Clash of Clans TH5 Attack Strategy Against TH6/7

Clash of Clans TH5 Attack Strategy Against TH6/7 by CursingWithCurtis

Hello fellow Clashers!

I have been experimenting with my TH5 and TH6 alt bases the past few weeks and have found a 3 star consistent attack strategy at this level which can even 3 star TH7’s if done correctly! Veteran players may / may not already do this, but this strategy guide is great for newer players!

Video of this strategy in action

The army comp you want to go with (assuming you have maxxed army camps)

  • 10x Barbarians
  • 20x Archers
  • 26x Balloons
  • Clan Castle = 3-4x Hogs
  • 2x Heal Spells (I’ll explain why 2x heal later)

Hogs are the key to this attack and must be at least level 4, the attack is doable without hogs, it just makes it slightly harder. Take Giants / Wizards if you have no access to Hogs! Start the attack by always luring the enemy CC with your Barbarians as far away from any structures as possible, then ring the enemy CC troops with your archers (if it’s a Dragon, space your Archers out as to not lose multiple Archers to the AOE damage)

Then to the closest point of reaching the enemy AD send your remaining Barbarians / Archers to clear the buildings, your Barbarians should set off any spring traps and bombs that lie in wait and soak the damage for your Hogs. Send your hogs in and follow them with 1-2 heal spells if needed (only 1 should be needed) then go clockwise around the base with your Balloons with what I call the3-4-3 strategy 3 Balloons for Archer Tower, Cannon, Mortar and 4 Balloons for Wizard Towers (add 1 more per wave if you feel 3-4-3 will not be enough) use 2nd heal spell if needed, and this will dominate the base.

Why 2 heal spells bro? Sometimes, you have a bad clash day, you can be forgetful, complacent or your might screw up during an attack (which happens) the 2 heal spells serves as a insurance plan!

  • If hogs all die before getting to the AD – 2x heal your Balloons!
  • If you don’t have hogs for enemy AD – 2x heal your Balloons!
  • If VS’ing a TH7 – You need the 2x heal!
  • Most enemy CC’s (specially in war) always have Dragons, so Lightning is pointless!
  • Generally if something goes wrong, you have 2x heals to keep your Balloons up long enough to annihilate a base!

Thanks for reading my post, I believe the video serves as a much better guide and definitely worth taking a look at, and again this is a great attack to learn for newer low level players and could even be good for some veterans for their alt base attacks.

I can say I have had a good 95% success rate with this attack during Clan Wars and overall raiding, the only times it doesn’t work is when I completely screw up. This attack is more consistent than Wiz, Giant, Healer combos at this level, and will get you them much deserved stars! Thanks again for reading my post, if you have any questions or criticism I would like to hear them!

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3 Responses

  1. unknown says:

    check the capacity needed, it comes yo 160 th 6 only gets 150 max army camps

  2. alexlor says:

    th5 does not have heal spells, it can only get 1 lightning spell

  3. Ahmed says:

    This is TH6 attacking TH6/7. Not TH 5 attacking TH 6/7. Please make one for TH5 attacking max TH 6/7

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