Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Builds For Raids

Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Builds For Raids by NexusSC

Hey guys, since i got asked multiple times about which builds i am using on mesmer, i decided to share them with you. I don’t want to make a full guide with this, but still explain a few things. Before i show the builds, i want to show some basic quickness-stacking rotations.

1. Rotations

The Mesmer Rotations has 4 main parts, being:

  • Get up 3 Illusions
  • F5 – TW – Well of Action (WoA) – Tides of Time (ToT) – Well of Recall (WoR) – Well of Eternity (WoE) – Signet of Inspiration (SoI) – F5
  • WoR – WoA – ToT – WoE – SoI
  • Wait for CD: WoA – ToT – WoE – SoI
  • repeat

I will show 2 rotations in short videos, the first one not using a Sigil of Concenctration, the second one doing so.


  • All build require a Glint/Mallyx revenant that keeps up Facet of Nature for you.
  • All builds have approximately the same alacrity uptime, thus i am not gonna talk about that in this post.

2. Chronobunker

Used for: Vale Guardian

This build already has been posted my many other players, i just wanted to include it. I personaly run it with commander gear and the Domination traitline, but adding knight trinkets to a berserker armor and/or using a different traitline works as well.

3. Party-Quickness-Chronomancer

Used for: Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Sabetha, Fractals of the Mist

This build focuses on giving your party (+1) permaquickness while dropping as less damage as possible (10% scholar and nourishment). The Illusion and Chronomancer traitline are mandatory for this build to work, the 3rd line can be switched depening on the situation making this build relatively variable.

The build only requires Chronomancer-Runes and Spring Rolls, making it pretty cheap to get, thus it is the perfect starting point for any chronomancer that has a low budget.

Gameplay: Gorseval, Sabetha

4. Raid-Quickness-Chronomancer

Used for: Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Sabetha

Required: Sigil of Concenctration

This build focuses on giving as much quickness as possible to your entire raid (80-90% uptime), but therefore drops personal dmg. It additionally requires a party with only you and one revenant.

5. Raid-Quickness vs. Party-Quickness

Both builds work very well in raids and give your party or a raid a good quicknessuptime. In general the Raid-Quickness build looks better, but it also causes some problems:

  • Teambuffing is flawed by the way buffs like EA and Banners work
  • Your quickness-application is RNG based

These problems lead to the fact, that on one hand fights where your team is spread out (Gorseval) favours the Party-Quickness build and on the other hand fights where you stack a lot (Sabetha) favor the other one. Addditionally using Focus and Shield Offhand favours the Raid-Quickness build, cause your personal damage, without Swordsman, is low anyways.

6. Summary

Mesmers are very viable in Raids and are important for quickness-application. Depending on the situation, different builds shine, making it impossible to give the best build so far (it most likely already changes with team-setups). Nonetheless i wanted to share some basic builds i am using myself, as well as a cheap build, that works very well.

I hope that helps a few people in deciding what they want to run on their mesmers. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or ingame. (IGN: Mareika)

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