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Guild Wars 2 Necromancer Information by CMEPTb

A necromancer is a practitioner of the dark arts who summons the dead, wields the power of lost souls, and literally sucks the lifeblood of the enemy. A necromancer feeds on life force, which he can use to cheat death or bring allies back from the brink.

A necromancer feeds on death and decay. Life force is the energy that a necromancer uses to extend his own life. Using specific skills, a necromancer builds up life force by attacking and killing enemies. Rather than going into a downed state when he runs out of health, a necromancer automatically activates the Death Shroud ability. A necromancer can continue fighting in the ghostly Death Shroud form until he either runs out of life force or he gets a kill, rallying back into his own corpse.”

Wells are persistent spells that allow a necromancer to control the area around him. Created at the necromancer’s location, wells affect targets within the skill’s range. Well of Blood, for example, applies a regeneration boon to all allies within it. A necromancer can only have one well skill active at any time.

The necromancer summons undead minions to attack foes and do his bidding. Every minion-summoning spell has an associated secondary spell that appears after the minion has been summoned. This secondary spell destroys the minion while providing a powerful effect to the necromancer. For example, necromancers have a healing skill called Summon Blood Fiend that creates a minion that heals its master while it attacks. After the minion has been summoned, the Summon Blood Fiend skill is replaced by the skill Taste of Death, which allows a necromancer to destroy the minion to gain a larger amount of health.

Necromancers can also place marks – ground-targeted spells with a variety of potent effects. For instance, Mark of Blood damages enemies while placing a regeneration boon on nearby allies. Marks will trigger after a set period of time, but a necromancer can always trigger their marks on command by hitting the skill again.

Necromancers use a condition not available to any other profession: fear. A removable condition, fear makes an enemy flee directly away from a necromancer for a short period of time. For example, a necromancer can use Doom to instil fear in a single target.



Power: Increases attack.
Precision: Increases critical hit chance.
Increases defense.
Increases maximum health.


Prowess: Improves the damage multiplier on critical strikes.
Improves the damage done by conditions like burning, poison, confusion, and bleeding.
Improves the duration of all conditions inflicted by the character.


Concentration: Improves the duration of all boons applied by the character.
Improves all outgoing heals that your character does, including self heals.

Necromancer Exclusive

Hunger: Increases the size of the necromancer’s life-force pool.


Light Armor



Use powerful attacks to tear enemies at close range.

Rending Claws
Ghastly Claws
Feast of Corruption


(Main Hand)
Steal an enemy’s health or life force at close range.

Necrotic Bite
Life Siphon
Dark Pact

Provides support, either by weakening foes or damaging them while healing allies.

Mark of Blood
Unholy Feast


Make the enemy vulnerable then blast them with accumulated life force.

Spinal Shivers


Provides a good mix of long range offensive spells.

Grasping Dead
Deathly Swarm


(Aquatic Weapon)
The spear is a close quarters aquatic weapon.

Cruel Spear
Barbed Spear
Crippling Grasp
Reaper’s Scythe
Deadly Feast


Long range spell casting weapon which emphasizes AoE support via use of conditions.

Necrotic Grasp
Reaper’s Mark (Also used as an Initiator in Cross Profession Skill Combination)
Reaper’s Touch
Putrid Mark


(Aquatic Weapon)
The trident is a long range magical aquatic weapon.

Crimson Tide
Foul Current
Sinking Tomb
Frozen Abyss


Summon a swarm of locusts or daze enemies with the wail of the horn.

Wail of Doom
Locust Swarm

Death Shroud

Death Shroud
Death Shroud can be entered by choice at any time. This results in the skill bar being replaced with a different set of skills. The duration of Death Shroud is linked to life force. While in Death Shroud the necromancer is immune to knockdowns

Dark Path
End Death Shroud
Life Blast
Life Transfer

Death Shroud (underwater)

Dark Water
Draw Conditions
End Death Shroud
Life Blast
Wave of Fear


Downed Skills
Downed skills are skills exclusively available to a player in the downed state. So far, every profession revealed has 4 downed skills including ‘Help Me!’.


Life Leech
Fetid Ground


Help Me

Downed Skills (drowning)
Drowning skills are skill exclusively available to a player in the drowning state. So far, every profession revealed has 4 drowning skills, including ‘Help Me!’.


Feeding Frenzy
Death Curse
Life Leech


Help Me


Utility skill is a term used to describe the skills that fit in the three non-specific slots on the skill bar. They consist mostly of profession skills, but some racial skills are utility skills as well.

Healing Skills
A healing skill is a skill that occupies the 6th skill slot on the skill bar. All healing skills restore health and some may grant additional benefits. Using a healing skill interrupts the execution of other skills. Healing skills should not be confused with skills in other skill slots that can heal. On general note; only skills that can be allocated to the 6th skill slot on the skill bar are considered healing skills.


Consume Conditions


Summon Blood Fiend


Well of Blood


Blood is Power
Corrupt Boon
Poison Cloud (Also used as an Initiator in Cross Profession Skill Combination)


Spectral Armor
Spectral Grasp
Spectral Wall

A minion is an undead servant created by a necromancer skill. A minion has a fixed amount of health and damage, which seems to be linked to the level of the necromancer, and will stay alive until damage destroys it which allows it to be re-summoned. Removing the skill from the skill bar destroys the minion as well.

