FIFA 16 4321 Formation Guide

FIFA 16 4321 Formation Guide by kcbh98

Like a lot of you, I really struggled when I got to division 1. I played 7 seasons in D1, only managing to hold each season with 14-18 points. This was frustrating, because the last few months of Fifa 15, I was winning the title almost every season I played. I was using the 41212(2), and while it’s good for certain things, it didn’t really fit my playstyle. I switched to the 4321, and made these teams:

Squad 1

Squad 2

I instantly went 8-0-0 in Division 1. (Proof)

Here’s a breakdown of what you want for each position:

ST: Pace is not as important here. You need an excellent finisher with good dribbling, preferably one that can also hold up the ball.

Ideal: Ibrahimovic, Suarez, Lewandowski, Benzema

Mid-Tier: Muller, Costa, Higuain, Jackson

Cheap: Van Persie, Balotelli, Dempsey, Jovetic

LF/RF: This is where you need a bit of speed to create chances, but the most important statistic here is dribbling. I use a lot of L2+R2 dribbling, and my LFs and RFs are the ones I use it with the most. Decent passing is also important. Your LF and RF are basically a second and third striker, so look for good finishing and good curve for finesse shots.

Ideal: Messi (duh), Ronaldo (oh rly), Hazard, Neymar, Sanchez, Reus, Robben, Bale

Mid-Tier: Konoplyanka, Candreva, Hulk, Douglas Costa, Pedro, Depay

Cheap: Nani, Perisic, Shatov, Tosic, Promes, Vela

CM: Don’t go for a player that is pure attacking or pure defense. Well rounded is the way to go. You’re going to be doing a lot of defending with these guys, so try to get someone with at least 55 defense. Passing is the most important statistic. Shooting is important as well, because at least a couple of your CMs should be part of the attack. You’ll find your CMs popping up in goal scoring positions, so you want someone that can finish in the box and/or strike it from 20+ yards out.

Ideal: Pogba, Kroos, Vidal, Toure

Mid-Tier: Marchisio, Pjanic, Fabregas, Schweinsteiger, Rakitic, Nainggolan

Cheap: Gerrard, Parejo, Banega, Moutinho, Parolo, Lulic, Pereyra

Fullbacks: Same as most other formations. In Fifa 16, I would rather have a 75 pace full back with 80 defense and 80 physical than a 90 pace full back with 75 defense and 70 physical. However, some players like Jordi Alba are very fast and have decent defending, so that obviously works too. Being able to dribble and pass is also important for fullbacks, because most people play high pressure so you’ll be pressured in your own half a lot.

Ideal: Dani Alves, Danilo, Marcelo, Alaba, Alba

Cheap: Lichtsteiner, Zabaleta, Pisczeck, Walker, Coleman,

Darmian, Baines, Tremoulinas, Filipe Luis

CB: Also the same as other formations. My perfect CB has 60+ pace, 80+ defense, 80+ physical. Good passing is nice, but not required.

Ideal: Chiellini, Boateng, Ramos, Silva, Kompany

Mid-Tier: David Luiz, Hummels, Otamendi, Godin, Naldo, Pique, Koscielny, Pepe, Barzagli, Bonucci

Cheap: Manolas, De Vrij, Koulibaly, Perrin, Abdennour, Musacchio, Glik, Sakho

Here are the instructions I used:

ST: Get in behind, press back line

LF/RF: Get in behind, press back line

CMs: You want to have one CM stay back while attacking and one get forward, leave the third one on default

Fullbacks: Stay back while attacking

CBs: Default

Any other questions, just leave a comment. Hope this helps.

Custom Tactics

Build up play

Speed 70
Passing 35

Chance Creation

Passing 70
Crossing 40
Shooting 70
Free Form


Pressure 65
Aggression 50
Team Width 50

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