Guild Wars 2 Boons to Conditions Conversion Guide

Guild Wars 2 Boons to Conditions Conversion Guide by Cure

Hey everyone!

Almost every profession has a trait and/or skill that converts boons to conditions or the other way round.
But have you ever wondered if that conversion is random or has some kind of pattern?
Has the conversion the same duration as the original that got converted?
Is there a ranking, which determines which boon will be converted first?

Sealclubbers have all the answers!

We took some time with our team during the latest stresstests and tested all kinds of stuff which we want to share with you guys!

Here are some facts about this topic before I present you our full list:

1. The conversion of a boon always results in the boon being converted into its counterpart condition.
2. Every boon/condition has its own duration of 3/5/10 seconds, independent of the original’s duration
3. When you convert boons with the ‘Corrupt Boon’-Ability, you will always create a 3-stack of any stackable condition that results from the conversion.
4. When 2 different conditions convert into the same boon, it will not double this boon’s duration.
5. Converting a condition/boon converts all stacks of that condition/boon, but multiple stacks don’t increase the duration of the result.

Alright, here we go:

Conditions === become ===> Boons (thought has been given to ranking: first conditions will be converted first) ………– UPDATE –

1. Bleeding ….=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Regeneration or Vigor (Necromancer only)
2. Crippled …..=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Swiftness
3. Vulnerability === becomes ===> 3 seconds of Protection
4. Poison ……..=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Regeneration
5. Blind………. === becomes ===> 5 seconds of Fury
6. Weakness ..=== becomes ===> 10 seconds of Might
7. Burning ……=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Regeneration or Aegis (Necromancer only)
8. Immobilized === becomes ===> 5 seconds of Swiftness
9. Chilled …….=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Swiftness
10. Confusion === becomes ===> 5 seconds of Regeneration
Fear ……………=== did not ===> get converted in our tests!

Boons === become ===> Conditions (thought has been given to ranking: first boons will be converted first)

1. Protection …..=== becomes ===> 10 seconds of Vulnerability
2. Swiftness …….=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Cripple
3. Regeneration === becomes ===> 10 seconds of Poison
4. Retaliation …..=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Confusion
5. Fury …………..=== becomes ===> 5 seconds of Blind
6. Might ………….=== becomes ===> 10 seconds of Weakness
7. Aegis ………….=== becomes ===> 3 seconds of Burning
8. Vigor ………….=== becomes ===> 10 seconds of Bleeding
9. Stability ………=== becomes ===> 1 second of Fear

That’s about it!

The things we found most interesting is that aegis becomes burning and that there is a ranking which boon will be removed first.
Sadly we hadn’t enough time to find out if there is a ranking for the removal/conversion of conditions, too, which would be a very important factor in the use of condition removal:
“Those 3 seconds of cripple “protect” the 15 stacks of bleeding ticking on me? I’ll better hold dat removal for 3 more seconds!”
We will definately deliver the ranking for conditions, too, asap! (if there happens to be one)

If you guys like these kind of indepth look at game mechanics and precise tests, keep an eye on posts by Sealclubbers in this forum or simply follow us on Facebook/Twitter (both /sealclubbers) for more exclusive information.



Updated the complete condition conversion ranking!

During our tests an issue with blind occurred: sometimes blind just got removed together with the conversion of another condition and sometimes it was converted to fury as it’s supposed to. That was kinda tricky to find out, because the ranking list wasn’t ready at that point. But in the end we solved the riddle: a conversion of a condition counts as an “attack” or “action” which proccs the blind! That means everytime the target had a condition that had a higher ranking (was removed earlier) than the blind, the game converted that condition first, which procced the blind, resulting in the condition converting as usual (because that action can’t “miss) and the blind just being removed because it did its job. If the target had only blind or blind + conditions that are ranked lower than it, blind got converted to fury. If that discovery and report enlists us in some kind of nerd-award, fine – but that’s german precision, guys!

Concerning Condition-/Boon removal:

After encountering some irregularities with condition/boon removal during the latest stress test, we have decided to hold back on providing you with the ranking of condition- and boonremoval.
None the less, as an appetizer, we want to share with you what may be happening when it comes to removal.
Our tests have indicated that unlike condition- and boon conversion, condition- and boon removal may not follow strict ranking. What this means is, that there may not be certainty in removing conditions and boons, instead each condition and boon has a specific probability (which is ranked) in regards to its removal. So while weakness may have a 40% chance of being removed first, bleed will have a 90% chance (this obviousely only holds true for cases in which 2 or more conditions/boons are present).

We fully intend on delivering the accurate ranking and chance for each of the conditions and boons.
This however will require further testing, as calculating the different probabilities is no easy feat.
With the limited time at our disposal we may not be able to complete this task before the game is released.
However, should we be given the chance by ArenaNet to complete it sooner, rest asured that we will.

Test results will, as always, first be posted on our Facebook-/Twitterpages (both /Sealclubbers)!

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