FIFA 16 433(4) Formation Guide

FIFA 16 433(4) Formation Guide by kcbh98

The 433(4) has been a very popular formation since its birth in Fifa 14. I used this formation a lot back then, because it was excellent for through balls down the wing and crossing. In Fifa 15, I stopped using it because overpowered pace meant it could be counter-attacked very easily. Having grown used to narrow formations, I also did not use the 433(4) until the most recent patch (1.05). I had been using the 4321, and while I had won Division 1 6 times with it before the patch, it just didn’t feel as good. Every game was a high-pressure fest in midfield, and I lacked any space to pass or dribble. After losing and drawing several games to the 433(4), I decided to try it out and made these teams:

The game was instantly more enjoyable. I actually had space to pass the ball, and wasn’t constantly being hounded in the midfield. I quickly learned that through balls are now extremely effective, and I have been scoring MUCH more. Something I think I am pretty good at is cutting in from the wing, and the 433(4) is excellent for this. Since switching to 433(4), I have won Division 1 twice with a record of 16-1-0.

Let’s start with what you want for each position:

GK: The 433(4) is a very counter attacking formation, so ideally, you’ll want a goalkeeper with the long throw trait to start your counter attacks quickly.

Ideal: Neuer, Courtois

Mid-Tier: Cech, IF Navas

Cheap: Handanovic, Begovic (doesn’t have long throw, but is insanely OP)

Fullbacks: 73+ pace (but the faster the better), decent strength, good marking and tackling. You are going to need to jockey with your fullbacks a lot, so make sure they have decent agility and are good at standing tackles. Good dribbling and passing is also nice, because even if you instruct players to stay back while attacking, they will still make forward runs so you might as well make the most of it.

Ideal: Alaba, Marcelo, Alba, IF Lahm

Mid-Tier: Azpilicueta, Walker, Danilo

Cheap: Zabaleta, Tremoulinas, Lichtsteiner

CBs: Post-patch, you’re going to want 70+ pace because of the increase of the effectiveness of through balls. Other than that, the usual. 79+ defending and physical, with passing good enough that they’ll be able to start a counter attack.

Ideal: Ramos, Silva, Boateng, Chiellini

Mid-Tier: Kompany, Otamendi, Koscielny

Cheap: Manolas, Jesus, Miranda, Bonucci, Vertonghen, Mangala

CMs: These guys are extremely important, as you should be doing most of your defending with them. You’ll need to manually bring them back on defense to jockey the player with the ball and intercept passes by reading passing lanes. You want a player with H/H, H/M, M/H, or M/M workrates, with 60+ defending, 75+ shooting, 75+ dribbling, and 80+ passing.

Ideal: Vidal, Modric, Pogba

Mid-Tier: Nainggolan, Marchisio, Schweinsteiger

Cheap: Pereyra, Banega, Gundogan, Moutinho, Fernandinho

CAM: This guys is probably going to score as much as your striker, so make sure you use someone with a good finesse shot and fairly high finishing (You might notice that I use Kagawa in one of my squads, but I need him for chemistry and while he has shit shooting on his card, he actually averages two goals per game for me atm). This is a position where it’s probably smart to use a striker with decent passing, just to ensure you have a player that can score at this position. You want a player with H/M or H/L workrates, with 75+ pace, 85+ dribbling, 73+ passing, and ideally 75+ finishing.

Ideal: Rooney, James, De Bruyne, Di Maria, Ibra, Suarez

Mid-Tier: Griezmann, Lacazette, Coutinho

Cheap: Mertens, Eriksen, Teixeira, Menez

Wingers: They need to be fast so you can counter quickly and effectively. 88+ pace ideally. They also need to be excellent dribblers and solid finishers, because they will be involved in a lot of scoring chances. Good passing is nice too, because you want their layoff passes to be accurate.

Ideal: Ronaldo, Messi, Robben, Neymar, Hazard, Sanchez, Reus, Ribery, Bale

Mid-Tier: Douglas Costa, Cuadrado, Willian, Sterling, Depay

Cheap: Konoplyanka, Schurrle, Mirallas, Bellarabi, Carillo, Shaqiri

ST: You will also need pace in this position, because they’ll be making a lot of runs. You want a player with 80+ pace, 80+ dribbling, and 80+ finishing. H/L or H/M workrate is ideal.

Ideal: Suarez, Aguero, and any of the ideal wingers on 7 chem

Mid-Tier: Tevez, Lacazette, Benzema, Griezmann, Aubameyang

Cheap: Ben Yedder, Fekir, Menez, Dybala, J. Hernandez

Now for the instructions:

Wingers: Cut inside, get in behind

ST: press back line, get in behind

CAM: default

CM: More defensive CM should stay back while attacking, other default; or both default

Fullbacks: Stay back while attacking

CB: Default

Custom Tactics:

Build up play

Speed 75
Passing 50

Chance Creation

Passing 70
Crossing 40
Shooting 70
Free Form


Pressure 65
Agression 50
Team Width 50

This has been my 433(4) guide, if you have any questions just leave a comment. If you want, you can check out my 4321 guide here.

EDIT: Current Squad:

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