Destiny Chest Farming Runs Guide

Destiny Chest Farming Runs Guide by Zippo124

Hey guys I have some video guides for Destiny to share with everyone!

First off, all of the planets and some of their best chest farming runs (These are all on the “Patrol Missions” of the Planets)

1 Earth – As soon as you spawn in from the orbit you will be in the staring location for doing this chest run, from there you will begin from either side and continue in a “figure eight” or two spirals in the two main areas of the “MothYards(Starting Location)”. This run will take you from the start location to what I like to call the “Plane Graveyard” which they are connected by a divider which looks like flood protection I guess, each holding a good amount of chests and with the area being so large and rich in chests they will be spawning in by the time you reach the same area again in your loop. Along the big walls will be chests in rooms, watch out for caves in the center, and chest seemingly hurled over the ledge to make your time harder getting them. Keep searching and you’ll get the hang of Chest Hunting in no time.

2 The Moon – As soon as you spawn you will be in the location for gathering chests, right out of the gate there will be craters along the edge that can hold chests to the right of the spawn area, after checking there continue directly in front from the spawn area down to an area with two caves across from each other, they can spawn chests. After the Caves check the supports all along the big Bridge Thing continuing to the right (Sorry I do not know what it is… But you cant miss it) chests can hide around them. Check along the edges of the area continuing to the back where the Big Bridge Thing ends (Checking under the bridge along the way, with a random building to check in between), hop on top of the Big Bridge Thing and scope in to check all along it as they can spawn all the way down it, from the back of the “Bridge” to the right is another cave to check. Continuing back the way you came but on the opposite side of the area and before the big building complex to the right is another roundish building that you can check before continuing on to the big Complex which has many chest spawns inside and outside of. Then continue the loop for as long as you need, don’t forget to check everywhere for those pesky chests!

3 Venus – From the start location you will take your Sparrow to the left and keep on driving till you reach the EMBER CAVES. Once arriving at the ember caves you will start going right in a loop checking along the edges for caves (Without Leaving the Area) which there are many, while on your journey of cave delving keep checking the center of the area as many of the tall rocks can have chest spawn on top or around them, but stay on course around the loop unless there is a chest in the center, this will save time mucking about. You will then happen upon a Fallen Compound which has chests spawn within the compound, along ledges that are a fair height on the rock wall, in 3-4 caves within the compound and one cave that is in the front before entering (To the left of the entering ramp). After your done messing around with the Fallen exit the base continuing along the edge of the rock wall by jumping off of the base, which there will be a cave directly below. Continue your loop and don’t forget to check the center for those chests hiding in the rocks.

4 Mars – There is a path from the start location that is to the right and left of the buildings along the edge in the sand dunes that should lead right to the Scablands (Much Easier than in the Video). Once at the Scablands, go up to the right of the giant gate at the back of the Scablands, there will be a room to go into that can hold a chest, but these are the places you will be looking for along the entire run. After the first room, jump up onto the gate and turn right to another room after that jump into the area behind the gate to a larger room area that leads underground that can hold a chest. Continue out of the gate and hug the edge to the right hitting up every room along the way until the end at which point you will go down a layer into the trenches area that is further in front of the gate, and then continue in the other direction clearing all the rooms and then continue the loop. This one is a little bit harder to explain, but is the easiest to do and get the hang of, just keep at it and it will come to you.

There are all the readable guides for grabbing your sought after chests, but pictures are worth 1000 words and videos are worth 1000 pictures, writing and reading a guide for farming runs is a tad difficult so here are the video guides as well!

Earth For Spinmetal

The Moon For Helium Filaments

Venus For Spirit Bloom

Mars For Relic IronEasy Route to the Scablands

I am not taking any credit for any of these runs as they have all most likely been put all over the internet and YouTube by now, I am just re-sending the message and hoping anyone who has not discovered them yet will happen across these videos. The More the Merrier.

The other video I have is an in-depth guide with tips on how to get to level 30, and maybe even how to get there a bit faster.

Way to Level 30 Video Guide

Extra – Way to Level 30! – Getting to level 20 is the easy part, and that is a whole other set of tips for the fastest way to level 20 so ill focus on level 30. Once you gain level 20 you will then want to begin gaining “Legendary Engrams” (Not an Easy Task), you can get these said engrams from the Crucible, Strike Playlists, leveling up your reputation, random drops from enemies, weekly and nightfall playlists but it is very rare so the easiest way is to start farming your Crucible and Vanguard marks to buy the gear from them. Once you have your legendary gear you need to upgrade said gear just before using any ascendant shards for the purpose of saving them for your Exotic piece and your RAID SET gear. Speaking of exotic you need to acquire an exotic anything except a helmet since the raid helmet can be acquired only through the hard mode version of the raid, you can obtain your exotic the easiest way by waiting for Xur Agent of the Nine who is located in the tower between Friday and early Sunday, he has an armor piece for each class for 13 strange coins or one type of exotic engram for 23 motes of light. Motes of Light can be gained through leveling up after 20 (EXP not Light) and decoding engrams plus all of the above tasks that were mentioned. Ascendant Shards can be obtained though dismantling legendary gear, all of the above except EXP Leveling and the easiest way is going through the Vault of Glass Raid. Strange Coins can be gained through handing in engrams and all of the listed missions above, but the easiest way is to do the weekly heroic every Tuesday on level 28 to gain 9 strange coins. Now that your squared away, you need to find a group for the Vault of Glass Raid, it is no easy task but I have that solution in the form of DestinyTracker a website you can use to locate people to do the raid with. Now you have to be patient and keep at the raid until you get a full set of RAID GEAR which then you can upgrade using your shards, this armor will give you 30 light each along with your Exotic. That’s it! you should now be level 30. Good Luck!

I hope you guys find these guides and videos helpful and enjoy my content, but until next time have a good one!

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