Black Desert Online Horse Guide

Black Desert Online Horse Guide by GunerX

How to Catch a Horse

Note that there are no specific locations for “types” of horses. Each spawn area can spawn any of the 4 wild horse types, it can spawn only 1 horse, or it can spawn multiple horses.

How to Level a Horse

To level up your horse you have to ride it around. I personally just keep going from Olvia to the Southern Guard Camp and back again. 1 Round trip costs around 4000 stamina and gains around 26000 exp.

How to Get Horse Armor

Certain stable’s have shops and will sell you basic horse armor. Most of these shops require a certain friendship level to purchase the armor. Velia Stable Shop

Other armor can be crafted and has better stats than the store bought armor. To craft these you must first buy the Horse Armor Crafting House Hidel. Once you’ve done that, get the required materials to make the armor piece you want and put it in your Warehouse, now send your Workerto craft the item. The finished item will appear in your Warehouse.

How to Get a Better Horse through Breeding

Comment from ChunChun

Not sure if you mentioned, but horse lvl matters too. For example: if you breed lvl 10 t2 horses, you will get 100% a t3 horse. If you breed lvl 20+ t2 horses you will get a t3 or t4, and so on. Breeding lvl 30 t4 horses will give you a chance for a t7 ( last tier ) horse. Also the number of deaths the horse has matters too.

And you can hurry up the process of breading with cash-shop pearls ( 13 I belive for each breading ).

EDIT: Breeding lvl 1 horses has a chance of 70% to result in a horse of the same tier as its parents.

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