When a skill to summon a minion is activated, another skill in sequence becomes available. These skills enhance minion’s attacks or destroy the minion to cause additional effect. This also limits the number of minions summoned to those created by a single activation of each minion skill. A minion skill is like any other utility or healing slot skills, there are no special prerequisites such as corpses required to activate it.

Bone Fiend

Bone Minions

Shadow Fiend

Summon Flesh Wurm

Signets are a skill type that have a passive benefit while equipped in the skill bar and that can be activated for a greater effect. After activating the signet the character will not benefit from the passive effect while the skill recharges. All known signets are utility or healing skills.

Signet of Spite
Signet of Locust
Plague Signet
Signet of Undeath

Wells are a necromancer skill type that cause an effect in the area around the caster. A necromancer may only have one well active at a time.

Well of Corruption
Well of Darkness
Well of Power
Well of Suffering


A form is a skill that allows the user to temporarily become something else. While transformed, the user gains a variety of new abilities such as increased damage, a different skill bar, or invulnerability.

Lich Form
Assume the form of a lich for a brief time.

Become a virulent cloud and inflict multiple conditions on foes you touch.

Flesh Golem


Trait Calculator Tool

Necromancers have (5) five traits lines:
Death Magic
Blood Magic
Soul Reaping

Characters earn 1 trait point from level 11 to level 80, giving 70 trait points total. One is able to max out 2 and 1/3 or their trait lines at one given time. Traits are divided up by Minor and Major Traits. Minor Traits contain an Adept, Master, and Grand Master trait in each trait line. Traits affect attributes, skills, and weapons.

The attributes are tied into the following Necromancer traits:

Spite: Power and Expertise.
Precision and Malice.
Death Magic:
Toughness and Concentration.
Blood Magic:
Vitality and Compassion.
Soul Reaping:
Prowess and Hunger.

One is able to have the base Adept Trait, the base Master Trait, the base Grand Master Trait, and (3) Major traits under one trait line at the same time.



Parasitic Bond
You gain life when ever you kill something.

Death into Life
Power is converted into Healing.

Grand Master
Siphoned Power
+90 Power under 25% health.

Axe Training
Extra damage with Axe skills.
Signet Power
Each non-recharging signet adds attack power.
Death’s Embrace
Deal more damage while downed.
Spiteful Talisman
Increase Focus range.
Chill of Death
Cast Chilblains at 25% health.
Spiteful Spirit
Gain Retaliation when entering Death Shroud.
Death Shiver
Apply Spinal Shivers to enemies near you when entering Death Shroud.



Barbed Precision
Critical hits cause bleeding.

Furious Demise
Gain fury when entering Death Shroud.

Grand Master
Target the Weak
Increase damage for each condition on a foe.

Deep Breath
15% Warhorn cool-down reduction.
Spectral Attunement
Spectral skills have longer durations.
Lingering Curse
Conditions from scepter skills last longer.
Withering Precision
Chance to cause weakness on critical hits.
Reaper’s Precision
Gain Life Force when you do a critical hit.
Toxic Landing
Create a poison cloud when you take falling damage.
Your fear does damage.



Chance to summon a Jagged Horror whenever you kill an enemy.

Protection of the Horde
You gain 20 Toughness for each minion summoned.

Grand Master
Deadly Strength
10% of your Toughness is given as a bonus to Power.

Dark Armor
Gain armor while channeling.
Flesh of the Master
Minions have +60% more health.
Close to Death
Deal +10% extra damage to enemies below 50% health.
Evasive Animation
Summon a Jagged Horror when you dodge roll.
Staff Mastery
15% reduced staff skill cool-down.
Training of the Master
Minions deal 30% more damage.
Fast Marks
Faster Mark placement.
Greater Marks
Increased area of marks.



Vampiric Precision
You steal life whenever you deal a critical hit.

Deathly Invigoration
Area heal when you leave Death Shroud.

Grand Master
Blood is Power
+90 Power while health is above 50%.

Vampiric Rituals
Your Wells also steal life.
Focused Rituals
Wells become ground targeted.
Vampiric Master
Minions steal life and transfer it to you.
Ritual of Life
You create a well of blood whenever you resurrect [sic] an ally.
Life Transfer heals nearby allies.
Life steals are more effective.
Dagger Mastery
15% reduced dagger cool-down.



Life Force fills faster.

Last Gasp
Gain spectral armor at 25% health (60 second cool-down)

Grand Master
Strength of Undeath
Gain more power based on how much Life Force you have, up to +100.

Speed of Shadows
Move faster while in Death Shroud.
Foot in the Grave
Gain stability while in Death Shroud.
Unyielding Blast
Life Blast pierces.
Near to Death
Death Shroud cool-down is reduced by 50%.
Reaper’s Blast
Life Blast does more damage.
Path to Midnight
Dark Path recharges 25% faster.
Master of Terror
Fear you cause lasts 50% longer.
Vital Persistence
Life Force drains slower while in Death Shroud.

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