huts, the skeletons are too much a distraction. The Barbarians could possibly lead your Mega Minion back to safety as he chases them, but that’s if it survives long enough to escape the enemy tower’s range.

Now for pushes. Pushes can be anything, but we’ll stick to two types: ‘Tank + Damage + Splash’, and ‘Trifecta’. I guess I can give some Giant Balloon tips as well.

As for, say, a ‘Giant-Musket-Witch’ push, use the famous ‘Tank and Spank’ method. Drop a temporary bullet sponge as your Mega Minion does the damage. It can easily take down the two supporters and any other small troops they throw in behind. It is heavily recommended to draw the tank with a defense. The best case scenario for you is Valkyrie + Mega Minion. Together, they will annihilate the enemy push, and make for a strong counterpush if you throw another thing in there.

Mega Minion eats Hog Trifecta for breakfast. One defense and one Mega Minion are all you need to stop that Hog-Valk-Musket push they’re trying to pull off. And since you’re using a MM and not regular Minions, it can survive a Poison if they drop it. Make sure to kill off the Musket first as the Valk and Hog rush to the defense. That gun is the only thing that can ground your Mega Minion! From there, it’s chew and swallow.

Against Giant-Balloon, place the Mega Minion between the two as they pass, so that the Mega Minion targets the Balloon, but DOESN’T HAVE TO MOVE. Since they have equal speed, if the Balloon exits the Mega Minion’s 2 tile range, it will chase the Balloon until it stops above the tower and bombs it. A defense really helps in stopping this push as well.

If there are other kinds of pushes you’re wondering how you can counter including a Mega Minion, comment it below and I can personally give you advice.

When it comes to damage spells, MM is the man, as he’ll survive most of the cheap ones people try and drop to save their pushes. However, if he is damaged at all, once counterpushing, alone he will not reach the tower. At full health ONLY can he get one hit.

The Mega Minion survives: Zap (526 health left), Arrows (452 health left), Poison (145 health left), Fireball (123 health left), and The Log (695 health left. The Log can’t even hit him).

He dies to: Lightning and Rocket.

Unlike Musketeer, it takes a Fireball TWO levels higher to destroy a Mega Minion.

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