Black Desert Online Alchemy Guide

Black Desert Online Alchemy Guide (Beginner to Skilled) by mckerrow

Beginner to Apprentice

First, we need to get from Beginner to Apprentice.

You’ll want to make the following 2 recipes to level up. Both will give the same Alchemy EXP but the reagent you make is useful when you continue levelling. As I’ll explain when we get to Apprentice and higher you want to grind these equally so you have good stock of both. I ended up with 100+ of each. It would be tempting just to go for one and make the mats simpler but you use them both about equally.

Pure Powdered Reagent

*Wild Grass or Weeds x 1

*Purified Water x 1

*Sugar x 1

*Silver Azalea x 1

Clear Liquid Reagent

*Wild Grass or Weeds x 1

*Purified Water x 1

*Salt x 1

*Sunrise Herb x 1

Wild Grass and weeds can be gathered by hand from bushes or from the Marketplace. Weeds are usually to be found in high volume, less so on Wild grass. 100 Energy will net you about 200 weeds overall and some other herbs. You’ll pickup both Sunrise and Azalea from random bushes. I managed about 10 of each from the 100 energy.

Sunrise herb can be farmed from the node north of Velia next to Cron Castle (

There are two Silver Azalea nodes to the west of Heidel along the road( Note when you are at Lynch Farm Ruins there is a second node which can be unlocked for 35 energy. It will allow a worked to excavate the ruins. It says Altar Imp’s Broken Trumpet but in actual fact you will also get Trace of Savagery which is needed later and you should start getting this as you can.

Sugar and Salt can be purchased from the cooking vendor for 50 silver each. Make sure you buy the right ones, not the sun-dried or other sugar. Just “Salt” and “Sugar”.

Purified Water can either be bought from the Marketplace or from gathering water from a river (not the sea) and using processing to thin the water. This is quite energy consuming, you need to spend both on the gather and the processing. Unfortunately it can be quite expensive when buying lots so using an alt is a good idea. There is a river right to the east of Velia (

Once you got all your stuff go find a residence, buy it with contribution, then go to the general goods vendor and buy yourself an alchemy tool. Place the alchemy tool in the residence and you can start crafting.

Place all the ingredients into the pot AND MAKE SURE YOU ONLY PUT 1. SERIOUSLY. If you accidentally put 100 of something in and choose make you will make 1 thing and lose the other 99. Seriously, don’t screw it up. If you want to make as many as you have choose continuous and select how many.

Keep going until Apprentice. Congrats.

Apprentice to Skilled

This time we’re going to get your Alchemy from Apprentice up to Skilled. Remember that I told you to keep the powdered and liquid reagents in the last step? We need them to continue so hopefully you did. If you didn’t or you are just jumping in to the guide here and didn’t keep them go back to my Beginner guide to see what you need to make.

Right, so before we get into the Alchemy we need to get some nodes going. Alchemy uses Traces of <something> a lot in our recipes and we’re going to need some to progress. Unfortunately the ones we need are rarely in the Marketplace and when they do they sell as fast as they are listed. Getting your own nodes going makes a big difference. We don’t need a lot of Traces for the next step but having your own supply makes this a lot easier (and cheaper) and in the long run they can be a steady source of income. They are always useful to an Alchemist.

First node we need is the Ancient Stone Chamber. It’s South West of Velia and requires 3 connecting nodes. Connect this node. You’ll get crap from the Excavation but also Traces you need. You’ll be lucky to get 1-2 Traces of each per run and you need 3 per day so have the node running as soon as you can.

Next another Excavation node, this time West of Heidel. Remember in the last guide when I told you to go get the second node at Lynch Farm Ruins? Well if not you need to invest 35 energy at the node manager to unlock it. Get a Heidel worker on it to get Traces coming in. (it’s the second node, not the Azaela one in the image).

Lastly the next node is a good walk. Down south next to Glish is the Glish Ruins. We need another worker on this node to get Traces. Set it up and have the worker on it to complete the set.

Now that’s done we can get on with doing some Alchemy. For getting to skilled we’re going to do the Alchemy quests in Olivia (the starting town in the game, west of Velia). There are 6 quests you can obtain from NPCs that ask you to craft alchemy recipes in exchange for some nice tasty Alchemy EXP. You can get all the way to skilled just doing these quests, it takes about 3 days to do so. You can grind on the recipes instead if you wish rather than waiting but you’ll need to drop a good bit of materials extra to do so, it’s your call.

