Destiny Light Level Boosting Caps List

Destiny Light Level Boosting Caps List by mattayers16

Hello fellow guardians! Based off of vast experimentation, I have compiled a solid list of the light caps for each avenue in the game. I figured with the Hard Mode Raid dropping soon that it would be wise to have some sort of guide to get you up to 385 as fast as possible.

Soooo without further ado here we go:

Light Caps for Engrams:

  • Blue Engrams (Encrypted): up to 340
  • Purple Engrams (Legendary): up to 365
  • Gold Engrams (Exotic): up to 387 (tested; 7/10 engrams dropped over 385 light)

Light Caps for Faction Packages: up to 387 (EDIT: gunfromsako has RNG from the gods and pointed this out; more data the better to support his claim)

Light Caps for Activities:

  • Nightfall: up to 389 (Confirmed via multiple sources)
  • Normal/Heroic Strikes: up to 365 (various testing done here)
  • Skeleton Key loot: up to 387 (tbd; needs more tests; dammoooUK confirmed SGD)
  • Archon’s Forge has two different tiers:
    • Class Armor (Marks, Bond, and Cloaks): up to 387(tested multiple characters and times)
    • Armor/Weapons: up to 365 (tested multiple characters and times; verified by multiple users too)
  • Iron Banner has two different tiers:
    • Weekly bounties: up to 387
    • Efrideet’s Questline: up to 389
  • Challenge of Elders: up to 365
  • Wrath of the Machine Normal: up to 385-387 (need to verify)
  • Wrath of the Machine Hard: up to 400 (this is the only confirmed 400 light drops)
  • Crucible: up to 387 (EDIT: thedarkerride confirmed higher than 385 drops waiting on some more sources)
  • Trials of Osiris: up to 389 (EDIT: gunfromsako has RNG from the gods and pointed this out; more data the better to support his findings)

Other Raids hold the same light caps as they did in Year 2.

NB: I will make any edits to this and accept any all feedback. Other than that see you star side Guardians!


EDIT: On the light caps, I have set some of those to the highest reported light since there have been multiple reports of items dropping between 385-389. Until confirmation of the cap is revealed, that is what I will set them at for the time being. THIS IS A GENERALIZATION TO MAKE THINGS EASIER TO REMEMBER, IT IS NOT ABSOLUTE UNTIL THE LIGHT CAP IS SET IN STONE.


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