EVE Online Gallente Militia Guide

EVE Online Gallente Militia Guide by Mekhana

Managed to salvage the guide from the new forums. Thanks for the help of CCP Spitfire and CCP Guard! The guide is still in construction. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Militia Speak:

Squids = The Caldari. Direct all pew pew and local smack talking towards these guys
Minnies = The Minmatar are great allies and they never turn down a good fight
Pie = Pirate
Eyes = A pilot with visual confirmation of a fleet’s composition and/or destination. Also called a scout. There’s also the Cloaky variety.
Cloaky = A ship with a cloak.
+1= The pilot that stays one jump ahead of the fleet for scouting purposes.
Long point = Warp Disruptor
Scram = Warp Scrambler
Fleet Tackler = Properly fitted Ares or Stilleto.
Points hot = Prepare to point target
Hold Point = Do not point. Generally for interceptors and frigates to avoid aggression and jump after the target.
Force him through = One person should point the target and force the target to jump through the gate.
Secondary Point = Indicates another fleet member has pointed the target. This also means the person that had the initial point is clear do disengage.
Gate Flare = When the gate lights up due to activation or a new player entering system, used when the fleet is expecting a target
Gate is hot = The gate has hostiles
Deagress = Cease aggression. Generally used when you or the fleet is planning to jump out of combat.
Yellowbox = Locking/Being locked
Redbox = Attacked/Attacking
Comms = Ventrilo, Teamspeak
Battlecomms = Alternative way of telling people to shut up
Intel = Information regarding a system or targets. Comes in the good and bad variety.
Friendly Intel = Is intel regarding a friendly player or fleet. Avoid doing this at all costs. If in doubt, best zip it.

“Primary is X” – All combat ships, fire on X.
“Secondary is Y” – All combat ships, lock Y and prepare to fire on him when the primary dies.
“Check!” – “Shut up and let me speak”. Usually called by the FC, but occasionally by other fleet members who have important intel.
“Check, check!” – “I called check once, and you haven’t shut up yet. Seriously guys, shut up”
“Jump on contact” – “I want you to jump through the gate as soon as you come out of warp”
“Hold on gate” – “Don’t jump through the gate”
“Get to optimals” – “Move off the object we’re sitting on until it’s at the edge of your weapon’s optimal range”
“Get safe” – “Something’s gone wrong. Get to a station or a safespot”
“Regroup on X” – “Use the fleet menu to warp to X”
“Local is popping” – “People are jumping into the system, get ready”
“Spread points” – “Pick a random enemy and warp disrupt him”
“Bio break” – “I’m going to the toilet”
“Hi, my name’s Andreus Ixiris, I’ll be FCing” – “Hope you have insurance”

Celestial object – Planet, station, stargate or beacon. Something that can be warped to either via the overview or the right-click menu.
D-Scan – Directional scanner. Can detect the presence but not the location of ships within any distance up to 14.9 AU.
Safespot – Any location that cannot be warped to either by the right-click menu or the overview. These are usually made by bookmarking a location while you’re in warp.
Deep safespot – A safespot so far from any celestial object that ships sitting there can’t be seen on d-scan. Usually made by a series of complex warps between safespots, or a safespot made in the middle of a very long warp.
Logi – Logistics. Can be actual T2 logistics cruisers, or ghetto T1 cruisers. They provide remote shield, armour, energy or tracking assistance and keep their fleet alive.
EWar – Electronic warfare. Interferes with enemy firepower.

Important Systems:

Dodixie: The Militia’s favorite location for quick shopping. Pricing of modules can be from competitive to ridiculous sometimes. Ships are generally overpriced and are better bought elsewhere. However you can get very good prices if you search the contracts for pre-rigged ships.

Squids make occasional raids this deep. If you’re in the militia there’ll generally be about two or three WTs constantly sitting idle in the Federal Navy station. Exercise as much caution as you would anywhere else.

Villore – Your last stop before low sec. The system also has some useful things for sale if you can’t get to Dodixie.

Even though it’s hi-sec, it’s not safe. Caldari are infamous for launching hi-sec raids on it. Treat it as being just as dangerous as any FW low-sec system.

Old Man Star – Generally your next jump. I strongly urge you to not jump into Old Man Star from Villore unless you are in a fast ship or have done some reconnaissance beforehand. The system generally can go from dead to World War 3 in a split second or vice versa so rely on fresh intel.

Heydieles – The nerve center of the Gallente Militia. Generally where you’ll find the bulk of our pilots, unless we’re out in fleets. If you are looking to get some action, this is the right place. Although we generally have control of the system, its not usual for large blobs to make their way there. A major alliance dropping a titan in front of the station? Nothing out of the ordinary. I recommend making an insta warp for your new home at M19. It will save you a lot of ships. Surprisingly you can buy very conveniently priced things here too.

Abune – Generally the fleet’s first destination. Abune and Oinasiken are primarily major baiting grounds, so don’t expect to get a lot of 1v1s here unless you’ve been around for a while and know to pick your targets. The entire pipe is infamous for the eagerness of both sides pilots for easy kills and its not out of ordinary for twenty people blob on a frigate in a slow day.