Edit: Someone linked me this video which was much better than the written description I had. Follow his guide to pick up the quests. He talks about another you get from a Seed Vendor but I couldn’t get that one (it doesn’t matter anyway):

You should now have 6 Alchemy quests that require you to make recipes and hand them in for your Alchemy EXP. We’ll get the EXP from crafting too so they work out great. I’m going to go through the various nodes you need in less detail, they are much easier to find that the Traces.

Make each of the recipes as below and keep the resulting product somewhere safe for you to hand-in once you are all done.

Metal Solvent

3 x Melted Iron Shards – Obtained from Processing Iron Ore by heating (15 ore needed). There is an iron node to the west of Velia (Coastal Cave) on the shore (and another one more to west at Coastal Cliff). You can buy the shards or the ore at the Marketplace.

4 x Rough Stone – Obtained from manually mining stone nodes. You can find lots of Felspar around the Coastal nodes you use for your Iron. You need to do this yourself, Workers won’t mine stone. It is often at the Marketplace. You need 4 a day so just make one trip at the start.

1 x Clear Liquid Reagent – You made this in the last guide. If not see the link at the top of the guide to go back and make it.

2 x Traces of Savagery – You get this from your Lynch Farm Ruins node you setup before.

Gem Polisher

1 x Pure Powdered Reagent – You made this in the last guide. If not see the link at the top of the guide to go back and make it.

4 x Processed Coal – You can make it by Heating 5 Coal. There is a coal node at the Keplan Quarry, directly north of Keplan. Both Coal and processed are available at the Marketplace readily.

6 x Purified water – See my previous guide on these. Also purchasable from the Marketplace.

2 x Traces of Origin – The expensive Traces. This comes from the Glish Ruins node you setup before.

Leather Glaze

1 x Clear Liquid Reagent – You made this in the last guide. If not see the link at the top of the guide to go back and make it.

2 x Powder of Darkness – Comes from rocks you mine and from Iron nodes. I get plenty of this from my workers collecting Iron. Easily obtained on Marketplace.

3 x Maple Sap – Easily gathered from trees around Velia or Olivia. Buy a fluid collector, equip it and gather on trees to get the sap. You can buy from Marketplace but is often sold out.

3 x Traces of Ascension – Comes from the Ancient Stone Chamber node you setup before.

Plywood Hardener

1 x Pure Powdered Reagent – You made this in the last guide. If not see the link at the top of the guide to go back and make it.

4 x Fir Sap – Get this from trees like the Maple Sap in the Leather Glaze Recipe. Firs are the pointy trees.

3 x Bloody Tree Knots – These are a pain. They are a rare drop from gathering tree timber. I just buy them from the Marketplace, they are 5K silver each but it’s the most expensive thing in your recipe list and a worthwhile investment (see later :) )

3 x Traces of Earth – These come from the Ancient Stone Chamber you setup earlier.

Elixir of Hemostatis

1 x Pure Powdered Reagent – You made this in the last guide. If not see the link at the top of the guide to go back and make it.

1 x Ash Sap – As per the earlier saps.

1 x Cloud Mushroom – There is a node for these at Glish Swamp but they are around 70 silver on the Marketplace. Just buy ’em.

3 x Purified Water – See my previous guide on these. Also purchasable from the Marketplace.

Elixir of Seal

1 x Birch Sap – As per the earlier saps.

4 x Wolf Blood – Obtainable from using a Fluid collector on the corpse of a Wolf. There are wolves just north of Velia, on the way to Cron Castle. Sometimes available on the Marketplace but often not.

5 x Purified Water – See my previous guide on these. Also purchasable from the Marketplace.

3 x Dwarf Mushroom – As per the Cloud Mushroom, there is a node at Northern Cienaga but they are also around 70 silver from the Marketplace

So that is the recipes. Make 1 of each of all, being careful with your recipe machine. I like getting Olivia 6-1, right in front of the Storage Manager for my crafting residence.

Once you’ve made them all, go around and hand in all the quests and get your big fat pay day in Alchemy EXP.

Now check your bags. See how all the things you made are still there? That’s right, the quests were to make, not hand in. You now have all the things you made from your quests to either use or sell. The price for all the things at time of writing on my Server (Jordine EU) is 190K silver. The Plywood hardener goes for 100K on it’s own (not so much of an issue spending the 15K on the bloody tree knots now right?).

That’s your day done. You can come back the next and do that all again but hopefully you bought all the Materials for 4 days instead of just 1, right?

Keep doing this till you hit Skilled 1. If you are really impatient you can make any of the above recipes repeatedly, depending on mats and such as per your liking.

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