Black Desert Online Alchemy Getting Skilled 5 Guide

Black Desert Online Alchemy Getting Skilled 5 Guide by Phytes23

Hey everyone, now that Alchemy Stones are in the game, a lot of people have been asking me how I leveled up my Alchemy from beginner 1 onto skilled 5 and beyond. Therefore, I’ll be making a quick guide so that you too can start crafting your own Alchemy Stones.

The Beginning


This site has a lot to offer. For Alchemy, we’ll be looking at the Alchemy Recipes page and the Quests page.

The Alchemy page is pretty straight forward. You can see the list of reagents for every craft, and you can filter by skill level and even by the effect provided by each craft.

On the quest page, we will be filtering with the word, Alchemy. This will shorten the number of quests we see. From here, you should see 12 pages of quests. Not all of these will be relevant, but this brings the number of total quests we see to a manageable number. The quests that are important on this page, are the ones whose Quest rewards give Alchemy Skill Experience. These are the quests you want to focus on.

Things to understand before we start

A lot of the Alchemy quests are unlocked via quest chains. The database site has a great way of telling you which quests you need to complete. Some of the chains have you start off collecting wood, sap, blood etc etc. These quests may seem annoying, but trust me, the alchemy quests are a must have when you start to get to apprentice and above. The amount of exp they give, compared to alchemy crafts, is to high to pass up.

Quest Chains

There is one quest chain that is an absolute must

These 2 quests, and 2 other quests, given by the same NPC’s are unlocked via a long quest chain, that will take a few hours to complete, but you’ll be rewarded with 4 daily quests, that give ~20-30% of an Alchemy level per quest at Skilled 5 ranking. Considering crafts net 1-2% skill exp, this will save you a lot of time.

When navigating the database site, just continue to click the “Quest Requirements; Finished Quest:Quest Name“. This will allow you to see all of the prerequisite quests. Follow the chain from the beginning and you’re good to go. You can follow this method for any of the quests that grant Alchemy Skill experience. I don’t have a list of all of them, but this should help get you started.

Anything I should do before I get started?

Power leveling to Apprentice 1 is recommended before you start doing quests. A lot of the chains require you to be apprentice 1, and this can be achieved pretty easily. To achieve this, just craft Pure Powder Reagents and Clear Liquid Reagents.

Note With Wild Grass, you CAN sub Weeds. (Something I found out today..)

Power leveling to apprentice 1 with this method is beneficial because you will use these reagents in future crafts.

Well that’s nice and all, but how do I even craft something with Alchemy?

All you need, is a residence, and an Alchemy Tool, which can be purchased at a general goods (where you buy potions) for 5,000 silver. Place the Alchemy Tool inside your residence and you’ll have a workbench window come up with 5 slots in which you can put reagents. Simply put 1 crafts worth of reagents in the slots, and hit Create or Continuous Craft. If you hit create, you will use all of the materials in the slots, and a result will return. If you hit continuous craft, the number window will show up, and you can put in how many times you’d like to use the same reagent setup. Be mindful, that you DO NOT want to put all of your materials in the alchemy station slots. This will consume them in 1 craft. For example, if I have 10 Wild Grass, 10 Sunrise Herb, 10 Salt and 10 Purified Water. I will put 1 of each in the Alchemy Slots. Hit Continuous Craft. Set the Value to 10, and hit okay. This will use 1 of each reagent per craft, and will do 10 total crafts. If you put 10 of each reagent in the alchemy slots, you will consume all 10 of each reagent into 1 single craft, yielding unexpected results.

I’m apprentice, and the quest chain stopped. I can not get the next quest, do I need to reach skilled?

Most likely, but I don’t remember, I was Skilled 1 when I founded these quest chains, but if that happens, it’s probably the case. I made hella Experience Elixirs to power-level through Apprentice. You can do the same, or make different types of Blood. Sinner’s Blood is used in Alchemy stones, along with pure powder reagents and clear liquid reagents, so making a large amount of sinner’s blood wouldn’t be a bad idea.

As noted by muffin24909

Olvia is the place to go for getting experience from Alchemy Dailies. This should be what you’re making for all of them. If you do the two sap dailies in Olvia, you will get all the sap you need for dailies as well as a decent chunk of gathering experience. I’ve gained the majority of my experience to Professional 8 so far from casually doing alchemy dailies.

Metal Solvent

Plywood Hardener

Leather Glaze

Gem Polisher

Elixir of Seal

Pure Powder/Liquid Reagent

Elixir of Homeostasis

Clown’s Blood

Tyrant’s Blood

Oil of Tranquility

Oil of Regeneration

The last two here have gotten fairly expensive to make. The materials for everything else is pretty easy.

Final notes

Make sure you drink Sute tea, and if you have life exp scrolls, popping them would make it less of a headache – especially if you’re buying all the mats to level up.

Awesome, I’m skilled 5, tell me about Alchemy Stones

Sorry, I haven’t crafted one yet, but everything I know is from:

Good luck and have fun!

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