EVE Online Soloing in Faction Warfare Guide

EVE Online Soloing in Faction Warfare Guide by Meridius Dex

  1. Find a system that is occupied by the enemy but not contested (or several systems in a cluster)
  2. Scan for a bit till you pop up a plex that can take your ship size
  3. Warp to the beacon
  4. Wait

If you are Amarr you won’t have to wait too long for one of the Horde to find the system. He (or she) will spot you in local and the fact that there is a plex. They will then start looking for you. Assuming a reasonably competent enemy they will soon have you on scan at the plex in a ship that may enter said plex.

At this point, several things can take place.

They might warp to the beacon to see if you are inside the plex. As you are at the gate, not in the plex, this gives you the opportunity to kill them with the advantage that you can be set up at optimal ranges and ready for them.

They might simply report you in Militia chat and be on their way.

They might report you and wait for backup before warping to the gate.

The reason for picking an uncontested system is that there is then no benefit to the defenders if they complete the plex… they get no VP or standings bonus so will quite often just ignore it. If you get blobbed simply move to another system and repeat the process and come back later. If they decide to complete it then it ties some of them up to do so.

The alternative is to do a similar process in your own occupied territory. In this case…

  1. Find a quiet contested system.
  2. Find a suitably sized plex and this time enter that plex.
  3. Drop a can with a BM or 1 unit of ammo or whatever at the warp in point.
  4. Approach the beacon and run the timer for a while (may as well while you wait).
  5. Wait for some enterprising enemy to find you and warp into the plex.

In this case you will have the NPCs on your side as well. The can is so you can see where the enemy will come in and you can use it to set up the right ranges and so on when someone approaches the complex.

There is plenty of ways to get small scale PVP in FW if you want it; just stay away from your own blobs and run/hide from the enemy ones.

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