Destiny Beating Devil Walker Nightfall Difficulty Guide

Destiny Beating Devil Walker Nightfall Difficulty Guide by Flope

Hey guys so I see a lot of people getting interested in the weekly nightfall mission so I grabbed a couple buddies from my raiding clan and we gave it a go. We actually had to wait for one person to hit 25 before starting, which is the lowest allowed level, but after beating it our first attempt we each got a legendary or exotic weapon as well as marks/rep.

I decided to make an in depth video guide on our foolproof* way to beat the Devil Walker boss on nightfall difficulty, accompanied with custom pictures explaining our positions.

Here is the full video explanation of the encounter.

I also know a lot of people on this sub can’t access YouTube or don’t like watching videos, so I’ve posted the entire transcript below.Warning: It’s pretty wordy and lot more easily digestible in video format:

Hey guys it’s Bryan from Cross Coast Gaming and today I’m gonna show you how 3 under-geared nerds managed to beat the hardest content currently available in Destiny. I’m speaking of course about the weekly nightfall strike that is tuned for level 28’s. We decided to have a go at it at level 25, the lowest possible level it will allow you to enter as, and ended up completing it on our first attempt.

I’ve seen a lot of people asking in the comments on reddit as well as this channel how to easily beat the nightfall mission and so i’m here to tell you at least one way that it’s possible.

To start off there are a couple important things to note, first being that as of now the bosses in nightfall seem to only have one variation from their average counterparts which is that their health pool is extraordinarily bigger, the other is that the penalty for all members of a nightfall mission dying is being ejected through the stratosphere back into orbit. these two things together mean that each boss encounter is going to be very, very long as you have to play it super safely and not have anyone in a position where they would be impossible to revive. remember that during heroic boss encounters the only way to come back to life is to be revived by another member of your fireteam.

so I created this little map of our three positions during the devil walker encounter. this screenshot is taken from the position of the boss looking back towards the entrance into the area from inside previous building. the positions marked A, B and C each correspond to a designated area where each member remained during the entire encounter.

Each spot has been specifically thought out and I strongly recommend your own fireteam using the same strategic layout. if you plan on deviating just make sure that no two members of your team are standing within a 10 or so yards of eachother or you run the possibility of both being killed by a single missile from the boss. positions A and B are critical in particular for reaons I will go into right now.

Position A. the first member of the fireteam will take point right behind the snowbank leading up to the abandoned building. the person in position A will have the clearest shot of the boss at all times allowing continuous damage to be done to the devil walker while putting themselves at minimal, but possible risk of incoming laser guided missiles. it is best to have the person in your squad with the most effective weapons at position A. they will also be responsible for periodically killing the captains that jump to the top of the building next to them, labelled here. the captains did not once run from that building over to us but due to the extraordinary risk of nightfall missions and the fact that they were closer to us than any other enemies we felt being overly cautious was the correct approach. of the 15 minute boss fight position A received about 3 laser guided missiles headed his way.

Position B. the second member of the fireteam will stay as far back from any enemies as possible in this corner. they have the heavy responsibility of staying alive at all costs. they will be responsible for reviving the players at position A and C. in this position they also have a small line of sight for them to fire at the devil walker from afar. for us, we filled position B with a member who had invisibility, allowing safer revives, as well as a sniper rifle. it is also possible for them to routinely switch roles with member C depending on the current ammo situation. remember that completely depleting the ammo from all of your weapons will automatically restore ammo to them after a small period of time. of the 15 minute boss fight position B received 0 laser guided missiles.

Position C. the final member of the fireteam will be taking the forward operating position, being the closest to the boss as well as the enemies that guard the center pond. this member will be continuously firing on the boss’s legs along with position A, as well as staying alert for any enemies that may be moving too close to the fireteam. they may be at risk to the sniper in the top floor of the building to the right of the boss. this position may be moved at your discretion as we weren’t completely content with the amount of damage possible compared to it’s relative risk. we chose this spot because we didn’t want any 2 of our members close enough to be killed by a single shot, but still wanted everyone in the same area to allow for revives and role switches. of the 15 minute boss fight position c received approximately 10 laser guided missiles, as well as occasional cannon blasts.

Once you have all of your fireteam members in a position, the boss fight itself becomes very straight forward. simple follow your role and keep wittling down the walker’s health until he finally collapses. there are no tricks or special events here other than maintaining member safety and watching for incoming missiles. after one leg has been damaged enough the boss will fall temporarily and expose his neck for extra damage. try to keep firing on legs that have not yet been broken for maximum damage.

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