Clash of Clans X-Formation Base Designs

Clash of Clans X-Formation Base Designs by Ervin

I made a successful base design which compiles most of the strategies to make a successful base. Originally I wanted to call my base X-CORE, but Goodguy called his bases X-CORE or it would be copyright!

These are the following features of my base.

– Almost completely unlurable (If not, unlurable) Clan Castle
– 80% Staggered Junctions
– Funneling (Strong against Giants!)
– Well-placed Splash Towers and Air Defenses (Triangular Position)
– Easy to customize
– Well protected Hidden Teslas (almost centralized!)
– Symmetrical Layout
– No Weak Sides
– Well spread storages (Lose less!)
– And it looks very bawse!

My first variation of [X-FORMATION] (Farming Mode), Add the spring traps in the empty walls

This was my base after the loot update, it worked extremely well in allowing those Town Hall Level 9 full-fledge attacks to only steal 1 gold storage (100k)! No joking!

If you want to see the other types of X-FORMATION, scroll down.

Vault Mode of [X-FORMATION] (Farming)

This vault was my base before the update, with the teslas in the core. However, I slowly realised that putting in the Teslas in the core brought the downside of the vault (and it became weaker to Giants).

Vault Mode of [X-FORMATION] with better triangulated defenses

Also, a Labryinth version of [X-FORMATION]

I was reading Toby’s post which made me interested in Labryinths. I tried to create my own, and it worked!

[X-FORMATION] (Hybrid Mode)

My hybrid base was great in a Trophy Hunt, as it prevented the many two star attacks. I used this base in my last trophy hunt, as well as a Town Hall Level 8 Version of Junliang’s Diamond Defender.

[X-FORMATION] (Transformer Base Design Low Trophy Level Hybrid)

Ahh… My transformer base… Took me a long time to create this base. Mostly because I did not have enough walls. However, I thought due to the difference of walls, I could make one where traps would do a lot of damage to the Giants, just if you have enough Gold to Re-Arm all the traps.

[X-FORMATION] (Transformer Base Design Higher Trophy Level Hybrid)

As my trophy level went up to 1600, the attacks went from Lvl 5 troops to Lvl 6! The Wizard Towers strengthened the core, but it was easier to lose a gold storage. Well, there isn’t any perfect base and I should be happy with my results!

[X-FORMATION] (Transformer Base Design Trophy Hunting Mode)

As you get higher in trophies, the number of air attacks rises, so Air Defenses must be more centralized. to minimize the damage to your base. In a trophy hunt, you will not need to care about resources (except maybe Elixir?), so they will be used as tanks.

[X-FORMATION] (Transformer Base Design Farming Mode)

In farming, protecting the resources is the most important, so dump your Town Hall unguarded, and people will only snipe the Town Hall (hopefully) and your resources are safe. You can exchange the Clan Castle with the Dark Elixir Storage when your Dark Elixir is low.

Hey! What about a Town Hall Level 7 base?

I created an untested Town Hall Level 7 farming [X-FORMATION]. It may not look cool, but that is what I can make.

Please help me test it with the results.

I am not experienced in Town Hall Level 9 yet (I’m still 8), but I have created a Town Hall Level 9 Transformer Base for the future and I hope someone would be kind enough to test and give me a screenshot of it in a village.

Here are the following features of the base.

– 100% Staggered Junctions
– Anti-Giant Spring Traps (Funneling)
– Square Formation defenses (Air Defenses, Wizard Towers etc…)
– Wizard Towers covering the storages
– Easy to transform into Trophy and Farming Mode

Without further ado, I present you the Town Hall Level 9 version of [X-FORMATION]!

I hope you enjoyed my base design guide. Please comment of what do you think of my base.

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