Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo All Obtainable Items Guide

Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo All Obtainable Items Guide by Syrahl696

This is going to be a guide on how to get all the obtainable items in the demo to transfer to the main game, and I’ll also cover what hints we have at time-based future events.

Just to clear it up ahead of time, this guide is only concerned with what you can get by actually playing the demo. Let me know if I missed anything.

So, starting with captain obvious:

Greninja, Lv37, Battle Bond ability: Complete the Ten Carat Hill Trial and defeat Team Skull Admin Plumeria.

Now, onto the juicy postgame stuff:

Nugget: Ride the Tauros and Charge through the boulders to the right of the entrance to Ten Carat Hill. Catch at least 3 Pokemon in the Pokemon Catching Challenge. Note that there isn’t anything special for catching any more pokemon that that, other than some dialogue once you get to 6 pokemon caught.

3 Stardust: From the PokeCenter in Hau’oli City, follow the road East and then southeast, and talk to the girl on the left side of the Slowpoke crossing barricade. She’ll offer to take you to Mahalo Trail. Ride the Tauros up the hill, through all the rocks, and you’ll meet the Mysterious Old Man who will give you 3 Stardust. Talking to the Mysterious Old man again later will trigger some new dialogue (boring though, he just says he has nothing else to give you) and also will save your game, in case you need to do that.

Star Piece: There are three new trainers who will challenge you on the path to Ten Carat Hill. You’ll have to smash some rocks with Tauros to find one of them. Once you’ve beaten all 3, talk to the Ace Trainer on the left near the start of the area. She’ll challenge you to a fight (you may want to detour to the Pokemon Centre first), and when you beat her, she’ll give you the Star Piece for the main game.

Now for the time-based hints:

The guy right outside the Pokemon Centre will “give you something good” if you show up “tomorrow” – presumably starting from when you beat the demo. This will give you 10 Pretty Wings.

The owner of the cafe in the Pokecenter is off searching for the finest ingredients. The person looking after the place says they’ll be back in “about a month”. It’s likely that this is just referring to the fact that the cafe will be open in the full game, but I’ll mention it here for now anyway.

I suspect from the wording that the rest of these may be fixed dates.

Sunhat girl on the Southwest corner of the city is meeting up with a guy who helped her, but she’s 5 days early.

In the Hau’oli City Hall, at the bottom left corner of the room, a man’s Pikachu’s birthday is in 12 days, and he hopes someone will celebrate with him.

On the Pier to the south-east corner of the city, a policeman mentions there’s some shady business going down in 18 days. He wonders if he’ll be able to handle it alone.

Inside the building on the Pier, a girl has to sail away on a ship in 24 days. She hopes you’ll come see her off, because she says she’s a little afraid of boats.

That’s all for now, I’m going to bed. Leave a comment if you found anything else.

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