Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Unkillable Build Guide

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Unkillable Build Guide by Carrioncrow

Nearly Un-kill-able in a 1v1, even’s out in a 2v1 (where it comes down to players skills) and 3v1 you die slowly.

These video’s are a little early in the BWE so still learning the class. Near the end I turned into a crazy angry magical ninja by utilizing all the combo fields to stack some sick benefits. I ended up converting five people just from SPvP into Elementalists as their mains.

Video 2…


The build works off of having synergy between the cantrips, regeneration and vigor. So lets break it down so you can understand what exactly is making this guy so tough to bring down.


10 Points in Earth for 80 Toughness while in Earth Aspect, and Getting Armor of Earth at 50% HP (every 90 secs) Pretty self explanatory here. But there is a clear reason why I am taking this as opposed to putting 10 points into Air to get (5% percision converted to healing)

One is that the 5% precision converted to healing only works out to be about 50 healing, not all that great. And Two the first battle you encounter is typically the hardest fight. Both teams are pushing heavy and the moment you hit 50% hp it triggers armor of earth giving you Protection and Stability. (Also remember it’s a Cantrip so you get more)


30 Points into Water gives us the majority of our healing and the synergy itself.

10 points in we get Cleansing Water ( Remove a condition every time you give regeneration to yourself or an ally)

20 Points in we get Soothing Disruption (Cantrips Grant Regeneration and Vigor)

30 Points in we get Stop drop and Roll (Remove burning and chill conditions) – This ability used to be a lot better and just flat out removed A condition so this ability is kind of wishy-washy and you can easily take Cantrip Mastery for 20% cool down on all Cantrips. Either or works just fine.

This is further expanded upon with the Arcane Skills


10 points in we get Final Shielding ( Gain Arcane Shield at 25% hp) – I don’t see a cool down attached to this even though I am sure there is one. This means in those situations where you dip down low in HP it prevents 3 ranged attacks to buy you time to get back on your feet.

20 points in is one of thee most important with Elemental Attunement (Switching Attunements you gain Might for fire, Swiftness for Air, Protection for Earth and Regeneration for Water)

30 points is the real cherry on the top with Evasive Arcana (Create a spell at the end of Dodge Roll: Fire-Flame Blast, Air-updraft, Earth-Shockwave, Water-Cleansing Wave)

So that means:
Every cantrip – Grants Regeneration and Removes a condition and gives you Vigor (For dodging)
Every Heal – Grants Regeneration and Removes a Condition (Runes of Dwayna)
Every Heal in Water – Grants Regeneration x2 and Removes x2 conditions
Every Time you switch to Water Attunement – Grants Regeneration and Removes a Condition
Every Time you Dodge while in Water – You remove a condition.
5% Chance of gaining Regeneartion when hit(Runes of Dwayna) – Removes a condition

Always start in Air Attunement:

Drop a Swirling Aura to cancel any ranged openers on their part (Bola comes to mind)
Use Gale to knock a target down

Switch to Fire – Gaining Might
Drop a Phoenix on them while they are still down (Removing 3 conditions and gaining vigor)
Drop a Dragon’s Tooth on them (Dragon’s tooth isn’t quick enough to usualy hit them before they get up and move which is why you tag them with a Phoenix first)

And honestly the damage of these two attacks are pretty pitiful, but most people see Red AOE’s and they instinctively try and jump out of the way. Dosn’t matter if it does rinky-dink damage.

Cast Fire Shield on yourself
If your not getting hit hard at this point build up some stacks of fire on them with Flamestrike (Every stack u put on them is 1k burning damage)
Lastly before switching out of Fire Drop a Flamewall

Switch to Earth – Gain protection
Cast Stone Sharks through the Flamewall until the Flame wall goes out (Stacks both bleeds and more burning)
Put up Rock Barrier (Try not to use this ability as the extra armor helps a lot more than the damage from throwing the Barrier at them)
If you have conditions or taking Ranged Damage on yourself pop Magnetic Wave
If you are below 60% HP Pop Obsidian Flesh
Dodge roll into your opponent triggering Shockwave (Immobilze them for 3 secs and stacks like a 2600 dmg bleed with x6 stacks of bleeding)

Switch to Water – Gain Regeneration
Cast Water Trident on yourself if you need to heal
Cast Shatterstone
Cast Freezing Gust
Cast Comet
Cast Shatterstone again
Dodge roll if you need to remove anymore conditions
Use heal if need be to gain more regeneration and condition removal

Switch to Air – Gain Swiftness
Cast Blinding Flash

Back to the top to Rinse Wash Repeat.

The high toughness, healing and condition damage should see you though any encounter.

This is a very fun and very addictive build.

Peace out

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