Guild Wars 2 Acronyms List

Guild Wars 2 Acronyms List by Kamatsu


1 – The number one is commonly used as a sign that you are “ready” while in a group.

1337 – Leet is an alternative alphabet for the English language, using numbers and symbols to represent words.

1H – One-handed; denotes a weapon held by one hand.

2H – Two-handed; denotes a two handed weapon.

AC – Ascalonian Catacombs (dungeon)

Admin – Administrator

AFAIK – As far as I know

AFK – Away from keyboard

Aggro – Aggravate, AI threat level for each player controlled character

AH – Auction House

AI – Artificial intelligence, general term for computer controlled monsters or allies, also refers to the behavior of those creatures.

AKA – Also known as

AL – Armor Level

Alt – secondary character (not your main)

Anet/ANet – ArenaNet

AoE –  Area of Effect

ATM –  At the moment


Ban – To prohibit or deny access.

BBL – Be back later

BBIAB – Be back in a bit

Beta – Trial release meant to test the game and sort out bugs, etc. before the actual release.

Bio – Bathroom break (biological waste)

b/o – Buyout (Purchase immediately)

Bot – Software program designed to do a specific task.

BRB – Be right back

BRT – Be right there

BTW – By the way

CBA/B – Can’t be arsed/bothered

CC – Crowd control. Any ability that impedes movement/alters AI behavior.

CD – Cooldown (skills)

CM – Caudecus Manor (dungeon)

c/o – Current offer.

CoE – Crucible of Eternity (dungeon)

CoF – Citadel of Flame (dungeon)

Core – Fundamental members of a team.


DD – Direct Damage / Damage Dealer

DE – Dynamic Event

Dev – Game developer

DM – Death Match

DND – Do not disturb

DoT – Damage over Time

DP – Death penalty

DPS – Damage per second

E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo

Ele/elem – Elementalist
Eng/engie/engy – Engineer
ESRB – Entertainment Software Rating Board

exp – Experience or explorable mode (dungeon)


FFS – For fudge’s sake

FTL – For the loss

FTW – For the win

FYI – For your information


G – gold

GG – Good game

GH – Guild Hall

GJ – Good job

GL – Good luck

GLF – Group looking for

GM – Good morning or Game master

GTFO – Get the fudge out

GTG (G2G) – Got to go

guard/guar/gua – Guardian

GvG – Guild versus Guild

GW – Guild Wars

GWAMMGod Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (rank 6 of the Kind of a big deal title)

GZ or gratz – Congratulations


HoM – Hall of Monuments

HotW – Honor of the Waves (dungeon)

HP – Hit points; health

HUD – Heads up display


IAS – Increased attack speed

IC – I see

IDC – I don’t care

IDK – I don’t know

IIRC – If I remember/recall correctly

IK – I know

IMBA – Imbalanced

IMHO – In my honest/humble opinion

IMS – Increased movement speed

IRC – Internet Relay Chat

IRL – In real life

J/K – Just kidding


k / kk – Okay

KoaBD – Kind of a Big Deal

KS – Kill steal


LA – Lion’s Arch

L2P – Learn to play

LFG – Looking for group

LFP – Looking for party

LFR – Looking for runner

LMAO – Laughing my ass off

LOL – Laughing out loud

LVL – Level


mes – Mesmer

mf – Magic find

mIRC – IRC client (

MM – Minion Master (necromance with minionskills)

MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Mod – Moderator/Modification to a game or program

Mule – Character designed for storage


N1 – Nice one

necro/nec – Necromancer

NP – No problem

NPC – Non-player character

NTY – No thank you


OH – Off-handed; denotes a weapon held in the off-hand.

OMG – Oh my gosh

OMW – On my way

OBO – Or best offer

OIC – Oh I see

OOC – Out-of-character (usually used in role-playing)

OP – Original Post/Opening Poster OR overpowered

ORLY – Oh really


PBAoE – Point Blank Area of Effect

PC – Price Check or Personal Computer or Player Character

PEGI – Pan European Game Information

PK – Player kill

PM – Private Message

PoI – Point of Interest

PoS – Parent(s) over shoulder.

pub: public game in pvp (hot-join)
PUG – Pick-up group

Pull or Lure – Aggroing (drawing attention) a controlled amount of mobs.

PvE – Player versus Environment

PvP – Player versus Player

PvX – Player versus Anything

QFT – Quoted for truth

QQ – Crying


r/b – Reserve bid

rang/ran – Ranger

rdy – Ready
Re – return or reset

res/rez – Resurrect

RNG – Random number generator (outcome based on luck)

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing

Roll – To create a new character

RP – Role-play


s/b – Starting bid

S/D – sword/dagger

SE – Sorrow’s Embrace (dungeon)

sec – Give me a second. Often in response to ‘rdy?’

SM – Stonemist (WvW)

Smod – Super moderator

sPvP – Structured PvP

SS – Screenshot

STFU – Shut the fudge up


TA – Twilight Arbor (dungeon)
TBH – To be honest

thf – Thief
THX – Thanks

TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read

Toon – A character

tPvP – Tournament Structured PvP

TS – Teamspeak, a voice chat program (

TTYL – Talk to you later

TY – Thank you

TYT – Take your time

TYVM – Thank you very much


UI – User interface


Vent – Ventrilo, a voice chat program (


war/warr – Warrior
WASD – The directional movement keyboard keys

-way – A suffix used to denote a team build, and usually follows the primary skills or professions in that build.

WB – Welcome back

WC – Wrong chat/conversation

WP – waypoint

WRU/WHORU – Where are you? or  Who are you?

WTB – Want to buy

WTF – What the fudge

WTS – Want to sell

WTT – Want to trade

WvW – World versus World (versus World)


XP or EXP – Experience


YT – You there?

YW – You’re welcome


Zerg – Refers to any game tactic that involves taking a lot of characters or playable units and overwhelming the apposing player before he or she is ready. A pop reference to the RTS game StarCraft.

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