Tama – The Squid equivalent of Old Man Star, except people here don’t expect us and don’t know us very well leading to some fun fights.

Enaluri – This is Squid Land. Either expect a very big fight or for them to stay docked up. A good opportunity to train your local smack talking skills.

Keep in mind:

1)We are severely outnumbered at the start of the day as most of the pilots and fleet commanders are asleep or have a life.

2)We generally don’t care much about plexing unless we want to annoy the hell out of people. However if this is your thing we do have some very dedicated pilots for you to fleet with if you manage to gain their trust.

3)Caldari and Amarr NPC navies will attack you in their respective high sec systems. They will not point you but will web and neutralize your capacitor. Their deadliness is dependent on the security of the system. 0.5 lowest to 1.0 as highest. Keep in mind Gallente and Minmatar navies will also engage you if your security rating isn’t suitable for that location. I also strongly recommend AGAINST docking in these situations, unless you are in a very fast ship.

4)Concord space tends to be popular space for ganks. Combat between FW pilots there can happen uninterrupted.

5)High sec is no longer safe for you. Avoid going AFK even there, especially outside gates or stations.

6)Squids geranally only engage if they are sure they will win. Plan accordingly.

1)All pvp and low sec advice also apply to factional warfare.

2)Listen to the Fleet Commander if you want to win.

3)Even if you can only fly something small, we’ll be more than glad to have you fighting along side us.

4)All the Fleet Commanders have different tactics and tastes when it comes to fleet composition and combat. Becoming familiar with your militia and your enemies is a great way to succeed.

5)Join a corporation! The NPC corp is generally mistrusted. This will open many doors to you.

6)The Militia channel is full of trolls and Squid alts. Take advice and intel there very lightly.

How to join a fleet:

All currently available fleets to you should be in the fleet finder or you’ll either need to click the fleet link in chat or x yourself up. You’ll receive invites or get accepted at the fleet commander’s discretion. It is advisable to ask the ship types the fleet is in or what the fleet requires. If the fleet is too far away from your location it is encouraged for you to avoid flying in something slow.

You’ve joined a fleet – what to bring?

1)Something you can afford to lose.
2)Something you find fun.
3)Remember that even in a fleet of battleships, frigates are still useful.
4)Something that doesn’t make the lossmail terribly embarrassing for the rest of your career.
5)A ship that is not stabbed.
If the fleet has logistics it is strongly encouraged to bring ships with tank of the same type though the fleet generally doesn’t turn down any kind of help.

Intelligence – the key to victory:

The militia does not function without intelligence. You are strongly encouraged to report suspicious activity, targets of opportunity or anything worth of mention to your fleet or the rest of the militia. You are clear to report intel on the enemy at your own discretion unless told otherwise. Friendly intel is giving out information about a friendly or fleet. This should be avoided at all times.

Good things to train:

Work on your core skills
Work on your preferred tanking method skills (Armor or Shield)
Preferred racial frigate to 5
Both preferred racial guns light to V, then specializations to 4
Preferred cruiser trained to 4
Preferred medium guns trained to 5, then specializations to 4 (If Gallente start on T2 scout, ECM and T2 medium drones now)
Interceptor, Assault Frigate and Steath Bomber trained (Minimal Torpedo and Target Painter training) to IV
Train Battlecruisers to 4
Train for T2 Scout Drones, ECM Drones
Work on advanced turret or missile control certificates
Spread your training into the other race’s ships, preferably into something your current skills would compliment best
Train on the alternate tanking method
Train for ships that compliment new method
Train for Battleships

You’ll meet many people across your stay in EVE and is always important to set standings towards the people you meet. If you are in a corporation you’ll already have standings automatically set toward certain people, corporations and alliances. You should ask for your corp about their standings policy. You should however set your own personal standings to people and if warranted report this person to your corporation so all members are more aware of this person.

Overview settings: How to make a warzone a lot less confusing!

A properly set is very important. Not only it will help you sort through your targets better will also avoid accidents such as friendly fire.

Open your overview settings and uncheck these options:

Pilot is in your alliance
Pilot is in your corporation
Pilot is in your militia
Pilot is in your fleet.

Your overview will only display pilots that are either neutral or aggressive towards you now. In case you want to see your comrades on your overview you can make a new tab with these options checked and other options unchecked. A quick way to inspect the fleet you are with. Don’t be shy to make as many tabs as you’d like. I personally use a ‘Travel’, PVP, Drones, Fleet and Mission tabs. Using your PVP tab while directional scanning with active overview settings check will make it less confusing as well. You can optionally also uncheck targets that have good standing to you or your corp.

In large fleet fights you can also optionally turn the brackets off. This is apparently the major cause of lag of many pilots in our big fights. Additionally you can arrange the overview by things like pilot name and ship type on the fly, very handy when the fleet commander is calling targets! Even with your PVP tab its very handy to have a celestial to warp to in any situation. Experiment and customize as much as you want. A proper overview you are comfortable with is as important as a properly fit ship.

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