Guild Wars 2 Bloodstone Current Events Achievement Guide

Guild Wars 2 Bloodstone Current Events Achievement Guide by dulfy

Hey everyone, here is an achievement guide to the new current events achievement added with today’s patch.

Bloodstone Sightings – 5 AP

1. Levvi’d Device

Retrieve this first item for the collection by visiting this location near Wyvern Cliffs in Verdant Brink. Interacting with the Consortium Tracker will give you this item in your inventory. Make sure to interact with the Bloodstone Silver nearby as well to unlock a second collection.

The way Levvi’s Device’s works is that when a creature shows up when you click on the device (everyone will see the same creature), go to the map specific for that creature and start killing regular creatures to help spawn it. So if the detector shows Moa, go to any of the Moa maps and start killing regular Moas to help spawn the Bloodstone-Crazed version. It appears the device will rotate through the creatures in a cyclic manner with a cycle lasting 3 hrs.

Bloodstone Creatures

To locate these creatures, first you need to use the Levvi’s Device and double click it to see what creatures are on the rotation. Then go to the appropriate map and start killing the same creatures to get the Bloodstone version to spawn. Possible spawn locations taken from this thread by /u/delpahz

Bloodstone-Crazed Moa

  • Snowden Drifts, Diessa Plateau, Kessex Hills, Brisban Wildlands
  • Snowden Drifts: [&BLkAAAA=]
  • Brisban Wildlands: [&BFQAAAA=]

Bloodstone-Crazed Devourer

  • Drytop, Silverwastes, Blazeridge Steppes, Fields of Ruin
  • Drytop: East of Repair Station Waypoint [&BJcHAAA=]

Bloodstone-Crazed Arctodus

  • Snowden Drifts, Lornar’s Pass, and Gendarran Fields
  • Lornar’s Pass: [&BCkBAAA=]
  • Snowden Drifts: [&BJIAAAA=]

Bloodstone-Crazed Shark

  • Frostgorge Sound, Bloodtide Coast, and Mount Maelstrom
  • Mount Maelstrom: [&BNUCAAA=]

Bloodstone-Crazed Wyvern

  • Verdant Brink and Tangled Depths
  • Verdant Brink: [&BPsHAAA=]
  • Tangled Depths: [&BMwHAAA=]

Bloodstone Harvest – 20 AP


This achievement grant you the Bloodstone Visage armor skin, which has a pretty neat particle effect with sound. You will unlock all 3 armor weights upon receiving the item.

Bloodstone Creatures

Unlike the Bloodstone Sightings achievement, you actually need kill these Bloodstone creatures

Bloodstone Silvers

Silverwastes, right on the SS Topsy-Turvy.

Frostgorge Sound: Found on Deep and Troubled Waters where the Voice Resides

Blazeridge Steppes: This piece traveled with the current in Craze’s Folly

Brisban Wildlands: Found in Hidden Lake

Verdant Brink: Nested somewhere in the Wyvern Cliffs

Queensdale: Don’t let this disturb those who rest

Harathi Hinterlands: This one overlooks the battle from Overwatch Camp

Rata Sum: Err on the side of caution for this one.

Timberline Falls: If krait had legs..

Mount Maelstrom: Southwest of the Maelstrom Core lies a crack in the volcano

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