Helldivers Weapons Guide

Helldivers Weapons Guide by alirezahunter888

We have 4 tiers: DEMOCRACY (Very Good),GOOD,MEH,BAD and i also indicate what’s the best faction to use this weapon against!


P-2 Peacemaker: Your first and only sidearm! Fires in bursts when maxed and it also gets armor penetrating rounds! Runs out of ammo very fast and it’s one handed ! (All rounder.GOOD) Assault Rifles:

AR-19 Liberator: First weapon you get in the game. Moderate magazine capacity and damage. You must fire it in small burst to avoid spread!Good when used in 1-5 difficulty missions but not useful in the later of game! When maxed it also gets a bayonet that makes melee deal more damage but also makes it slower (All rounder.MEH)

AR-22C Patriot: Very high rate of fire and moderate damage! High magazine capacity! Gets a bayonet when maxed! (Illuminate>Cyborgs>Bugs.DEMOCRACY)

AR-20L Justice: Very high damage + armor penetrating rounds + Unstoppable rounds makes it one of the best weapons in the entire game! Slower rate of fire than Liberator and Patriot! It’s better to use it like a semi auto weapon!(Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminate.DEMOCRACY)

AR-14D Paragon (Hazard Ops Pack): Modified old rifle that fires in burst when upgraded! The best trait of this weapon is neurotoxin rounds! It makes the enemies slow and damages them overtime! Insane accuracy but it runs out of ammo very fast so don’t forget Resupply!(Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

Light Machine Guns:

MG-105 Stalwart (Demolitionist Pack): Insane ammo capacity and moderate rate of fire! Lacks armor penetrating rounds against bugs! Best used in range!(Cyborgs>Illuminates>Bugs.GOOD)

Sub Machine Guns:

SMG-45 Defender: One handed! Medium magazine capacity. Armor penetrating and mini stun rounds! Low rate of fire compared to it’s brothers :D Best used as a support weapon! (Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.MEH)

MP-98 Knight: Insane rate of fire + high magazine capacity + armor penetrating rounds + mini stun rounds makes it one of the best weapons in the entire game but it lacks long range! One handed!(Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

SMG-34 Ninja (Commando Pack): Medium rate of fire + armor penetrating rounds + high magazine capacity! It also has very high stability, it means you don’t need to fire it in bursts! It lacks ministun rounds!(Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.GOOD)


SG-255 Breaker: Fully automatic shotgun with unstoppable and armor penetrating rounds! Runs out of ammo extremely fast! Kills teammates fast! Medium spread cone! (Illuminates>Cyborgs>Bugs.DEMOCRACY)

SG-8 Punisher: It doesn’t have magazine, it means no ammo waste but long reload times! Extremely narrow spread cone! Deals very high damage when hits the center of the enemies! Best used with a laser sight! Needs alot of skill to use! (Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

DBS-2 Double Freedom: It has fire rounds and very fast reload! One handed when maxed and the fire damage can kill armored enemies! (Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

Sniper Rifles:

LHO-63 Camper (Ranger Pack): Semi Automatic sniper rifle with very high damage! Laser Module is needed! Hitting enemies in the center deals a very high damage! (Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

RX-1 RailGun: Unusable without a laser sight! Slow rate of fire and low magazine capacity! Stun rounds that make enemies stop + Unstoppable rounds makes it one of the best weapons in the game! (Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

Laser Weapons:

LAS-5 Scythe: Stream laser! Slow turn rate and medium damage! High heat capacity! Great for sweeping and killing patrols! Unlimited range! (Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.GOOD)

LAS-16 Sickle (Support Pack): Carbine like laser weapon! Small heat capacity! Best used semi automatic! Infinite range! It deals very high damage when you hit enemies in center! (Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

LAS-12 Tanto (Specialist Pack): One handed! Extremely high damage! Stream laser! very short range and moderate heat capacity! (Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

Electric Weapons:

AC-3 Arc Thrower: Very long range and damage! Arcs to nearby enemies! No heat capacity or magazine! Medium charge time! Very good at team killing! (Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.MEH)

AC-5 Arc Shotgun (Pilot Pack): Very high spread! small range and moderate damage! Very fast charge time! No magazine or heat capacity! (Bugs>Cyborgs>Illuminates.GOOD)

Explosive Launchers:

CR-9 Suppressor (Defender Pack): Very good at teamkilling! long range and reload time! Bullets explode when they hit something and they have splash damage! Shooting it in close range kills the owner! Get’s a bayonet when maxed! (Illuminates>Cyborgs>Bugs.GOOD)

Heavy Weapons:

MG-94 Machine Gun (Stratagem): High rate of fire and magazine capacity! Moderate damage! Stationary when reloading and long reload time! High spread! (Illuminates>Cyborgs>Bugs.MEH)

FLAM-40 Incinerator(Stratagem): Passes through multiple enemies! Medium magazine capacity! Deals both direct damage and fire damage! Capable of slowly damaging tanks!(Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY)

TOX-13 Avenger (Hazard Ops Pack)(Stratagem): Fires neurotoxin that slows enemies and slowly damages them! It also deals direct damage! Small magazine capacity compared to FLAM-40 Incinerator! Best used as a support weapon! (Bugs>Illuminates>Cyborgs.GOOD)

LAS-98 Laser Cannon (Stratagem): Stream Laser! High damage and very high heat capacity! Infinite range! Slow turn rate! It’s better to heat enemies in center with this! (Illuminates>Bugs>Cyborgs.DEMOCRACY!)

Obliterator Grenade Launcher (Stratagem): Long range! Grenades have an arc! Deals fire damage when fully upgraded + direct damage makes it one of the best heavy weapons! High chance of team kill (Illuminates>Cyborgs>Bugs.DEMOCRACY)

REC-6 Demolisher(Stratagem)(Demolishionist Pack): Remote detonated satchel charges! Anti tank! 5 in each pack! Can be called infinite times! High chance of team killing when using it! (Cyborgs>Bugs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

RL-112 Recoil Less Rifle(Stratagem): Anti tank rocket launcher! Ignores armor when fully upgraded! It also has assisted reload, it means someone else can reload the weapon for you and it’s faster! Gets a laser sight when maxed!(Cyborgs>Bugs>Illuminates.DEMOCRACY)

MLS-4X Commando (Commando Pack)(Stratagem): Multi rocket launcher with homing anti tank rockets! Needs alot of skill to destroy a IFV with this weapon! Best used at range and has a range limit! 8 rockets in each magazine when maxed and it also has assisted reload! (All rounder.DEMOCRACY)

REP-80 Healing Gun: It’s a healing gun that shoots a stream of green energy that heals helldivers and vehicles! Very useful when you’re using an APC or HAV! It also can revive the downed players from a long range! The stream of the energy automaticaly follows the helldivers! The stream also chains from a helldiver or a vehicle to another! The gun only makes three chains! (All rounder.DEMOCRACY)

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