EVE Online Deep Space Probing Exploration Guide

EVE Online Deep Space Probing (DSP) Exploration Guide by Kirra_Tarren

Hello, and welcome to my guide to Deep Space Probing! If you find any grammatical errors in this, feel free to inform me.


1. Deep space probing?

Deep space probing is basically sending out only one probe at max range (32 AU, 64 for combats) and using it to figure out what’s in the system. Most people thought it was removed along with the removal of ‘Deep Space Probes’ in the Oddysey expansion, but it still works as of today with normal probes.

2. Resources

For this guide I’ll be using SwiftAndBitter’s deep space probing sheet, and tripwire. http://swiftandbitter.com/eve/dsp/wormhole.html https://tripwire.eve-apps.com/

3. To business, Wormholes.

Using this technique, you can easily find the wormhole static you are looking for in one tenth of the time it might normally take you. Using tripwire you can figure out which static your wormhole has. For the examples that I will be using here I am in a C4 wormhole, looking for the C4 (X877) static.

First step is to determine your scan strenth. Do this by going to your fitting window and clicking ‘Show charge info’ on your probe. Then fill what you find in at the ‘Probe sensor strength’ bar.

Second step is to launch a single probe at max range in a place where it covers all of the signatures in system.

Third step is to scan, and hide all the sigs that do not match what you are looking for. Since I am in a C4 wormhole looking for the C4 statuc, I look it up in the chart. According to that the scan should return a ~0.7 ping result. As you can see the only sig that returned 0.7 is YVY, so I hide all the others and go to work on this one. And there it is.

4. Another example

The C4 I just jumped into has a c4/c3 static according to tripwire. Looking on the chart, I see that they should return ~0.7 and ~1.0 pings, respectively. Also, it has 26 fucking sigs. After the sweep of my makeshift deep space probe, there only remains 3 possible signatures for the C4 static, and 11 (out of 26!) for the C3 static. Since I was looking for a K-space exit at the time, I go for the ~1.0 ones by hiding all the others.

5. Deviation

Or: Why combat probes at 64 AU are better than cores at 32.

Depending on the range to the signature, your skills and the signature’s strength, the ping results may vary a bit, as you can see in my last picture. While the signature should return 1.0, it will sometimes return 0.9, or rarely 1.1 if you are very close to it. It is best to take that into account when sorting through the results.
6. Combat exploration
This technique is not only useful for finding wormhole statics, as you can see here all the DED sites in nullsec also have their own signature strength and ping results. Using this you can rapidly cover lots of systems when looking for particular DED sites. This also works for lowsec and highsec combat exploration.

That’ll be all (for now). If this guide greatly cut down your scanning times or increased your exploration isk/hour, donations are welcome!

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