FIFA 15 How to Beat 5 Defenders Guide

FIFA 15 How to Beat 5 Defenders Guide by gameof_trolls

Hey everyone! I’ve been playing the FUT Birthday Cup quite a bit and I’m seeing a lot of 5 defender squads. I just wanted to make a guide on how to beat these annoying formations (just beat two in a row to win the cup).

First off, I generally play a 4-3-3 (4). When I see a 5 defender formation, I switch to a 4-2-3-1 formation, but any 4-5-1 formation should work. The reason this is important is because in any of the 4-3-3, your wingers are really high up the pitch which makes it easy for the LWB and RWB to cover.

Now the second step is to go into instructions and tell both CDMs to stay back while attacking. Five defender formations usually depend on turnovers in possession leading to counter attacks and having two guys sitting back really helps with defending those.

Next thing to do is to understand that passing the ball back and switching the ball (crossing to the other side of the midfield) is a viable option. These will open up tons of room for your players. Five defender formations means that there is one less person in the midfield/attack. Which is why you want to stack the get more options to pass and keep possession longer.

Don’t be afraid to keep passing until you find an opening. Five defender formations want you to run straight into the wall of CB’s and turn it over, but you’re too smart for that. Pass it back and find the open man until your opponent gets frustrated and pulls his CB’s out of position. This is when you want to start telling your striker to make runs.

This style of play isn’t flashy and you probably won’t score a ton of goals, but it definitely works and is worth trying if you find yourself struggling.

The formations you’ll be going up against are 5-3-2 and 5-2-3.

The 5-3-2 keeps everything in the middle which means your LB/RB and LM/RM will be open. When they pull a ST to cover your RB or a midfielder to cover a RM, you should find that a space in the midfield has opened up and then just make the easy pass.

The 5-2-3 has on two players in the midfield which means that you will have all sorts of options to pass the ball around (more midfield passing, less passing back to defenders).

My last important tip is when making a pass, look around and see where you want your next pass to go. One touch passing will absolutely devastate this formation. Also, don’t be afraid to dribble into space and force your opponent to come cover you.

TL;DR- Frustrate your opponent by keeping possession and make him/her pull their defense out of position.

Thanks for reading!

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