Helldivers Perks Guide

Helldivers Perks Guide by alirezahunter888

Again we have 4 tiers: DEMOCRACY (Very Good),GOOD,MEH,BAD

Laser Module: Adds a laser to the side arm and the primary weapon (Not the heavy weapon though!) Extremely useful when used on snipers! These weapons need this perk: Punisher,Camper,Rail Gun,Paragon! It also shows the maximum range of the weapons so you know if your bullets are gonna hit the enemy or not! When you equip this try to hit enemies in the center because it’s the reason that you use this perk! (GOOD)

Stun Grenades: Replaces your normal grenades with stun grenades that stop enemies for 5 seconds! Not very useful when compared to other perks! It’s good as a early game perk! (MEH)

Heavy Armor: Increases your health at the cost of slower movement! The health increase is not really noticeable but the movement penalty is! It’s probably the worst perk in the game because it has a penalty! (BAD)

Stratagem Priority: Probably the best perk in the entire game! Decreases the stratagem cooldown time by 40%! It’s not noticeable on stratagems with low cooldowns but it’s extremely noticeable and useful on stratagems with long cooldowns (Such as shredder missile) If you’re a person with offensive stratagems pick this! (DEMOCRACY)

Cardio Accelerator: Increases the running speed! It’s really noticeable when compared to helldivers without this perk! Best used on sample runs and +10 missions! It’s very underrated so give it a try! (DEMOCRACY)

MD-99 Auto Injector: Increases the health regeneration a lot! It also decreases the number of X tap when you’re down! Very useful when you’re a guy with the healing gun! (GOOD)

Smoke Grenades: Replaces the normal grenades with the smoke grenades that block the line of sight of patrols and other enemies! Not very useful compared to the other perk! It’s more like a novelty perk! Fun to use but not useful to use (MEH)

Incendiary Grenades: Replaces the normal grenades with incendiary grenades that make a temporary orb of fire! Not very useful compared to other perks! (MEH)

Displacement Field: Best perk after the Stratagem Priority! When you equip this perk you see a yellow ring above your head! When you’re going to get seriously damaged your helldiver teleports a few feets away from the dangerous place! For example it’s very useful when a Council Member hits you with is OHK orb! Or when Behemoths rush at you! (DEMOCRACY!)

Strong Arm: Increases the throwing range of grenades and beacons! It’s so useless because after you equip this you throw the grenades your beacons where you don’t want! Probably one of the worst perks in the game! (BAD)


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